Yamaha Yard Built – XSR900 ‘The ALTER’ by Dab Motors

Yamaha Yard Built – XSR900 ‘The ALTER’ by Dab Motors

The theme of this Yamaha project is change that’s why we choose the name Alter Which means doing something in a different way Custom motorcycles is a lot about vintage, old school way of manufacturing, metal shaping, handmade At Dab Motors we are doing the opposite That means we are using all the new technology that we can find to design and build a motorcycle with the top performance or aesthetic When I first saw the XSR900 I immediately recognized a very modern chassis with a modern engine, but also a vintage style. I didn’t choose the vintage parts I remove it and I go with the futuristic style because the chasis was already futuristic with a very organic shape For me the most important thing about This project is to bring additive manufacturing on the motorcycle. So, the biggest challenge was manufacturing the subchassis in 3D printed aluminium You are starting from scratch and you’re just adding the material which allows you to manufacture complex shapes and save a lot of time The second feature of the motorcycle is bodywork made of flax fiber which is very interesting because it replaced traditional fiber, like carbon fiber or glass fiber, and also there is a Interesting feature about this fiber, it’s translucent With this new approach, I think it’s kind of Innovative and you can save a lot of time and can focus on the innovation and the creativity. I’m Simon Dabadie, I created for Yamaha Yard Built the Alter motorcycle, based on the XSR900

38 Replies to “Yamaha Yard Built – XSR900 ‘The ALTER’ by Dab Motors”

  1. Horrible front end. Looks one legged and off kilter.. should call it "The Off Kilter" . The rear looks cool just not the front.

  2. Achei a moto top,mas,o farol não combina com ela.🤗🤔
    Seria muito bom outro disign de farol pra ela.

  3. Thumb down for the horrible video production. The bike was probably cool but I felt like one of the blind men trying to describe the elephant. Too close or too far or not enough time between cuts. Oh look, a beach?! Oh look, some town?! Oh look, some dude sketching?! Oh look, what a waste of time… Whoever had to pay for this video got cheated. WTF
    (BTW – It is super rare for me to thumb down a video and even more rare for me to then comment on it…)

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