Why Toyota Makes the Most Reliable Cars, Japanese vs American Culture

Why Toyota Makes the Most Reliable Cars, Japanese vs American Culture

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about why Toyota makes such reliable
cars, what’s the reasoning behind that,
and I’ll start out by telling you the
nobody’s sponsoring this, Toyota isn’t
sponsoring this, I’ve been a mechanic for
51 years
look at my driveway, I’ve got a 1994
Celica, a 2007 Toyota Matrix, and a 2002
Lexus, and I bought all these vehicles
used, now why did i buy toyota products
Lexus is a toyota product,
let’s not mash names there, well
precisely because I am a mechanic, Monday
through Friday I spend all my time
fixing other people’s cars, do you really
think Saturday and Sunday I want to have
to fix my own cars, I want the most
reliable cars so I don’t have to work on
the things, even though I buy them used I
hardly ever have to do anything to them
anyway, now why are the Toyota line
reliable, well you have to understand
it’s a different culture, I got a
master’s degree from the University of
Illinois and some of the stuff I studied
was Asian business, being a Japanese
company Toyota was always thinking
towards the future, they’re thinking
sometimes even decades ahead, where
American manufacturers hey, like most
American corporations, especially ones
that are publicly traded, they’re worried
about the stock price, so they’re
thinking about the quarterly reports
sometimes they’re only thinking three
months ahead, not three decades ahead
there’s a real difference there between
short term and long term profits too, take
Toyota in the 70s and 80s, people accused
them of dumping their small pickup
trucks on the United States, they certainly
didn’t cost much back then, they do
today but they didn’t used to, they built
themselves up a market of people who
like their little trucks, wanted a
dependable little truck, so they sold a
whole bunch of them, yeah they certainly
didn’t make that much money in the
beginning selling those trucks, but they
sure as heck do now, they built up a
market by just improving their vehicles
little bits at a time, I remember when I
was a young mechanic in the 60’s
everybody laughed at the Japanese stuff
and said, oh those little rice burners,
those little puddle jumpers what
good are they, well sometimes being
conservative pays off in a business
world, Toyota
never really made a v8 pickup truck
until the tundra, they were originally
gonna call it the t-150 but ford
threatened to sue them so they dropped
off on that and decided to call it the
tundra, they were worried that they
weren’t gonna be able to sell them
in large enough volume, they started making
them in Indiana where they used to make
their forklift trucks, so they came in
very conservative, they ended up selling
all the ones they made, and they just
started making more and more as people
saw, Wow a reliable Japanese large pickup
truck with a v8 engine, that’s not their
main market you know they’re not gonna
be beating Ford and selling v8 pickup
trucks like the f-150, that’s a real
American thing and they’ve been building
those f-150s for decades to perfecting
them as time goes on, but the tundra
shows one basic thing about Toyota, they
were conservative they started with, okay
we’ll try v8 trucks now and a small
amount, then as they got popular they
started making more and selling more, even
though big trucks weren’t really in their
market, their more into cars to get people
around in, that’s where they were making
most of their profit, look at the camrys and
Corollas they sold millions and millions
of those things, and really when you look
at them they weren’t particularly
good-looking, and they didn’t ride all
that well in the beginning, but they just
didn’t break down, and a lot of it has to
do with their entire manufacturing setup
in Japan they don’t have the big labor
versus management fight like in the
United States where they’re going at it
tooth and nail, in Japan a good factory
job was seen as a lifetime thing, the
people would go on summer vacations
together and they would all be treated
fine, and there wasn’t this, oh we’re the
workers and the management is
screwing us over, it’s a completely
different scenario than it is in the
United States, and let’s face it if you
have a happy labor force and you keep
incrementally making your vehicles
better and
better and perfecting them and then
trying new things every once in a while
but doing it conservatively, your
vehicles are probably going to come off
the line put together better than they
are in a different scenario, where the
management and the workers are at each
other all the time,
hey I’ve even had private conversations
with businessmen in the United States
working for large corporations, and they
said Scotty we can’t compete with the
Japanese on the same level, because they
just have a different Society, they’d say
the pressure for short-term profit was
really high in the United States, and
there are always trying to maximize that
whether it be lowering the quality of
parts in cars to save money, or paying
the guys who built them less money, and if
you think about it both of those are
not such a hot idea,
you don’t want lower quality parts and you
don’t want people who are building getting
paid less and less as time goes on, so if
your main focus is not, how can we make
more profit by either cutting the
quality of our products, paying the
workers less, you’re gonna make better
quality vehicles that’s just common
sense, now me I admit it I’m a
cheapskate, all these Toyota’s and Lexus’s
I bought, I bought them used but since
the Toyotas are so well made, you can buy
one it’s got some mileage on it and
still drive it for years, I mean I’ve had
my own customers sometimes arguing with
me in saying, oh I’m happy with my Chrysler
I haven’t had any problems with it and
then I say, well how many miles do you
have on it and they’ll say well we’ve got
miles on it, and I just laugh and say, hey
call me up when you got a hundred
thousand or if it makes it to 150,000 and
you spend
a ton of money fixing it, and over the
last three decades, really I haven’t
personally found anything that’s more
reliable for the money then the Toyota
products are, and I just hope that they
don’t start following the Americans, but
sadly I see a little bit of that in the
newer Toyotas, I see things breaking long
before they used too, I’ve seen power door
locks break on cars there were only two
three years old, I see water pumps go
bad on vehicles that had maybe 40,000 miles
on them, but let’s hope that that’s just
a fluke and they don’t follow down
the line of planned obsolescence and start
making cars that break down before their
time, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. It has nothing to do with the workers but more to do with the bean counters that took over corporate America in the post WW2 economy …maximize profits screw the workers and make the products as cheaply as possible that's when using outsourcing of parts began to use low-bidder parts …the war on workers by management cutting pay and benefits to increase profits thus stock prices which became the major portion of CEO pay instead of salary incentivized CEO'S to look for short term profits …

