You Won’t Believe What I Found On This Nissan

You Won’t Believe What I Found On This Nissan

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about whether you should get rid of a
car that you have or whether you should
continue owning it and taking care of it
and I’ve got a perfect example here my customer
she owns a ten-year-old Infiniti she’s
asking me should I keep this car or
should I get something else is it gonna
give me a lot of problems I can still
drive it a few years now if you’ve been
watching me anything like the time
you’ll know I’ll say don’t go buy used
infiniti g37 or any high-end infiniti
because they can become money pits as
they age but here I’m gonna give an
honest evaluation of the car to my
customer okay we climb inside and we see
it’s got ninety two thousand three
hundred and two miles on it that’s got
all the bells and whistles and she said
they all work perfectly fine she’s never
had any problems with them and you have
a lot of trims cracking the places and
the other trim is fading away coating on
the plastic is wearing off but if we go
into the back it’s immaculate no
problems there because hey she drives the
car by herself nobody else nobody is using
it we got to the passenger side hey that’s
immaculate too that’s not faded away
that’s not cracked
she just drives the car by yourself and
we check in the trunk pop it open
everything’s clean the seals clean she
told me it’s never been wrecked and it
certainly looks like it never has been
and when we pull the hood release and check
under the hood
it’s got the ultra reliable v6 engine in it
it doesn’t burn any oil or lose any
coolant and being the original owner she
hasn’t had any major problems the
biggest thing she did was have the front
struts change because it was bouncing
too much so it’s got a history of being
a pretty good cars never been wrecked
but you never know so I’m getting my
fancy scan tool and we’ll hook it up
just plug it under the dash it goes
problems can’t hide from these machines
we just pressed Diagnostics then
infinity and away we go smart machine it
knows what it’s doing it’s already read the
whole thing and now we scan it auto
scans and now it’s scanning now it’s found
problems one with the body control
three with the sonar system so start with
a body controller module that’s got a
a code of u1000 which is relatively
common with an older car this is a lost
communication code of the main computer
to any of the modules often though lose
communication once in a while with one
or the other runs fine she hasn’t had
any problems with it I see this all the
time if I had a customer who’s buying
this vehicle and it didn’t work right
didn’t have that code I’d say walk away
because that lost communication can
be a serious problem but when they run
perfectly fine I see it all the time in
cars now it also has a code for the sonar
system so we’ll see what that is it’s
lost communication with three of the
sonar sensors interestly enough each one
of the three was seen exactly thirty
nine times it records how many times it
happens so all these codes are related
I’m assuming that the main computer has
the you 1,000 code of loss of
communication because it’s lost
communication with some of these two but
sonar systems for back and up and for
warning you’re getting too close that’s
typical as these things age hey as long
as you use your eyes and ears and drive
normally none of these systems are gonna
save you anyway and as they age they can
cost a fortune to fix and most people
like this lady just ignore them I’m
gonna check all the live data that gives
me so much information I don’t know what
kind of shape this vehicle is in overall
within a few minutes and as you can see
man there is a lot of data I analyzed it as
I scroll through it this particular
system is color coded so if they’re bad
they’ll be either yellow or red or
they’ll be highlighted and so just being
a normal color for example the map
sensor data that’s pretty spot-on for this
I can’t even test it by putting it in
drive and now I’m going to turn off the
AC that you’d make the MAP sensor drop
watch turned it off and it dropped just
like it’s supposed to see the injector
pulse is good the mass airflow sensor is
good there is so much information that I
can go through that shows me what kind
of shape the engine is in the
transmission is in its wild, alternator is
working there it is thirteen point seven
six volts without of your nothing going
on the hood of the car so
actually the machine tells me that the
vehicle is in excellent shape the
transmission has no problems the engine
has no problems the electronic system
other than that stupid lost
communication which is probably the
sonar system that’s in tip-top shape now
I did notice something while I walking I could
smell a little smoldering during then when
I come here
I can smell a tiny bit of smoldering
this is a v6 engine ninety something
thousand miles the valve cover gaskets
are seeping a tiny amount of oil which
then smolders it’s no big deal
I seen cars go years this way with no
real problems at all
it’s not even dripping on the ground now
if it’s dripping on the ground making a
mess yeah it’s time to change them out
but as these things age a lot of them
let just a little bit of oil come out of
it it doesn’t really mean anything
I checked the tires and they’re wearing
evenly you have any scallops either the
front one score the back ones and of
course now I’m gonna take it for a road
test and a highway see it handles at
high speed but I drove it around here
just around the block and man this thing
is fast I can see why people buy them
they’re extremely fast vehicles the
owner may be a little old lady but she’s
more like the little old lady from
Pasadena who wants to put her foot the
pedal the metal every once in a while
and well step on the gas
goes like stink and also handles like a
dream true this car is in excellent shape
so all in all considering that it shifts
like a dream and runs like a dream doesn’t
burn oil doesn’t use any coolant has no
serious trouble cold the data is all
good I’m gonna tell my customer
keep the car it might go years more and in
this particular case even though I say
don’t buy these used infinities if a
customer had brought me this car and
said should I buy this car not and after
I checked it out I’d say if you don’t
pay too much money for it it could be a
good car but of course she already owns
the car it’s been paid for years ago so
what the heck she might get another four
or five years of reasonably trouble-free
driving with us thing as the saying goes
better the devil you know than the one
you don’t, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell

