WORLDS FASTEST CAR WINS $10,000!! ($1Million Top Secret Reveal)

WORLDS FASTEST CAR WINS $10,000!! ($1Million Top Secret Reveal)

– Oh yeah, Sharer’s, and check it out! We are at the drag strip, we
got our three cars lined up, we have a quarter-mile
drag strip in front of us, and we are competing for the $10,000 cash! (dramatic music) Oh yeah, Sharer’s, what is going on? Welcome to the vlog, welcome back to another
super, awesome day! So, if you didn’t already
see in our last vlog, Grace and I opened the box
that contains $1 Million, we took $10,000 of that out, and we are here in Texas,
just outside of Houston, at the Hennessey Performance Center, because today we are going to do a race. The fastest car wins $10,000. – Oh yeah, I want this money, Stephen. All to me!
– So this is going to be the first challenge of
the $1 million series. Today the total you can win
is this $10,000 stack of cash, cold, hard, cash. And the rules are pretty simple, we’re here at Hennessey Performance, and alls you gotta do
is pick the fastest car, we’re gonna take it on
their awesome drag strip and whoever wins with the fastest car gets the cash, and they get to unveil one of the most rarest
cars you will ever see. – Ooh, world fastest car!
– Yeah! – [Stephen] Yes, by far. – This thing goes 300 miles an hour, let’s go check it out, it
should be right inside. – Faster than the Sharerghini? – It goes way faster than the Sharerghini, like, almost 150 miles an hour
faster than the Sharerghini. – What is up, Sharer’s? Welcome to Hennessey Performance. – [Stephen] Whoa, what’s going on? Whoa, whoa whoa, what
are all these cars here? – Welcome to the mecca of horsepower, we are the horsepower kings and basically, what we
do is we modify cars. We make fast cars go faster since 1991, and John Hennessey has been
doing this for a long time and this is his creation. Basically, this is actually
a little bit different, so this is his Hypercar creation, a car that he thought of himself. And then under that cover is something a little bit more special. – (gasps) That must be the new Venom? – Whoa!
– Is that right? – It might be the F5, I dunno, you guys will have to see. – Ooh, I saw, oh, you know what? – Can we open up the cover? – [Stephen] No, not yet. Whoever wins the challenge
gets to open up the cover and unveil this brand-new car. – Ooh, okay,
– oh, I better win! – I wanna win ’cause I wanna see what’s underneath this cover,
this thing looks amazing. Look at this thing!
– I kinda see something here. – [Stephen] Yeah, you can
see the outline of the car. This looks crazy, I mean,
this is the Venom GT, check this thing out, this thing’s wild! Look at this, how many
horsepower does it have? – 1,244.
– 1,244 horsepower! That’s over 1,000 horsepower, and look at the wrap on this thing, – Wow!
– It’s absolutely crazy! So, this is the Venom GT, imagine what the Venom F5 looks like? – Yeah, that’s gonna be even crazier. – Okay, you know what? I say we just start this challenge, I wanna pick a fast
car, win this challenge, so I can unveil what’s underneath there. – Yeah, I wanna win it so I can reveal it! – Yeah, I wanna see it
as soon as possible, so I’m gonna go pick mine. – I already have my car picked. – Where?
– Uh, right there! – [Stephen] Grace! – I think this will definitely win! – [Stephen] That’s a go cart? – It has number two on it. – [Stephen] Yeah, that
means it got second place. – Two is the best! – Or two horsepower.
– Or two horsepower, that’s way too slow, you
gotta pick something like, the Venom GT or something fast like that. – Yeah, you’re right. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, guys, don’t make all your
selections too quickly. I wanna show you guys what’s
in the secret laboratory. – Ooh?
– A laboratory. – Ooh, laboratory, what’s that? – [Stephen] It’s another
word for laboratory. – Oh!
(Alex chuckles) – [Stephen] All right, do
you wanna take us back there? – Yeah, let’s do it.
– Whoa! This is your factory back here? – Pretty wicked, right? – [Stephen] This is crazy,
look at all these awesome cars! – Look at that! – Oh, that’s a front bumper.
– That’s like a front bumper? – That’s so cool, whoa! Okay, hold on, how fast are
all these cars back here? This one has 1,000 horsepower? – Yeah, a lot of these
cars have 1,000 horsepower, they all come with a warranty,
which is really cool. And they are super fast. – That’s wild, and
Sharer’s, one way to tell how much horse power the car has is ’cause they have the Hennessey
Badge on the side, here. “HPE1000” That means it
has 1,000 horsepower. – That’s crazy, that’s
almost double the Lambo. – You guys think 1,000 is a lot? Check out this one, its got 1,200. – 1,200!
