Xperia XZ PREMIUM Durability Test – Scratch Burn Bend Tested!

Xperia XZ PREMIUM Durability Test – Scratch Burn Bend Tested!

I’ve tested a few Sony phones in the past,
and even though none of them have failed my
test yet, they have not been my favorite as
far as build quality goes.
Sony’s had cracking plastic side rails,
a plastic camera lens…so it will be interesting
to see how this new XZ Premium holds up.
Sony released the regular XZ in 2016, which
I already tested.
I figured the XZ Premium would use the same
body style and just spruce up the specs, but
it’s actually a completely different phone
in size and in power – which makes it much
more interesting.
Let’s get started.
The biggest difference between the XZ and
the XZ Premium is that the Premium has the
world’s first 4K HDR enabled display.
There aren’t many places that supply 4K
HDR content yet, but for people who have an
Amazon Prime membership, they can access the
Amazon Prime video library which does have
4K HDR content.
Even if your 4K isn’t HDR though, 4K is
still 4K, and that’s impressive all by itself.
The Mohs scratch test on the Gorilla Glass
5 of the XZ Premium scores a level 6.
That sentence probably sounds weird to someone
who’s never seen my videos, but the important
thing is that it’s perfectly in line with
the Samsungs and the iPhones when it comes
to scratch resistance.
The most scratch resistance phone that I’ve
ever tested is still the sapphire-screened
U Ultra that scored a level 8.
A screen protector is always a good idea,
but coins, keys and razor blades won’t damage
this display.
There is no home button on the front of the
screen but we do have dual front facing speakers.
Inside the speaker it does have a vinyl-like
grill covering the top.
I usually prefer metal on phone, but at least
these won’t fall out.
Even when I try to pull them, they stay in
The front camera is protected by the same
Gorilla Glass 5 so no worries about that scratching.
Just like with the Samsung Galaxy S8, this
phone does not hide fingerprints very well.
The back panel is made out of the same Gorilla
Glass 5 which means that our class with Jerry
is canceled on this phone, but we might be
able to turn the phone clear during the teardown
video – if, you know, this phone survives
that long.
The flash is protected under that glass – solid
design choice.
The rear camera lens is also made of glass
and that’s good news because Sony was actually
one of the few companies using a plastic camera
lens on their Z5 Premium back in 2015.
I’m glad to see that this XZ Premium is
using a premium lens material.
Now here’s where we run into our first non-premium
feature: the plastic side rails.
They do feel like plastic when holding the
You can see the color difference between the
top coating and the plastic underneath.
The buttons are a more premium feeling metal
though, which is great.
The fingerprint scanner can scratch, but remains
mostly intact.
I’ll test out the functionality here in
a second.
One thing I do like about this phone is a
dedicated camera button.
It’s nice when a phone company adds an extra
button to your phone that’s actually functional.
The fingerprint scanner is still totally working
even with the major scratches I did to it
with my razor blade.
It still registers my fingerprint and unlocks
the phone every single time, so no worries
One cool thing about the Xperia XZ Premium
is that it is water-resistant.
You can see the rubber ring around the dual
SIM card tray.
There’s room for an SD card in here too.
If you remember, the iPhone 7 is ip67.
This phone, the XZ Premium, takes it one step
farther with an ip68 rating, which means it’s
more water resistant than the iPhone 7 is.
And what makes it more impressive is that
this phone has more holes to worry about:
dual front facing speakers, an SD card slot,
and a premium headphone jack.
So thumbs up to Sony for not removing features
and still being able to score higher on a
water resistance test than Apple.
There is metal by the headphone jack, as well
as down here by the bottom of the phone next
to the USB-C charging port.
Now one of the biggest selling points of this
phone to me is the new screen.
It still is an IPS display that’s slightly
larger than the original Xperia XZ, but instead
of a 1080p resolution, it comes in full 4K
with the high dynamic range built in; pretty
impressive on a smartphone.
And if you light it on fire, it will last
10 seconds before the pixels turn off.
You know, I’m here answering the questions
that nobody’s asking.
Maybe someday I’ll find a purpose to the
burn test.
The pixels do recover though, which is convenient.
And now the ultimate test of structural integrity
– the bend test.
If you’re the type of person who goes outside,
you’ll eventually see a phone in someone’s
back pocket.
The good news with this phone is that the
phone will remain in one piece if it ever
gets accidentally sat on.
No matter what direction it’s flexed from,
it won’t snap in half like the Nextbit Robin.
Nor will the screen pop off like the Blackberry
And the best news is is that the plastic side
rails will not crack on this phone like they
did on both of my other previous Sony phone
The Z5 and the normal Sony XZ cracked.
This XZ Premium has a huge increase in the
quality of plastic used for the sides.
This is definitely the most well built Sony
phone that I have ever tested.
And it’s also one of the most requested
international phones that I’ve ever had
on my channel.
I’m interested to know what country you
are watching from.
Let me know in the comments and let me know
if there are any phones you want to see durability
tested on my channel.
I’ll test them just like I did with this
Xperia XZ premium.
It’ll be interesting to see what it looks
like on the inside during the teardown video.
And interesting to see if we can make the
back glass clear like I did on the Galaxy
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And come hang out with me on Twitter, I’ll
be waiting for you.
Thanks for watching.
I’ll see you around.

