You Need to Buy This Car

You Need to Buy This Car

rev up your engines, John says Scotty love
your vids I bought a 96 24 runner 3.4 v6 128
thousand miles had all the invoices
for oil changes belt oil changes
every three what can I do make it last
as long as possible well keep doing that
128 thousand miles is low mileage for
one of those it’s a 96 and that’s a
classic vehicle just keep taking care of
it like that it’s got the v6 engine with
a timing belt in it cuz it’s an old
one so I would definitely change the
timing belt now I’m not just because of
mileage but because of age that’s rubber
time your belt it’ll crack I changed the
water pump too and the timing belt
tensioner you never know I had a customer
with one of those that had four
hundred and fifty thousand miles on it
thinking lasts a long time just baby it
and take care of it those are solid
built trucks especially back in 96 the
frames are solid everything about them
were solid built trucks
Kevin giver says I bought a 96 saturn
sl1 with 23,000 miles I wonder if
they’re dependable cars I’m usually
Honda Toyota fan that thinks oldest
Hills I’m assuming did not pay much
money for it
I’ve had people buy those cars for $500
$1,000 in time for four or five years
and I’d have to spend too much money
fixing if that really has 23,000 miles
on it it can still be quite dependable I
got customers with those things then a
hundred and fifty thousand miles they’re
still running okay if you take care of
them if that really is the real mileage
you didn’t pay much you might have
actually gotten a really good deal sure
they don’t make them anymore but truth
be told the 96 is were better made than
the older ones when they finally went
bankrupt because GM even though they
called it Saturn GM owned it kept forced
them to make them junkier and junkier
they’re kind of jealous that the
Saturn’s were selling good and their GM
cars weren’t so ended up destroying all
company and then they just shut the
whole thing down
but those old ones were actually better
made than the ones near the end when
they stopped making them f batches
how is the Lexus es350 2019 well they’re
beautiful cars and it costs an awful lot
of money the only problem that I find is
Toyota has had problems higher speed
transmissions the 8-speed transmissions
on above they’ve had some problems and
you’re working on them I don’t know if
they perfected them and you’re not gonna
know since it’s a 2019
car is that good now cuz it’s 2019 till
it’s been out for a few years it’s the big
reason I buy used cars but my wife’s Lexus
yes 300 and it was 12 years old only had
60,000 miles but in those 12 years
that had history had no problems at all
and it only at 60,000 miles so I bought it
might be the last car I ever buy her
I would never buy a new car any start
especially since they have had problems
with the transmissions and the other
ones and not like they fell apart like a
Chrysler Fiat toyota claims that got
software fixes why wait until few years
down the line myself to see if they
really do work fine and I don’t have any
residual problems because a lot of times
to do the software over and then a year
or two later that didn’t work right and
they get even worse as the transmission
swear so I’d wait on that one
Y 2 K says I got an 09
Hyundai Sonata is leaking coolant right
where the water inlet meets the water
housing in the dash
could I use a sealer on it, you could try
but here’s the problem
that inside part where it goes in it’s
all cheap plastic crap it’s a 2009 so
it’s an 11 year old vehicle and I knows
young guys that cheap plastic crap when
it cracks generally means you have to
replace it and on that situation you
gotta take the freaking dash of the car
part because the hose fits in there yes
but the part it fits into was inside the
dash and you got to take all that apart
to change it as a royal pain in the body
that’s why I hate to use a plastic crap
like that it’s just cheaper to make
that’s all it’s not better it’s worse
when they used to make all those valves
and stuff out of metal
hey they’d last for an awful long time
but you got hot coolant and all kinds of
chemicals they’re over time plastics
gonna do what crack and leak and when
it does you gotta replace it and it’s
bad enough when it’s on the outside
sitting in the engine bay where you
gotta pay 300 bucks or some piece of
plastic crap with valves it but when
it’s hiding inside the dash it’s ten times
worse, Jay Braun says Scotty
2007 honda accord 57,000 miles low mileage
slow steering rack leak the fluid is
relatively dirty should I change it to prevent
a further leak you gotta use honda
fluid cuz they’re very particular I
would change all the fluid and I would
add 3 ounces of at 205 reseal
it can help it from leaking and a lot of
times it will now if it gets to really
leak yeah you gotta have to replace the
rack and it’s gigantic pain in the rear
end there’s no arguing that but Honda’s
just have a history of wheat leaking
racks on those things and the dirt
doesn’t make sure you get it nice and
clean and try the at205 reseal and pray it
fixes and I’ve seen them fix it
sometimes because it’s awful low mileage
Volkswagen is now supporting the old
beetles by making an electric conversion
motor assembly that you can put on a
classic Beetle when they made them so
they actually lasted a long time they’re
not talking about the price because
that’s being done by another company
in Stuttgart Germany
they are already converting the classic
Volkswagens and they’re having a
reasonable amount of horsepower on these
things that electric motor they having
like 91 horsepower and they have a
pretty good range because they were
small light cars
it’s what electric cars are basically
designed for smaller vehicles and
there’s tons of classic Volkswagens
still going on you could convert it like
I said they’re not given the price tag
yet and since they’re made in Stuttgart
I’m sure they’re gonna be really
expensive and it’s gonna be you know a
rich man’s toy for the time being but
when they start coming out with these
kits in mass and they make more I’m sure
other people the Chinese probably start
copying it and you know my Chinese made
conversion kit for a lot less money than
what the Germans are making it for but
really not a bad idea cuz those old
beetles hey there’s lots of them still
rolling along small vehicle why not
convert a small vehicle to electric
instead of making these big things that
are never gonna go all that far cuz
they’re too big and they gotta pull the
heavy battery,
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. The big problem with driving a converted older car as electric is they are death traps, they are not that well designed to protect you in a crash.