– 1,200! (laughs) – [Both] Whoa! – On a Corvette, oh yeah, you’re right. 1,200 horsepower’s, check this thing out! – It has wings too, no
wonder why it goes so fast! – That’s awesome, look at this thing. All right, Sharer’s, I think we have a huge selection to pick from. They have all these cars back here, all the cars that were out front, they all have like,
thousands of horsepower, this is going to be so crazy! – Yeah, it’s so hard to pick, how do I know which one to pick? – I don’t know, John’s
the car-guy here, so– – Yeah, I don’t know, I’ll have to find something super special. – Grace, that might mean we have to pick something even better. – Yeah, I gotta pick
something really fast. – Don’t pick just based on color, pick the one that you think
is gonna be the fastest. – How do you know which one’s the fastest? By the badge!
(bell dings) – By the badge,
– by the badge! – You can check the badge,
the badge could work. – I think I got the technique, now I just gotta find my car. – So, the badge isn’t the only way to tell how much horsepower you have, we actually have this thing
called the Dynamometer, or Dyno for short. It’s basically a rolling road for cars to test how much power they’re making. So come check it out. – Ooh!
– Nice, a spy gadget! – That’s a super tool! – All right, let’s car
is on the Dyno right now? – [John] Oh yeah! – So if we all to guess–
(engine growls) Whoa!
(engine growling) Okay, so if we all had to guess how much horsepower this is gonna put out, I’m gonna say probably
like, 400 horsepower? – I’m gonna say 500.
– 500. – This thing’s pry making
at least, 600 horsepower. – 600 horsepower, all right,
Alex already knows the answer, but I think the best way to find out is to fire this thing up! Okay, headphone users
beware, let’s do this! – What’d you say, I can’t hear you! – [Stephen] Here we go! It’s on the Dyno, check this out. We can also look at all the horsepower it’s putting out here, this is so cool. (engine growling)
All right, you ready? – [Grace] Look at that! – [Stephen] Here we go, it’s going faster! (engine purring)
Oh yeah! Woo!
(engine purring) Here we go!
(engine growls) – [All] Whoa! – The floor is shaking! – Whoa!
(tires screeching) Whoa, that was crazy!
– That was crazy! – The floor was shaking! – That has so much power, oh my goodness! – So the total horsepower on this baby was 666 horsepower, kind
of interesting number. But we’ll see what we can bump it up to after we modify it. – Okay, so 666 horsepower
was how much this car put out and that means John was the closest. – Yep, whoop, whoop!
– Which is not good for us, Grace, because– – Hey, at least I got second place. – Yeah, John is the car-guy
so that must mean (groans) hopefully John doesn’t
pick the fastest car because I gotta win this challenge, get all $10,000 and unveil the Venom F5. – Yeah, buddy. – So, you know what I’m thinking? Let’s put five minutes on the clock, let’s go around the shop, try to pick the fastest car then we’ll take it to the drag strip and test it out!
– That works for me! – Okay, five minutes! – We gotta pick wisely. – Ready?
– Yeah, yeah. – Five minutes starts now. – Go, go, go, go, go!