  3. I bought a Toyota fortuner it’s only sold at Asia/middle-east market it’s the same id code of 4runer of north-America i drove it on trail, sand, highway for almost 250k km and still work as good as new i only spend on gas and engine oil and some time i forget ro change engine oil for 15 or 20 km and still work 😂 i replaced last year with Ford f150 and i made a many friendship with my town’s mechanics 💔

  4. I drove my RAV4 70,000 miles in less than a year.!! Not even a single problem with it! I just freaking love it!
    Yes they are expensive, but if you a looking for a car that will not give you problems, get a Toyota!

    Ps: don’t waste your money in an American car, I learned the hard way. 😩

  5. My Toyota Camry is 13 years old, has 175,000 miles on it, hoping to to buy a newer model soon, but this damm thing won't die, it just keeps and keeps and keeps and keeps and keeps and keeps and keeps on running…

  6. I bought a 2018 Camry le new last year and regret it. The CVT transmission jerks and shudders which they say is normal for that transmission. Test drive before you buy. Buyer be ware the new cars are not as good as the old and by the way my car was built in the USA.

  7. I remember when I was a kid my parents had a toyota pickup truck from 1992 that was left by an uncle of mine in the back yard for years. The car just stood there, rain, snow, sun, repeat, the car never moved, the tires were still ok, the only thing missing was the battery and of course the paint was well off. After 8 years my dad got a car battery to fit the Toyota truck and guess what? it turned back on! it's a pity we sold it but the car was probably one of the best ones we've ever had besides the mitsubishi sedan that lasted as well for ages until someone hit my dad from the back. Toyota is a product of quality, perfection and reliability and I will buy a Toyota or Lexus over any other car unless I get greedy and get one for every day and one for sunday 😀

  8. Scotty: I believe the Japanese Business Model where the longer you work for the company the more shares you own in the company is a brilliant idea. If a person feels they have a 'vested' interest in the company they collectively own I think they would be more motivated to put their efforts into turning out the best product they can. American companies should consider such a concept I think.

  9. 03 Corolla here -Got T-Boned from the passenger side forcing my car to hit a parked F-150. I broke the parked fords axile 😂 these are little reliable tanks

  10. It stared in the 1980's when American Corporations changed their business models from a 'life time' goal to a 'quarterly' goal. So, each CEO makes millions in the quarter that showed up as 'profit' on the spreadsheet regardless of how they arrive that number (either by laying off long term employees "fire the most skilled workers" or cutting cost "lowering quality of the products"). By the time, $hit hits the fan, that CEO was long gone with millions in his/her pocket. The next CEO did the same as they have absolutely no interest in the company in the long run. Who cares if the company will go belly-up if they are only there to make the most money in a few short months or a couple of years.

  11. Case and point why I'm looking into Toyota's to get as a commuter car for college. Test drove one today and for being a 20 year old camry it ran and drove like new. I am impressed!

  12. Summarize ALL his video and always repeats himself as follows – BUY A TOYOTA. If you buy a "luxury" car buy a used boring Lexus. Disregard enjoyable cars. Disregard taste. Disregard variety. This guy is the East Germany of car reviews.

  13. Japanese cars are way better than American cars. Knock on wood, Only ever had one tiny issue with mine. My mom's had like none. Both Mazda's, but still. And then there's the rest of my family who are American obsessed, and their transmissions blow before 70k!!

  14. I bought a brand new 2008 toyota camry. It's been the worst car I have ever owned. I had excessive oil consumption issue. I had to fight tooth and nail for Toyota to agree to overhaul the engine. Now I am dealing with sticky dashboard. I have crossed over the enhanced warranty and Toyota won't fix the dashboard. Also dealing with muffler issue resulting in bad gas mileage doing 230 miles in a full tank. So as I said, this is the worse car I have owned!

  15. Dr Edwards Deming is responsible for all of this. He revolutionized Japanese manufacturing. Below are some of his guiding principals.

    1.Better design of products to improve service

    2.Higher level of uniform product quality

    3.Improvement of product testing in the workplace and in research centers

    4.Greater sales through side (global)markets

  16. Japanese people have a much higher honor and respect. Most would not dream off cheating. Lovely culture. Ichiban.

  17. Different philosophy, Toyota wanted to make the best affordable vehicles with reputation. Detroit Big 3 are the opposite.