    But then again, Scotty's approach is often buying cars that are 10 or 20 years old anyway. Those don't have the same crash safety as cars made in the more recent years.

  3. Just bought my 2002 4runner with 186,000 for 7,000. It has the v6 and 4wd and it’s been well maintained so definitely worth the price because I want it for a long time!

  4. Scotty is the most legendary car you tuber ever. Super wise, know what he’s talking about all the time. Good job Scotty! Love your channel! All love ❤️

  5. Scotty! Can you talk about the Scion IQ? Since the Fiat and mini are junk, that really only leaves the IQ as a small car option

  6. My 2000 Saturn SL1 has 355000 kms (220500 mi) bought it with 45000 kms (27000 mi). Still a daily driver, runs & drives fine, have never had any major issue.

  7. Loved my '96 4 Runner but I wouldn't go back to body on frame now as the load floor is too high compared to unibody suvs. You'll be sitting at an uncomfortable angle especially in the back seat.

  8. Love my 1999 4Runner. Tip: when changing your timing belt, buy the entire “kit” that includes everything: Belt, idler, tensioner, water pump, etc., and if you can, buy the Denso brand since they are OEM parts.

  9. I almost got a 4Runner. Only down side is they are too cramped for me at 6’2” 260lb. I had more room in my 95 civic hatch and 91CRX.

  10. Saturns didnt get the love the deserved. I had one close to 300000 miles on it and no problems. Body looked like crap, but she ran well

  11. Those 3rd gen 4runners from 1996-2002 are the bullet proof 4runners. Love mine, with the 5speed 4×4 3.4L engine. Only 150K on mine.

  12. Scotty I have a question I own a 2010 f150 with 130k miles on it, runs great! It’s the last year of the 5.4L Triton 3v. How good is the last year of the Triton??

  13. Don’t buy a third gen 4runner in the rust belt. Frames look good, but they rust from the inside out. The frames break right in front of rear tire. I wouldn’t even buy an ‘02. (last year if third gen.)
    I would buy the newest Toyota you can afford, because the motor will be running long after the rust takes over.

  14. Scotty i agree with u almost all the time but the 3VZE is a turd shitty gas mileage head gasket issues, which seem more common on automatic models. I would look at the timing belt, but why bother changing it? it isn’t an interference motor. I’d save ur money for the head gasket job, wait don’t need one, ohh just wait you will.

    Besides the 3 slow, it’s an epic truck in every way. The 22RE was the gem back then, then funny enough as time went on the V6’s got way better and the I4’s started getting worse.

    I still think the mitsubishi engine in japanese the 2600i mazda’s we used to get was a more impressive motor then a 22RE, but there’s a reason those have a cult following and the 3VZE are literally Hated.

    Not hated like a 2LT toyota diesel tho, nothing is worse then that pile of engineering failure. Damn thing is probably as bad or worse then the ford diesels. However it isn’t like those were in ambulances where people were literally dying because the POS motor wouldn’t work. Only ford And international have that badge of honor.

    But yeah ford makes great trucks 👍
    Well unless u got a 6 liter diesel or a. 6.4, diesel or a ford gasser the one with the sparkplugs that shot holes in ur hood, or the two piece spark plugs that half broke off in the head, Or the direct injection carbon issue eco boosts. When I look at wire routing and line routing on most fords i am honesty surprised they don’t have more problems.

  15. My guess is 230,000 on an accord with just a coil change on the cylinder isn't important. You probably own a Chevy, Dodge, or Nissan piece of crap.

  16. I love my 2005 Land Cruiser 4.7 L V8. 275,000 miles. All trouble free. Still runs like new and everything works the way it's supposed to. Keeping it forever!

  17. You should have pointed out that the majority of the older Volkswagens were only 40 hp to start with so going to 90 hp is one hell of an upgrade. Original Volkswagen beetles back under Hitler only had 25 hp then they went to 36 hp before 40 hp. I’m a little bit of a Volkswagen aficionado

  18. Scotty I bought a 1988 Ford Bronco II
    Has the 2.9 v6 in it with a FM 146 manual trans.
    I’ve had it for about two months and changed and replaced so many things such as clutch master cylinder that broke on me due to fort slipping off the clutch and it was plastic haha.
    I also replace the TFI module and ignition coil because it went out on me. Plus a few small things here and there.
    But it seems in tip top shape now and runs great. Even got the check engine light off.

    Just wondering what you think of these cool little suvs? I love it so far, amazingly easy to work on.