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  1. For anyone who doesn't know, Nissan makes Infiniti

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  2. Hi folks, I have a 2010 Infiniti G37 sedan with 180,000 highway miles and I drive conservative. I personally change the oil with Mobile One full synthetic 5w-30 and a K&N oil filter every 5000 highway miles. Cleaned both throttle bodies and map sensors once. On my 3td black top Interstate battery but they have a great pro-rated return when I need it. Life time four wheel alignment when I bought the used car with 40,000. 3rd set a Firestone long range tires. One tire pressure sensor and had to take it to the dealer for replacement. No local tire shop could get a new one and program to the car.!? 👎 It was expensive for just one stupid sensor but I got sick of seeing the dash warning light for 6months and at least the Infiniti dealership washed the car before giving it back. So yea I would will buy another! I like the new Q body style, upgraded interior and they still make make them with the same high output 3.7 bullet proof engine so it’s a win win

  3. Hey Scotty just a quick question here.. I own an 2012 Infiniti G37X coupe but my windows, sunroof and interior lights won’t work.. same with my smart key button won’t work either.. checked the fuses and the battery and everything is okay

  4. The video I've been waiting for. Since I began buying cars, my philosophy has been "judge each car on its individual merits." I've purchased a wide variety of cars this way and had wonderful success.

  5. Hello Scotty , Enjoy looking at your video , learn a lot . I have a request my son and I was looking at this segment he would like to buy the G37 Infinity

  6. Must have been a city car, because the interior seems very worn for that mileage. Another thing with cars like these is that once it´s over 10 years old, owners still remember what they payed for it when it was new but the market value can be like 15% of the original price. Some people their car is still worth half the price when it´s 10 years old and has 100k miles, especially those who are not familiar with second hand car market.

  7. Got a 06 Infiniti m45s v8 power over the v6 anyday. Course I'm getting 12mpg in town but the car is reliable as long as the maintenance is kept up it will run 200k+.

  8. 2013 Altimas have the control arms rusting out at the subframe. That is really sad, those cars are unfixable when 6 -8 years old.

  9. About 4 months ago, I collected a 2004 Jaguar XJ8, normally aspirated, which was found to be trouble free in pretty much all the same ways that this Infinity was. And that thing was owned by an elderly lady for about 13 years and well maintained. It's not a daily driver of mine for educated reasons. but I got some good highway miles on it on Sunday of last Labor Day Weekend. It did great. And I used its "sport mode" for the interstate where the speed limit is 70. Totally awesome, felt like better response of the throttle with that sport mode for all the freeway on-ramps. I'm in the state of Washington which really doesn't have the highest speed limits, they top out at 70.

