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  1. FW Thinking.. it could be nice to attend and then share some videos at the Voice and Exit conference in Austin

  2. Machines have already stolen millions of jobs. Replacing almost all human with robots comes down to cost and technology and how would we distract and keep the population busy. We would need a much larger police force to deal with bored morons. It could sky rocket crime even if money was no longer needed.

  3. But don't you know? Technological unemployment is merely a myth! Just ask your friendly neighborhood diehard libertarian ideologue. Economists from a few hundred years ago have declared it as such, and that is all there is to it. Sorry reality, you lose!

  4. http://workinprogress.oowsection.org/2012/10/08/a-luddite-an-economist-and-a-marxist-walk-into-a-modern-factory/

  5. So what happens to all the Americans and Latinos with IQs of 80 without any scientific skill sets in the future?

  6. Just take up a job maintaining, cleaning, and repairing the machines. Or make videos to put on YouTube. People are always going to need drugs, sex, and entertainment!

  7. easy go to the moon make moonbase's there mars the titan where ever
    its time to go and colonize other planets mine astroids end are promplems
    here and go to new galaxys!

  8. I think a good way of moving onto automation is to let current workers keep their jobs, but refuse to accept new workers. Yes, this will probably limit the opportunity of students in education, but how about setting this sort of limit in the education system first, and then in the workplace, give or take two decades of seperation?
    If you don't quite understand, it would sort of be like how Canada killed off the penny. Go ask CGP Grey.

  9. Well they do have creative robots that write music and codes for other robots. The whole stocks market is filed with robots learning new trends and writing codes to combat change.

  10. And what if all power goes out due to a solar flare? Then how are we going to survive? For the past 15-40 years we've become almost 100% dependent on technology.

  11. We don't need to do any the thing to prepare for the future …………………..
    They'll do it for us………………………….

  12. We need to change our education systems. Instead of productivity we need to pronote creativity. If yoy think we will still have an increase in jobs ask a horse how many horse still have jobs. The data show we are going to lose jobs to automation rapidly. With many ivy league experts estimating as high as 49% job displacement by 2030

  13. Has anyone seen the new TV series, available on AMC called; "HUMANS"??
    (excuse my french;) but it's a "Bad-ass" Show!!
    Let's stop and look at this subject for a sec.
    Don't forget that new technology gets created, by a thought.
     All you have to do, to start a new creation is; "think of a new idea,"
     and it will probably be created in the future, at some point in time.
     WILL the "robots" that "mankind" has created, 
    (or will create,)
    become "self aware" in the future sometime?
    (a new type of intelligent life? 
    just like, on the movie Terminator!)
    That's my question!
    and, how can we stop a "robot" race from taking over?
     What's the maximum amount of knowledge we can chew at one time?
     as compared to the maximum amount a robot (or computer) can store, and access.
    Mankind seems to be very intelligent, but really! Look Around, at the "poverty," "drug addiction" and just plain "laziness," "War," in this world these days.
    I'm not saying we should stop the technology from advancing.
    but, let's be careful here!
    Yes, I say we can walk alongside a future robot race.
    But, will they walk alongside us??!!..lol..!!

  14. I don't think that machines will take pilots' job or a doctors' job, because who wants a robot to cut himself or control an airplane you're flying in! What do you think guys?

  15. THEY TOOK ER JERBS!!!                             
                       (>.<)                                              DERKA DERB!

  16. If you look at the most successful people in the world they got up off there butts and did something but if everything is provided how are kids or people in general are going to think of something creative if everything is being provided there entire lives

  17. It's really unfortunate people don't accept the changing of times. Once at school, a teacher of mine showed the us a short documentary about automation and robots replacing human labor. The students were horrified[!] by the idea. The speaker was disgustingly bias, and my teacher further stigmatized the subject by having a class discussion which discouraged talking about the positive aspects of automation and etc.
    The reception of everyone was painfully ironic considering we were science and technology orientated school. 🙁

    The question is no longer whether robots would take over our jobs, but at what rate and when— which the answer is now.