100 Replies to “Xperia XZ PREMIUM Durability Test – Scratch Burn Bend Tested!”

  1. I'm from germany and I have an XZ premium. I'm very impressed about the processor speed and the high resolution 4k screen. The camera is also good. Your test shows that this phone is premium and build by very good materials.

  2. Show some love for the xz1 compact! 😂
    By testing it.
    Hint: you can draw on the back as it does not have glass. 🤣

  3. From India – although this video was uploaded long time ago, I have one question, my xz premium has got a lot of scratches on screen (don't ask how), is there a way to remove the scratches?

  4. Miro tus videos siempre! Te miro desde Colombia 🇨🇴 🖖 ❤️.
    Me duele lo que le haces a los celulares!, pero es el atractivo

  5. Using my XZ Premium from Malaysia n just bought an XZ 2 Premium bcos Sony is not going to be in Asia market.

    I am an ardent fan of Sony way back 11/12 years ago until today n it's never been anything else. Very user friendly, beautiful sounding speakers, pictures video n movies… I paired all my Sony gadgets without a hitch… Indeed it's Sony make believe. ❤

  6. I’m from Brazil, zack! Your videos are awesome.. sometimes I don’t like some torture with the cellphones but I still love your channel

  7. I own XZ Premium in UK over 14 months because I wanted Rose Gold and found it on eBay. Wonderfully strong, technologically top quality, 4K and 3D software and always user centred experiences like micro SD storage of your images without privacy violation, like cloud only iphone crap. I love 4K video with Super Slow Motion so a bird hang in the air, waterfall droplets can be seen, far away gigs that stars almost touchable, so amaaaazing. Also you can get 3D printable image data! You won't regret a bit!

  8. Proud owner of an XZ Premium. Fast and reliable after a year of use, but I don't think Zach is gonna like the fact that I'm getting an iPhone in a month or 2.

  9. Watching this from sri lanka with my XZ premium .its been more than a year still this phone did not let me down

  10. Did you sell this phone to a zagg store in Logan, UT? I think I just traded one of my beater phones for this phone you tested.

  11. I have owned one for about 2 years now and felt like a change
    But when I remembered the performance, I might hold onto it for a while. It is rather heavy though.

  12. I ran over my xz premium with a dual cab ute (truck, if you're American) within 2 weeks of buying it
    1 year later, still works perfectly!
    🇦🇺 🇦🇺

  13. I had the xz premium for almost 2 years. Used it in the sea, the shower pols and everywhere. I now own a sony xperia 1

  14. Man plastic side bars makes phone shockproof and if you fell down your phone that part wouldn't be messed. And people don't Bend their phones like that. So you can't tell it is not durable

  15. Well I've owned this phone for more than two years and it suprisingly durable.
    It can still be washed under the faucet without dying, it has been dropped way too many times but apart from some deformation on the metal corners, a (sadly) deep groove in the middle of the display and some paint that has chipped off from the nylon siderails, it has survived the time really well and I'm very glad about that as I haven't found a successor for it yet, the only replacement I can imagine right now is another new XZ Premium

  16. Please can you make video with new models of Greatest SONY Xperia smartphones like XZ2 Premium, XZ3, and Xperia 1!!

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