  10. Hey scotty, my father just got a used 2103 Buick lacrosse with the 3.6L v6 touring, I want to know your thoughts on it. Thanks

  11. Good shape Nissan, I'd keep it, and save the money until that thing fall appart then get the new one with all the cash that you'll saved.

  12. So does that computer tell you if the transmission is leaking? If a dust boot is torn? If a shock is leaking? Are any bushings dry rotten? Is the subframe cracked? How much life the brakes have left? Is the fuel tank leaking?
    You can't properly inspect a car without looking under it, no matter how fancy your computer is.

  13. Really want to purchase a 2005-2008 Infiniti FX35. Talked to owners and they said they're pretty reliable beside the burning oil.

  14. Nissan= garbage. Nissan makes a cheap, junky product. Kids like them 'cause you can find PLENTY of parts in junkyards. Crap.

  15. 1 reason Scotty doesn't know a damn thing: says it costs a fortune to replace sonar sensors. They are actually $9.58 each shipped and can be replaced by anyone with at least 1 hand and basically no tools.

  16. Infiniti = good looking cheap reliable with good equipment like the sound system best sporty lux like price/quality car i found

  17. Hey Scotty, what type of scanner tool is that you're using? I'm looking to get into mechanicing as a profession. I already have almost every tool you need to work on automobiles, but I don't have anything to read codes. I'm good at fixing things on peoples cars, but with all this modern technology I have to make them go to an auto parts store to get diagnosed before I know for sure what the problem is.

  18. Customer " Scotty I want to know if I should get rid of my car it's getting old and I'm afraid it might get unreliable"
    …it's got 92k miles on it lol
    White people problems

  19. Love this video i was super scared about what you were going to say Just got mine last winter 11 years old love it man g37 forever !!!!

  20. From my experience, infiniti are good for light use, for women & old men.
    But if u want to beat the hell out of it, it cant handle abuse.
    Toyota, honda & subaru can handle abuse driving much better

  21. My car had a small valve cover gasket leak, it was dripping small amounts on the ground and smouldered too, could smell it at stoplights.
    Changed the gasket myself, no more dripping but still smoulders from caked on oil, haven't had time to get an engine bay wash.

  22. Malfunction in brake handle design means your used Infinity is a TOTAL LOSS. Unrepairable due to unnecessarily complex poor design. NEVER INFINITY—a shitty versa would be better

  23. You should review the Infiniti Q50 2.0T turbo because the car is fairly new with it’s smaller engine and I feel like there isn’t much out for that car so it would be nice to know how reliability it is as the engine comes from a Mercedes Benz.

  24. I bought my 2012 G37x before I started watching Scotty, so I was a little nervous 😬 when Scotty decided to focus on the G37. Scotty is right about the automatic transmission, it is the weakest part on these cars 🚗

  25. I use to own Altima 3.5 l and yes it’s the best car I ever drive sharp like crazy 200 thousand miles trouble free car so you never know Nissan can be fun car to drive now I drive Camry and compare to Altima little slug

  26. The old one Nissan Primera 1.6L, 1.8L and 2.0L were unbreakable just like Scotty's Celica. Also acceleration was pretty damn good for a 1.6L 90hp engine, the GT 2.0L150hp one was a rocket!!!

  27. See, nothing wrong with buying new , you first owner, it can run 10 years or more depending how you care for the vehicle.

    She got your money's worth and still getting more use of her car

    No car payments for quiet awhile

  28. All manufactures from 2004 have bus link system. So if u crash them u gonna have big electronic problems no start issues. Be warm see it over and over with techs buying crashed cars for profit then end up auction or parted out.

  29. I just bought a 2010 370Z (Infinity G37) and was wondering if you know how to change the transmission fluid in it? The drain and fill plugs are on the bottom!

  30. "You Won’t Believe What I Found On This Nissan"…OK, either i'm tired form a long day or you never said it? Please do tell if you know the answer, thanks!

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