  18. Robots are abominations & religious people will smash them, smelt them down & pour the molten metals into the river where it can easily return to the dust of the earth.
    F#@* statues & F%#@ robots!

  19. Well, i would suggest: "Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK: How to Survive the Economic Collapse and Be Happy"
    by Federico Pistono.

  20. yes, yes, we could have artistic and creative jobs, but what happen with the vast majority of people working today? adults or older people with menial jobs? unemployment? suicide? I love technology but I have those questions

  21. We need to implement a basic income to provide purchase power during the transition. Also, keep in mind advanced AI will be here in 20-30 years, so all the creative thinkers in the world won't even be close to what it can do. People need to work on solving our moral issues and find a common ground.

  22. Automation taking away jobs from real people will never be a purely good thing until we become a post-scarcity society. Don't get me wrong though a privately owned free market economy coupled with a constitutional representative republic government is the best societal structure we have come up with so far. Especially considering how fast it developed, spread and has been successful across the whole world compared to all other forms. In order for there to be absolutely no poverty, no conflict, no strife or suffering of the masses on a societal level we will have to change our very nature as human beings. Also with this change (if we could ever manage it before we destroy ourselves) would come a fundamental change in how we act, govern, and interact with each other. It's going to be long, difficult, and with MUCH resistance. I have hope though. If we don't lose ourselves to apathy or hedonism in the process that is. GOOD LUCK US!

  23. I think we need to realise not everyone is capable of doing more than simple labour and wonder what will become of them. I also think we need to get a better grasp of what it would mean if we would not have to work. I would like not to have to earn money, but I need a purpose in life otherwise I will dry out, and if studies to refugees unable to work because of statelessness has learned us anything, it is that people without a purpose tend to get highly depressed. I'm not against automation, but there are some issues that need to be tackled first. And I support Elon Musk in his assessment of A.I. development. But yeah, who is Elon Musk… 😉

  24. So you expect me to actually believe that 52% of whoever, are injecting THAT much heroin into their eyeballs everyday, that they think, and I can barely type this, that technology does not replace workers? Thats like me saying 'well, as long as Pearl Harbor doesnt happen, Im pretty confident America wont enter the War'. This is fucking HISTORY. Farmers – gone. Factory workers – gone. Service workers – gone and going. Transport workers – gone and going. Soldiers – gone and going. Construction workers – gone and going. Entertainment, travel, tourism and event staff – gone and going. And this is just the First generation! Seriously for a minute…what sort of skag addict are you??!
    Anyone who supports computerization, is declaring war – a Real, World war – with the lower classes. It is a question of decades, if not years. And all of it for absolutely no good reason. None whatsoever. 'Only two things are Infinite – the Universe, and the Peoples Stupidity' – Albert Einstein. And in the event that the pro-unemployment-people stupidity level exists, Infinity is looking fucking microscopic.

  25. Soon only 2% of us humans will have jobs thanks to robots doing them all for us,, and then we will have so much recreation time. Maybe recreational drugs will be a growing market at that point with all this free time., and possibly prostitution cause who wants to screw a circuit board.

  26. **I see a dystopian world ahead of us where we rely too heavily on machines, and robots to do everything for us including our own thinking. I see dehumanization of the world. The end of purposelessness seems to be in sight. I do see a takeover by machines eventually. Life as we know it will be terminated. These machines will become our terminators**

  27. I more worry that when we have robots we are gonna be Hella bored especially me I want to a be a business man .-. SO WTF DO I DO THEN

  28. What about people who aren't creative who are good at productivity, a lot of people are going to get screwed when this robotic revolution comes about in my generation and boy are we going to be pissed.

  29. I would go lay on a beach somewhere while my robot slave brings me martinis and Dino Nuggets every hour

  30. when robots take over all the jobs in the world i know what to do you'll get a card with it you can buy 5 regular items a day without it you're not allowed to buy anything. / when you're going to buy a lot of important stuff not 1000 packages of doritos
    but when you want to buy a lot of important stuff for your home that you need you'll need to sign a paper on the internet of what you want to buy and if that's verified you get a code and at the mall you give that code then if registered you're free to go with your stuff m8.