  19. “This car is stupid because a stupid car which I didn’t buy because it was stupid, was stupid enough to make something no one would think would not be stupid” – Scotty

  20. Why drive an ugly car like 4runner with horrible seats for over 400k miles and destroy your back when you can drive nice Volvo SUV? I had Toyotas for 25 years and never again buy one. Safety, looks and comfort and ride worth more now than reliability alone.

  21. Did the full timing belt job on my ‘97 3rd Gen 4Runner at almost 200k miles and the thing runs like NEW.
    BTW, battery tech is getting lighter by the minute. Solid state million mile batteries are around the corner!

  22. Alot of people dont want to buy a car just because it is supposed to be the most reliable or else every one would drive a toyota, there are a lot of other considerations other than reliability, unless you just want to be as cheap as possible

  23. Scotty, my 1987 Isuzu P'up 2.2l 4cyl w 275k has a pretty bad rear main seal leak.. Is it worth it to fix or just keep pouring oil into it and run it through the car wash bay once a month to wash off the gunk?
    It's a good little runner otherwise and ALL manual from the windows to the steering!

  24. My mate back in NZ has a 4runner except there they are called the Hilux Surf. It is a '94 and has the 3 litre turbo diesel engine with 5 speed manual. Thing will probably outlast me! Fantastic vehicle and I always borrow it whenever I go back for a holiday with the family. The only pain is you have to wind the rear window down with the key in the tailgate before you swing open the rear tyre then lower the tailgate itself. Bit of a polava!

  25. I have a 1996 4-runner with a 6 cylinder as well. 150,000 km and it works great. takes a little bodywork every year but the drive train is fantastic.

  26. Hello Scott,

    This is Alfred. I don’t have your email so let’s do it here. I have my Ford Explorer 2004. The key doesn’t turn and the rear tires are stuck. It doesn’t rotate at all. The car had been really good, I usually used it to drive from Philadelphia to Warren Nj-don’t ask me what I am I going there for. My wife drove and she brought it back , the following morning we tried to start it but the key doesn’t turn and the car doesn’t run. Please help.

    Thank you,
    Backyard Mechanic

  27. A bonus is 3rd gen 4runners have non interference engines so if belt brakes no harm no fowl. Keep the frames oiled, engine and trans fluids changed and your good to go. Almost 280k on mine and she runs like a sewing machine.

  28. I’ll tell you a secret. The toyota timing belts go 200,000 miles that’s about the time the water pump starts to seep coolant. I’ve seen hundreds of them changed around that mileage. I’m in Alaska , saw a 2wd 4Runner from Texas once come into my buddy’s shop had 228,000 , his timing belt had cracks inside the cracks of the smaller cracks, I asked him , did you drive this here Texas to Alaska he says yah about 2 months ago. Lol,,, it was November-now,,, -12 degrees this was back in 2011,,,,,, in a huge toyota Lexus lover, I’ve worked many other car lines but Scotty your the man,,,,

  29. I’m like cool I’ll turn to the colt of Scotty, buy a 2007 Yaris with a Scotty approved 100000 miles, then the radio cuts out when I turn on the signal for a second or two and then the electric power steering cuts off too. No check anything lights, replaced alternator and cpu. And the weird part is it fixes itself if you turn the car on and off. Some rides you can go forever and sometimes the dash light is flickering from the start. Always starts with the fuel light flicker.

  30. Work at Pep Boys. Regular customer comes in with '99 4 Runner . 497k miles. Next oil change he'll break over half a million miles!!! Runs like a top. Just follows regular Toyota maintenance interval in his owner's manual, which he still has of course.

  31. I have a 1986 Jeep 2.5 Cherokee. What's your take on the Cherokee brand then and now. Is it as good, better or not worthy of the "Jeep" badge.

  32. It's a truck built for short people Scotty. When you're over 5'8" the tumblehome design of the roof line causes tall people like me to whack our heads on the 'A' pillar frame as you go over bumps. I drove one for 2 weeks … never again.

  33. Just traded my 2001 into a dealer. It needed over 3k work due to dead cats. Never liked it because it was only a 2×4, but it was free-to-me.

  34. Just like to say, those old Saturn's are known to go. I was at an auto auction wanting to get one and they both had 230k miles and 270k miles

  35. Can anybody help please
    I have a 91 4 runner sr5 limeted And im not sure if the cruise control works.. Light comes on then other buttons on the steering whel dont do anything 😕

  36. Rent a car. Not lease. Rent. If it breaks, call and tell them to bring you another. If it gets wrecked, same.
    In a couple of years the company will sell it. Don't buy it. Have them replace it with a new or nearly new car.
    The rental company does maintenance, oil changes, tires, everything but washing and gas.
    Make sure your collision and comprehensive insurance is good for the book value of the rental car. Liability is up to you-at least the state minimum coverage. As I understand the law, the renter is liable for damages to others, just as if you owned or leased the car.

  37. Me : Looks at Land Cruisers and 4 Runners for sale

    YouTube : Scotty Kilmer had made a new video


  38. I bought one of those saturn cars 02 i think. I worked out of town and my ex gf decided to teach herself how to drive a stick on it without me knowing.She was a whore anyway.

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