  18. I went looking for a new car last month. I went to the local Honda dealership. As I walked down the rows of cars each one would call out to me "Me last you long time"! I then went to the local Toyota dealership. As I strolled through the lot each and every vehicle called out "Hey mister, me last you long time"! I then drove through the local Ford, GM and Chrysler lots. Each one of those cars said to me "I'll suck your wallet dry so your girlfriend doesn't have to". I ended up getting my first brand new Toyota a week and a half ago. Now that I have a real quality vehicle my girlfriend is sucking me dry, but not the wallet!

  19. After the 2002 Corolla that started using a quart of oil every 350 miles and the 2009 Camry that was using 2 1/2 quarts between oil changes I was done with Toyota. These both had less than 75,000 miles on them. They actually extended the warranty on the Camry for oil usage that most of the time they would tell people it's normal usage. Oh and the dang melting dash that was changed under warranty. Seems as though they're no better than any other manufacturer.

  20. Toyota has been the vehicle of choice for almost every terrorist group since the 1970s.
    They use them as combat vehicles so they got to be good!

  21. My dad had a 1982 Toyota pick up and it had 500,000 + miles on it and I swear that little engine “R22” was a champ

  22. I guess I've been lucky. I have a 2007 Chrystal 300c with the V-8 Hemi. The only thing I've done (other then normal maintenance) is replace the struts and a control arm. It has just over 180k on it now.

  23. 93 Camry, '16 Corolla, and now a '18 Camry…I love Toyota. My 93 lasted 22 years…My Corolla was totaled (nothing mechanical), and now I am loving my 2018 Camry.

  24. Toyota tundra is the only pick up truck i've ever seen that has made it to 1,000,000 miles. That's without serious problems with it too. Yes, I am mentioning that one video on youtube. The 1,000,000 mile Tundra.

  25. Other brands are made to breakdown quicker hoping you sell or get rid of it and buy a new car from them. All the old Toyota’s you still see on the road and still rolling is for a reason!

  26. Darn Toyotas are like old CRT TVs, you get tires of looking at the thing but it just wont break so you can have an excuse to but a new one.

  27. I love Toyotas, they make amazing vehicles. I've been thinking of picking up an old Lexus 400 some time. You can pick them up super cheap with fairly low miles these days and they're beautiful cars. I do prefer the 4Runners as they're still only built in Japan. And I agree about the newer ones feeling slightly less reliable than the old tanks they used to build, although that could just be the numerous electronics and power equipment added on to all vehicles nowadays. Regardless, they're still ahead of everybody else when it comes to reliability.

  28. so here is a question – my brother is moving to USA , and he want to import a car with stearing wheel in right side . can you drive it in USA or you need to rework the car ?

  29. We all know that American cars they suck. My mom bought a chrysler 200. It’s only 4 years old and she already have a transmission problems.

  30. I know what you are talking about Scotty I use to get Road Head in my Iroc Z back in the day then Hummers in my Hummer then you get old an it’s a Corvette. I had a Celiac GT for two weeks it was awful gave it to some chick for free Head and then Scotty bought it. He’s never let it go since!

  31. The only people who shouldn't buy a toyota is those who like their vehicles to break regularly so that they have an excuse to spend hours in the garage out of the house.
    If you expect your vehicle to be just another reliable consumer appliance or if you just actually enjoy quality then you really don't need anything else.

  32. My 05 Tacoma with 250k miles runs like a beast, no issues. Meanwhile my brothers 2016 dodge charger with like 40k miles has left him in the middle of the road 3 times now.

  33. Water pumps have part like bearings and mechanic seals that are made by other people and there is a quality level on them too. That will make or break a water pump .

  34. I bought a 1998 Camry 6 cylinder manual with 122,000 miles and sold a 2012 Chevy Cruze with 98,000 before it had any major problems. Talk about trading a ticking time bomb for a Swiss watch. People around me are dismayed though. "But the Cruze was so much newer!".

    If Toyota keeps it up, I would consider getting a tattoo of the Toyota emblem. It would be my only tattoo, lol.

  35. It's not just toyota or even japan. South Korea is innovative and making awesome cars, soon China will follow, as will India and Vietnam, but Japan has done it the longest Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Isuzu, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, and KIA, Hyundai, Etc. They all make good long lasting easy to work on stuff including Kawasaki and Yamaha who make Engines for all sorts of small vehicles around the world.

  36. I owned a 2000 F-250 super duty diesel brand new off the lot. It broke in six months, then I sold it within 13 months. I then bought a 2001 Tundra sold it to my mom to get the double cab model 5 years larter. Our family still owns both trucks. With scheduled maintenance and a fix here and there for backing into stuff to replace a bent bumper or two, both trucks drive great with no sign of problems. I only wish they still made Tundras in that 1st gen size. Best truck i've ever owned out of 2 Dodges, 3 Fords, and 3 Chevy's.

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