Wrecked Lamborghini AVENTADOR Rebuild Part 1

Wrecked Lamborghini AVENTADOR Rebuild Part 1

loos what has arrived
So we cranked, we actually cranked the motor with the starter, so we know the motor is good
So we’re gonna actually bypass the module and go directly from the battery to the starter. I’m gonna open up the ignition
Let me know when you’re ready
got it? Yeah
How’s it feel to be a Lamborghini owner?
I haven’t drove it yet so not good yet. hahaha
Alright guys, so it’s day 1 got the Lamborghini dropped off, Rock what did we accomplished today
started the car, made sure the engine is good, made sure all the fluids are there, made sure there is nothing iffy
with the car,. Obviously the upper control arm is toast, lower is toast, tie rod end is completely broken off
I’m not sure if Lamborghini sells the inner tie rod separately or you have to buy it as an assembly. Where’s the old rim at?
oh old rim is egg shaped. Oh, there’s the old rim.
look at that
We’re not gonna throw this away until we can remove the TPMS sensor, so that way we can remove this and install on the new rim
few unexpected
Surprises, what do we got here? I don’t know why this is off but
It broke the windshield. Yeah the interior rear view mirror busted the windshield which sucks.
usually the passenger air bag is what busts it but it didn’t even deploy.
Alright guys, so there it is 2015 Lamborghini Aventador
7,200 miles, front passenger impact. Got it safely off the tow truck today, took apart some stuff
brackets, fender examined the damages but we did get the car started, took several tries
It wasn’t too easy, but it wasn’t difficult. It was just a matter of figuring out what you had to do
just had to bypass some stuff up front and give it direct power. This is the hood
we’re gonna we’re gonna work with this hood right here. It really is not that bad. Front knee assembly will definitely be
replaced yeah, the driver wheel airbag, knee airbag, interior does need a nice detail. The whole car just looks like a toy
It’s unbelievable. Look at the size of that brake caliper and those rotors, they’re massive.
Has a carbon wing which is really nice. These are really expensive
pretty sure that glass cover is standard, but it’s amazing and it looks awesome
It’s like, it’s just a piece of art, you know. It’s real
It is real. It’s happening, Lamborghini Aventador
Rebuild, this is sick. Alright, guys, this is day 2 with the Lamborghini. Let’s go here and see what Sam’s up to.
Sam, what’s going on? What’s going on, taking out the parts for the knee assembly.
Trying to get it all out, see what we need and everything. How is it working on a Lamborghini? It’s awesome
you know, it’s a bit different than the other cars, but it’s definitely a thrill.
So what got done today? We removed the suspension. I ordered the upper control arm today, lower control arm, we ordered the
bearing housing, the bearing, the hub itself
So this is supposed to be straight and it’s crooked, its bent. This whole thing’s gonna be replaced. This is for the strut housing
it’s supposed to look like that. Oh, here’s the new one. Yeah. Nice. So look at the new one guys, it’s supposed to be nice and straight. This is the old one,
nice and bent. What’s up guys, so we’re at the end of the day here. It was a great day
We didn’t get to washing it which is all right. We’ll wash it another time
But we did get the passenger knee assembly removed from the vehicle. Got the brake caliper
just hanging here on a hook just
for convenience to be out the way. The axle did make the accident which is awesome, it did not get damaged.
The boot is straight, no rips, no tears, nothing like that. The wiring here is good for the most part
I think we did find some ripped wiring with the headlight
but we’ll take care of that later on but check this out guys this splitter right here
Look at where the bumper broke off from it broke off exactly on the lines of the splitter
So the splitter was not damaged. This is where it splits off on the good side and
the look at this, just broken but unaffected. Parking sensors, which are probably a lot of money both of them made it, got the emblem
It looks like the front fender bracket, upper control arm
looks like we got the rim in which is really nice. This thing is in great shape
It’s gonna be a very nice replacement. We got another part here, I’m gonna try to do this with one hand
All right, almost there. Center cap for the new rim this thing looks awesome, look at that
I have to do the honors. There it is
we’re gonna go ahead and raise this thing up
Got the Lambo all raised up, the Sun was out a minute ago. What are the plans for today today?
Today we’re gonna put the whole suspension on the car
I got everything in, we’re gonna actually make this thing roll today. Some parts are there
I ended up pushing the upper control arm in already, just hanging in there. Right here inside, when the suspension hit, the wheel did end up
cracking some of the fiber here. So we ended up getting it redone
we’ll end up sanding this area down because this is just primer and we’ll trim it. We’ll make it look nice.
All right
so it looks like the knuckle assembly is on, got the axle in their, upper control arm, lower control arm, brake caliper is still out the way
So the day started off sunny and now it;s starting to rain. I think things might be coming to an end today. Majority of the
assembly was put together. Got all the control arms on.
This is just put on for testing purposes, still waiting on the but. Right here
we just got to put a nut on, everything looks great.
Just gonna bring the car inside, cuz it is starting to sprinkle
You’re good, you’re good
Alright guys, so today was a bit short-lived but it’s okay
The passenger side knee assembly is practically done, just a tie rod end boot and one bolt for the stabilizer link.
This morning it was sunny, the sun has been coming and going today and then it started sprinkling,
so we cut the project short, covered it up. The inside is full of other cars right now,
we didn’t have enough time to move the cars out and put this one in the garage, but it’s ok
we got it all covered up here and we’re gonna proceed next time.

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  1. I alerdy watching many rebuilding wrecked supercar but nver see rebuilding lamborghini Aventa n i type search n this video first come out n here I am..Hii. The background music same when I watching goonzquad chnle doing rebuilding wrecked lamborghini huracan..funny loll but who care right is lamborghini so lp750-4

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