– Let’s go, go, go, go, go! – All right, Sharer’s,
so like they were saying I do know a little bit about cars. So, let’s look around this parking lot, ooh, that one’s kinda cool. Hmm, I don’t think that one
will win a drag race, though. They’ve got something super
special, it’s out front I saw it hen we were coming in. Yeah, there’s this bright red Corvette, I don’t think it’s gonna be that fast, ’cause it’s just rear-wheel drive and not gonna get that much traction. Ooh, this thing’s got 1,200 horsepower. Look at that! The thing not everyone knows is that horsepower isn’t the whole game. So in drag racing you
need to be really light, that’s when you get good traction, and so for that, I think
this thing’s gonna win. Check it out, see, it’s
not as bright of a color, but it’s all carbon fiber. It’s super light and its also
got like, 600+ horsepower. So, I’ve got a feeling
that this thing will win. All right, let’s head back
and find Stephen and Grace and see what they brought. My guess is they’ve got no chance! – Okay, Sharer’s, it’s
time to pick our car, and I have no idea anything about cars, so I don’t know how I’m
supposed to pick one. There is a blue one, this blue one looks super, super cool, let’s
see if it has a badge. I think I’m going to
base my car off the badge that we just learned about. It’s like, supposed to be like, right here and it’s supposed to tell
you how fast the car goes, but I don’t see a badge anywhere. Oh no, this blue one doesn’t have a badge. It must not be fast. Let me see if there’s
another one out here. There’s a lot of cars out here, I definitely think I can pick
a really fast car out here. Wait, check this out! There’s a blue truck. Guys, you know that
blue’s my favorite color. I have to pick a blue car! This one’s really, really cool. Look at that blue truck! I feel like a truck could be really fast. Maybe I should pick a truck? If everyone else was picking
a race car and I pick a truck, that might be different and I might win. But wait, there is no badge on this one! Why is there no badges on these? I need a fast car with a fast badge. Oh wait, Sharer’s, I think I
found what I’m looking for. I think I found something
super, super cool. Guys, look at this! I don’t know if this is
a car that we can pick, but look, there’s a car under there! Which one is that? I feel like this one could
be really, really cool. We gotta check this out. I don’t know what type of car this is, but let’s see, whoa! Oh yeah, guys, this one
looks really, really fast and it’s white, too! This is so cool, let’s
see what the badge says? Wait, where’s the badge? Hold on, we gotta check the other side. Let’s see, (gasps) oh, I found the badge. Oh, and it’s a high number, 850! Bingo, that is the fastest
badge I’ve seen so far. I am going to pick this car. Guys, smash the like button ’cause I have no idea what I’m doing, but I wanna win the $10,000, and I wanna reveal the car underneath! – Okay, so Sharer’s, I’ve gotta pick the fastest car. I know, for a fact, that
these are all stock cars and they’re SUV’s, so
I’m not gonna do an SUV, I want something like a sports car. Let’s see here, definitely not that van! I think that would 100% lose. That looks pretty cool,
that Mustang, there. Hmm? Actually, no, you know what? I’m gonna go to the front ’cause in the from they
had a bunch of cool cars sitting out there, I think
those are gonna be the best. Let’s see, um, McLaren there, eh, I dunno. Ooh, hang on, this Corvette could work. It looks brand-new, too. That looks fast. I don’t know how fast that Mustang looks, a Hennessey Dodge SRT, Camaro ZL1, if I had to
pick one of these cars, comment down below
which one I should pick. #Orange for the Camaro,
or #Red for the Corvette. I would say out of these cars I’m gonna do Corvette, I’m gonna pick this Corvette. It’s red, it looks fast
and I know it’s not stock because of that Hennessey, so they’ve done something special to this. Yes, and it’s brand-new, this
is what I’m talking about! Sharer’s, I’m going with the Corvette! Oh yeah, let’s do this! (dramatic rock music) Oh yeah, Sharer’s, check it out, we are at the drag strip, we’ve got out three cars lined up. – Oh yeah!
– We have a quarter-mile drag strip in front of us, and we are competing for the $10,000 cash! – Sweet!
– Ooh, I wanna win this, so bad!
– Not yet, not yet, not yet! Hold on, we gotta compete, all right? We gotta compete.
– All right. – Now we gotta figure out which car is actually going to be the fastest, and there’s only one way to find out. That’s to actually get in each car and take them on the drag strip. But, the question is, we know Grace’s has 850 horsepower.
– Oh, yeah! – John, how much does your have, and how much does mine have?
– I don’t know. – I have no idea.
– I don’t know. – Hey, Alex, how much
horsepower does our cars have? – So the final horsepower numbers, the McLaren 600LT is tuned, and it’s about 650 horsepower.
– Ooh. – The Cadillac CTSV is equipped with our HPE850 package,
so 850 horsepower. – Oh yeah!
– Oh? – The red, C7 Corvette
Grand Sport is equipped with our HPE750 package, so it’s gonna be a very interesting race. – Okay, I have 750 horsepower, Grace has 850 and John only has 650. – Yeah, but like I was saying, power isn’t everything so
we’ll see how this goes. – All right!