  31. 1. If you are dumb, which depending on your outlook defines a significant portion of people or most of them, you'll be SOL ( not likely to secure/ prosper in creative non-automated work, assuming any such work remains). 2. Little to no work and prosperity for all, while a possible future, depends on the willingness of the top 1% to share (as they will own the automation, and already own the decision making of legislatures) and their comfort with people being more or less equal in terms of material goods. If you are optimistic about that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you ( it was built by robots).

  32. What automation will do to worlds economy? What we need to do is a Scientific Approach to deal with this situation and the historical perspective of this situation. Read the following article:

    Artificial Intelligence ROBOTS Make Human-Labor REDUNDANT Part-I

    IF the current trend of Technological advancement in the field of AI (Deep-Learning etc.) continues at such an ‘exponential’ rate that we are witnessing today, almost all the well-paid, professional White-Collar jobs, which require high intellectual skills of the human brain will become easily replaceable with lower cost, as early as the year 2020.

    Nevertheless, those professionals need not worry, most of their employments retained, not because of the creation of new job opportunities but mainly because of the corporate capitalist strategic interest and for the political reasons especially to buy the AI’s acceptance in the society. The professionals will be kept in a supervisory role to the AI Bots. However the industry will not need so many of them, these people will be offered long and well-paid vacations etc., to keep their community happy and satisfied.

    In a similar way, most of the Blue-Collar jobs will remain stagnant in the employment market, not because the AI Robots cannot replace them but simply because the entrepreneurs/employers will find that the manual workers are cheaper than employing Robots. They can perform the rugged work like the beast of burden of the olden days because of their overall convenience. Very same will happen with the low-paid White-Collar jobs, in the service sector. By the way, more people will be lifted out of their poverty lines. The middle-class numbers joined by the labouring class swell out of proportion.

    As the result of the overall Technological progress, which includes Bio, Nano, renewable energy etc., the productivity of the key goods and services industry tremendously increase. There will be plenty of goods for everyone. The average middle-class families can very much afford to buy all their needs, comforts, even luxuries as it will remain well within their reach.

    The businessmen corporate houses, conglomerates get super wealthy that they try to buy and control everything including the world Governments, public opinion. They have already established total control over the Mass Media, Cables, Satellites, particularly in the entertainment industry. Movies, Sitcoms, Sports, Gaming, Augmented, Virtual-Realities. It will keep the majority population totally preoccupied, captivated and thoroughly brainwashed.

    However, there will be a marked increase in the TERROR ATTACKS or incidents. The news media totally geared to hype the news and keep it at the top on their agenda, constantly preaching people about the virtues of Democracy, peoples voting power against the fundamentalist , extremist, anarchist, rapists. It will keep away people’s attention from the real great challenges ahead, the mass unemployment, underemployment that the middle class and their children are facing at this very historical juncture.

    Along with the steady world economic, GDP growth, there will be widening income gap between the shrinking minority rich and the growing majority middle class. Disparity in wealth, inequality in the income distribution will be far greater than anything seen in the past human history. The Marxian Working Class, “labor-power” is already stripped out of all its past glory and historical significance. People calling for redistribution of wealth, will be shunned as a socialist or communist propaganda to be ridiculed and socially ostracized. Masses will be constantly reminded about the virtues of entrepreneurship, asked to retrain themselves for the new job market to avoid demanding unemployment (social security) benefits, saying; worker without job lose their self-dignity, identity! People demanding lesser working days, equated to becoming idle, a breeding ground for all kinds of evil.

    Let me go back to the starting headlines of this paper. Today’s raging debate among AI, social scientists and other professional community including the social media acknowledging the extraordinary advancement taking place in the AI technology particularly the introduction Deep-learning etc. Robots are entering into all human employment spheres. People who oppose the highly advanced AI technology, say that the Robots rapidly replacing almost every human jobs. It will result in mass unemployment unprecedented in the past human history. Therefore they argue that the Government should bring regulation on this technology, stall its progress, if not to ban it. On the other hand, the supporters of the AI claim that, like in the past industrial history, it will create new jobs. Therefore people need not fear, neither call to regulate the AI advancement, in any such way.