– Power is everything! I have the best power, I’m
going to win this overall race. – Okay, Sharer’s, comment right now which car you thinks gonna be the fastest, #John for the McLaren,
#Grace for the Cadillac, or #Stephen for the Corvette. Well, there’s only one way to find out, Grace, I think you and me should go first. – Alrighty, “Sis versus Bro.” – Sis versus bro, drag race. Let’s do this, Sharer’s,
don’t try this at home. This is gonna be wild. Alight, Grace, you ready? – [Grace] Oh yeah, I’m ready! – Mkay, I’m hopping in the Corvette, Grace, good luck in your Cadillac. – [Grace] I’m ready, see
you at the finish line. – ‘Kay, good luck, oh yeah! – All right, Sharer’s, this
is my first drag race, ever. Let’s hop in the passenger’s
seat and let’s win this race. – This is what I’m talking ’bout, okay! I’ve never actually been in a Corvette, so this will be interesting, not only are we in a Corvette, but we’re in a Hennessey
Performance Corvette! Oh-oh-oh, this sounds loud! – Oh yeah, this is about to be so cool! Shut the door, and of course, buckle up for safety ’cause
we’re about to go so fast! It’s about to be like a rollercoaster, oh yeah, let’s do this! – Got my seatbelt on, safety first. All right, Alex, you ready to do this? – Let’s do this thing!
– Oh my goodness, all right, we’re gonna be racing
Grace in the Cadillac, woo! – Alrighty, here we go. I really hope I picked a good car. – Three, two, one, go!
(engine purring) Whoa-oh!
(engine growling) – Whoa!
(engine rumbles) Oh no, Stephen’s winning!
(engine roaring) No, no!
(engine purring) – We’re winning against Grace, whoa-hoo! Sharer’s, this is crazy. Oh no, they’re gaining on us.
(engines growling) Oh, no!
– Oh yeah, we’re passing Stephen! Oh yes, bye Stephen!
(engines rumbling) Bye, Stephen, whoa! – There they go, oh my goodness. Sharer’s, this is absolutely crazy! Whoa!
(race cars whooshing) Oh my goodness, okay, whoa-oh! – I think she just beat us by a hair! – We almost won, too. I can’t believe I lost. – I picked the best car, ever! I won that race, oh yeah, Sharer’s! – Oh no!
(horn honks) – That’s what I’m talkin’ about! – [Stephen] Grace, that was wild! – Oh yeah, Stephen, what happened? Were you snoozing back there? – Oh my goodness, Sharer’s, I thought we were gonna win,
we were totally in the lead, and then all of a sudden
Grace’s four-door Cadillac just caught up and took off! – Okay, well,
– Oh yeah! – I didn’t win that, that means Grace has one point right now, I have zero.
– Woo-hoo! – So, now it’s going to be me versus John, I have 750 horsepower,
John has 650 horsepower, so I’m winning by 100 horsepower more. – Yeah, but this thing’s way lighter and will probably get more traction ’cause it’s a rear-engine, so. – Well, there’s only one
way to find out, Sharer’s, smash the like button, let’s do it. McLaren versus the Corvette. Stephen versus John competing
for the $10,000 cash. – Yeah, here we go.
– Good luck, John. – I think I’m gonna win.
– Yeah, we’ll see, good luck. – Yeah, all right.
– The corvette is fast. This thing is fast.
– Good luck, have fun. – Let’s see, all right, oh yeah! Listen to that go!
(engine purrs) This thing sounds awesome! Let’s do round two, here we go. All right, Alex, you ready for round two? – We gotta get a victory in this thing. – [Stephen] We gotta do this. – All right, hopping in. Let’s do this!
(car door taps) – Corvette versus McLaren, who’s gonna win, Sharer’s? All right, Alex, you ready for this? – Let’s do this.
– Here we go. – All right, we’re about to go, guys. We’re lining up. – All right, Sharer’s,
here we go, you ready? (horn honking)
Three, two, one, go! (engines growling)
Whoa! Here we go, whoa-oh!
(engines growling) – Oh, they’re right there! Here we go, this is incredible, we’re like, so fast right now! That’s 100 miles an hour!
(engine growls) – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa!
– They’re way behind us. Oh my goodness, that’s 140! (car whooshes) (turbo whistles) Oh, and it crossed the
line at 149 miles an hour. – Whoa-ho-ho! – Wow, that is really incredible. And the Corvette is so far behind. – Sharer’s, that McLaren just took off! – Dude, I’m sorry man, I really
thought that we’d be better. – Alex, this is not good! I’m knocked out for the
10,000 for this round. This is not good, Sharer’s,
(somber music) this video, I’m not
getting that 10,000, oh no. Oh no, Sharer’s, this is not good! I’m out! I do not get closer to the
$1 Million grand prize. I don’t even get the $10,000 cash, so, I’m out, the Corvette was not
the fastest car here today, so Grace, I’m gonna hand
this stack off to you. ‘Cause right now, Grace has a point, John has a point, and I have zero. – Yeah, so we each have a
chance of winning the $10,000, Stephen, you do not have
any chance, anymore. – That’s right, it’s a tie
between Grace and John, right now, Grace?
– Here we go. – Hop back in your Cadillac.
– Alrighty. – [Stephen] John, hop
back in your McLaren. – All right.
– But guys, wait! It’s not just the $10,000 that we win, it’s to reveal that
surprise car at the end! – Oh, I forgot about that. I really need to do that.
– Yeah, it’s a double winner! – Okay, it’s a double winner, so this is a really good challenge today. All right, Sharer’s, I
can’t believe I lost this, this is not good. So, let’s see who unveils the new Venom, and let’s see who gets the 10,000 today. – Yep!
– You ready? Hop back in, let’s do this. Final race, tied score, right now. Cadillac Versus McLaren. – Alrighty, Sharer’s, let’s hop back in my super, super fast car
and let’s win this race! – Round number two, hopping
back in the McLaren, let’s see if we can beat Grace. We beat Stephen really easily, so Grace should be no problem. All right, we’re lining up, Grace is in a four-door
Cadillac, and I’m in a McLaren, I think there’s no chance
that Grace is gonna win. – We got this thing, don’t worry. – Oh yeah, no doubt. – Sharer’s, here we go, he final race! In three, two, one, hit it! – [Stephen] Three, two, one, go! (engines purring) – Oh yeah, bye-bye! Woo-hoo!
(engine roars) – And we’re off, and
Grace got the jump on us. But, we’re accelerating so fast, and I don’t think they stand a chance! – Oh yeah, we are crushing it! Woo! Oh wait, they’re catching
up, they’re catching up! John’s right there, oh no, oh no! (cars whooshing) Oh no, oh no, oh no!
(beep) Wait, who won? I couldn’t tell, it looked
like a really close race. – No, I’m pretty sure I won because mine crossed
the finish line first. – Really, I saw you in
the back the whole time. – No, I could see the back of hers as soon as we passed
her at the finish line, so, I’m pretty sure we barely beat her. – Stephen, who won? – [Stephen] Alex, we need to know, who is the winner of the $10,000 cash, Grace, hand me the cash, hold on. – Wait, I don’t know where I put it. – [Stephen] Did it blow out the window? – I think it might have blew out the car. – Grace, I need to win that $10,000. – I think I dropped it on the race track. – [Stephen] Grace? – Wait, I don’t know where I put it. Oh, wait, it’s in my
pocket, it’s right here. – Grace!
– Grace. – Okay, Alex,
– hand it over, oh. – Here.
– All right, guys, $10,000. After closely reviewing the footage, drum roll please, the winner is– – All right?
– Okay? – The McLaren! – Yes!
– Oh! – [All] $10,000! – Woo, all right, and, I get to unveil that Hennessey Venom
F5, so let’s head back. I’m gonna go take a spin in the McLaren, but I’ll meet you guys there, all right? – Darn it, Steve! – All right, Grace, hop
back in your Cadillac and Sharer’s, I hope back in the Corvette. It was not the fastest, but
it’s still super, super fast. Let’s go head back to the
Hennessey Performance Center. (engines growling) All right, John, you won. – Here we go. – It’s time to unveil
the new Hennessey Car. – Should we take the cover off? – Yeah, let’s see it
– Let’s do it! All right, you ready, Alex? Three, two, one, let’s do it! – Ooh!
– Whoa! – [Grace] Look at that. – Check this thing out!
– Whoa! – [Stephen] Oh my goodness,
the Hennessey Venom F5. Check this thing out!
– This looks so fast! – Whoa!
– That’s right, so it’s got a 6.6 liter, twin-turbo V8, and at least 1,600 horsepower, and it will do over 300 miles an hour. – Sharer’s, 1,600
horsepower, that’s like twice the amount of horsepower that
we had out on the track today. Just imagine, the power
and speed of this thing. This is gonna be crazy! That’s right Sharer’s, if you can’t wait to see this thing out on the actual track, make sure to smash the like button for the new Hennessey Venom. – And if you wanna know how
to work on your own cars, and modify cars, check
out, it’s a high-performance automotive school geared to the high-performance industry. So definitely check it out. – All right, Sharer’s, well
that was today’s challenge, comment down below what
challenge we should do next. And until next time– – [All] You know what to do, stay awesome and Share
the Love, peace, woo! ♪ Jump in, jump in ♪ (upbeat music)

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