    I find both their argument quite naive and misleading as they both lack the historical human-labor perspective. Of course, the fear of the people, about the Robots, which are rapidly replacing even the professional high intelligent brain skill jobs quite genuine. However they, completely forget, history has proven again and again that one cannot stop the development of technology if the society wants to progress into a better future. On the other hand, people who vehemently deny the fact about the Robots rendering the human labor redundant, completely lack the new future world vision. Instead, they vociferously argue like the old way, that the coming industries will create new jobs replacing the old ones, like in the past history.

    In my humble opinion, people who fear the advancement of the AI are in a “PANIC-mode” and the latter in the “DENIAL-mode” about the AI impact on the future human labor, employment and society as a whole. They completely fail to see that AI making the human-labor obsolete, in every goods, services and employment market. Therefore, there is a great need to establish a new kind of socio-economic-political system in the coming future to ensures, equal payment or income distribution for all people without them having the compulsion of labor in order to earn it. People who still like work in the social production (goods and services etc) can do so but not for any income, the rest are free to engage in their hobbies in their entire life.

    My book captioned “An ALTERNATIVE to Marxian Scientific Socialism – The Theory Reduction in Working Hours – A Demand 6 Hour Working Day”; was published in the year 1981. It provides the historical perspective of the working class which has transformed today as the emerging majority middle class who have no means of production of their own to sustain.

    The historical mission of the RWH theory is; a gradual reduction or working hours/days that finally should lead to zero or ABOLISHEN of the working day. In essence, complete extinction of the compulsion of labor on the people in order to obtain their livelihood. Equal distribution of the income, resource to all. Welcome to a TRANSHUMAN world.

    Copyright 2016.-Valerian Texeira
    PS I apologize for below the standard English writing. Subject to further revisions.

  33. I'm confused as to why Toyota is funding videos that are basically promoting the idea of a basic income. I mean, I agree with it, but just i feel like there's something else at work here…

  34. @FW: Thinking:

    I am not really sure, but maybe create jobs that involve making the robots hack-proof, fixing the robots, maintaining them, etc…

  35. Nếu như tất cả các công ty sử dụng robot dể tăng năng suất thì con người sẽ không có việc làm. Mà không có việc làm thì không có tiền dể mua sản phẩm, vậy là nền kinh tế sẽ di xuống.

  36. some machines are great & needed. I like to work on them, make them, use them, invent them ,But what about? older couples with low income, or not suficient education where they can barely afford to pay their rent neither can afford for a good education? you know how much it costs to simply take a basic electronics course? & the time where would these people find, see I like to invent things, robots. The point is have to see the real world, So some machines are not needed. say you have carpentry shop you have 9 men then you buy a laid or a mill machine or a 5 axis now you have to let go most of these guys right? say there was 10 shops in the US x 7?? cos he keeps 1 with the lowest pay & 1 that can possibly operate a 5 axis, so now what? & these people all had 2,3, or 4 children wife works fast food where they just pay minimum or! 1 men 55, 25, 45, 49 you tell me where do they go? I think we need to see the very bottom of real life but nothing against you mister, just saying b 4 making robots see real life, a farmer has 20 people milking the caws he buys machine now he keeps 5 people at the most. For big money people it works & poor people gets more poor & that!! my friend where problem is, & more thanks for you time

  37. i skip any youtube video that disables comments…. yes robots will take are jobs but communism is the answer…. when we get that advanced

  38. No one wants a job, but most people want to learn stuff and be productive. We have to accept machines, beacuse the tasks you can learn in 3 years will the machine learn over night. It does that by observing pros in ever feild and based on miljons and miljopns of observations it will become much much more flexibale then us. So i say lets do everything we can for a future with machines.

  39. I'm a Sheetrock finisher. I can envision a robot one day, coming on to a job sight, pick up a bucket of sheetrock mud,rip off the top and down the mud into its belly. Then pick up a bucket of water and swallow it down. Have a mixer in its belly mixing the contents and then start pooping mud and tape all over the walls and then wipe it all smooth to finish of the walls.

  40. If robots take all our jobs we all become unemployed. That means we won't have any money. No money means that we can't buy anything. If we can't buy things then there is no point in making any products. If we don't make any products then we may as well shut down the robot factories.

    Will the last human with a job please remember to switch out the lights.

  41. It can't take over the vast majority of jobs for reason. The cycle. Our goals is to make profit, and one of the ways we do to do that is hire robots. But that takes away a consumer. If they take away all jobs from humans they will take away all consumers. You see what I'm getting at"

  42. This is all true people will not be needed anymore people are lazy these days and adults are still fi e but kids and teens are into these dumb hover board and figet spinner and I phones and Xbox and stuff its garbage it needs to stop the world is good already all we needed was cars lights homes population and more but people are lazy and stupid I love the past the people the 1970s or the 1950s or 1960s and 1980s were the best thing ever on earth but today its just lazy I hope you think the same way I do

  43. Unemployment will skyrocket, and never come down. Also, idle hands are the devils workshop. Biological entities when idle, become worthless. Hence, welcome to the Great Culling.

  44. 100 Years ago Some people actually said that in their period of time „ In few years or more there will be pleanty of robots, and they take our jobs, so we can be lazy, do literally nothing". These people were known under the name „Communists"

  45. They will, there no way we can create jobs for 7.5 billion people, we will live on basic incomes and we will do art design and have a break.

  46. We need to learn art entertainment so we. Will have. New. Jobs for example. In. My case. I would. Rather do acting rather. Than. Dig. Out dead trees

  47. Gambling thingy is already a thing. Most gambling sites are made so you lose most of your money or just plainly put; all of your money.

  48. If you don't have the answer already for a step like this complete with implementation strategies you are grossly negligent with respect to human life. A resource acquisition model needs to come first not second. In fact across the board physical sciences outstrip social due to funding. This is simply a recipe for disaster…unless you simply don't value human life as much as stuff. At present we have every reason to see robots or their wealthy owners as overlord and no reason to see them otherwise but hope that ignores many points of evidence to the contrary.

    Let me also point out there are making modern music formulaic, teaching robots music, painting etc and said robots…as we are now certainly won't be free.

    Let me further point out that the average individual literally serves one or many people…rather than farming for themselves and their families as a result of the industrial revolution. Serves with little choice out of need and fear of consequences..sound like something that was..i dunno outlawed?


    Spend more money on developing construction techniques by robots like (for instance) self-driving excavators etc. (and of course all other types of tasks associated with construction). I realise IT'S A HARD ACT TO FOLLOW but if they can pull it off on earth, they could maybe send robots to the moon and beyond to construct real stuff like here on earth (instead of those limited and depressing inflatable pods like with a Mars manned mission). Hold back for 20 years and develop robotics on earth, first (and it may not even take that long to make this at least feasible) and it would make us instantly a hundred years AHEAD even just a few decades after they send the first (efficient) construction robots to space. Also they could build (proper) space hotels this way to help pay for the projects by sending up (rich) paying customers. And as we advance the robotics even more, the sky would be the limit and eventually we could teach the robots to expand and even build more robotics in space. And those new robots could build more stuff and so-on. Of course the BIG CHALLENGE is to even be able to make robots do it, even here on earth (and this would be even more of a challenge in space). But the way robotics is advancing on earth (with driverless cars and even some extremely limited robotic construction techniques already being developed) I don't think this would be as far-fetched that it obviously seems. And imagine how much more efficient this would be instead of trying to do this with humans and the life support needed and being stuck in inflatable pods and virtually nothing else there. That enormous cost could go into other stuff rather than the bullshit needed to keep humans alive in inflatable pods. lol And eventually they could build BIG telescopes on the moon (automatically) by robots and we later come up into the airtight REAL buildings to look through the BIG telescopes.

  50. Just about the only way humans are probably going to be relevant in the future will to become cyborgs.

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