Why the Ford F-150 is the Best Selling Truck of All Time and Better Than a Toyota Tundra

Why the Ford F-150 is the Best Selling Truck of All Time and Better Than a Toyota Tundra

Rev up your engines,
today’s question comes from mark 767, scotty which company makes the best full sized pickups
in the US these days, well if you go by popularity it has to be
the F150, I’ll give you a little history lesson for that,
in 1948 ford started the F series, it was the first pickup truck that they ever built
that was built from scratch, with it’s own body, the earlier ones they were based on
car frames with a truck body on it, the f series was the first one with a full
sized truck frame made just for trucks, from 1948-1952 they made the f-1 series truck,
but then in 1953 they decided to call the f-1 the f100,
rings off your tongue a little better, would you rather say f-1 or f100, it sounds more
impressive, and today the f series is on it’s 13th different
generation, their now at the 13th generation f trucks,
and since 1948 they’ve sold over 35 million f series trucks so their very popular trucks,
if you notice recently ford said they’re not going to build cars anymore except for the
mustang, but they aren’t changing the trucks, their building tons of trucks their not going
to shut down their truck division, being in it’s 13th generation today, you realize
they’ve been perfecting the pickup truck, they make it to fit the buyers needs, take
a short time ago, they too a bunch of the steel out of the body and replaced it with
aluminum so some of these things weigh 500 pounds less than they did before, they still
have the solid steel frame, but a lot of the body is aluminum so it’s more lightweight
and it gets better gas mileage for a pickup truck,
now of course anyone who’s ever owned a pickup truck knows, they don’t get great gas mileage,
their pickup trucks, their high up in the air, their not aerodynamic
their heavy, but their made to haul stuff, and with the
modern design in fords case of the 10 speed automatic transmission that you can get in
them, they actually get decent gas mileage on the
highway, and that’s decent gas mileage for a pickup truck of course,
you can’t compare them to the cars, it’s a completely different ball game, and
when it comes to that, I’ll give you some advice about gasoline vs
diesel pickup trucks, people are always asking me, scotty should
I get a gasoline full sized pickup or diesel, well I ask them, what are you going to do
with the truck, you have to decide what you’re going to do with it before you decide which
one you’re going to buy, now if you carry a lot of loads like deliveries
here in Houston, heavy weight driving on the highway all the
time, putting a lot of mileage on the vehicle, you are better off with a diesel, because
diesel engines have a lot of torque, they don’t have a lot of horsepower but they’ve
got a lot of torque, so their great for pulling things and if you’re pulling something on
the highway with a diesel pickup truck, it doesn’t really change the gas mileage all
that much, but if you’re towing that same heavy load with a gasoline engine,
it’s going to get a lot worse gas mileage, I’ve seen heavy tow loads with gasoline engines,
the gas engines will get less than half the gas mileage that the diesel engine would get,
now in the past people who were pulling heavy loads would get a big v8 diesel, but now everything
is starting to change and a lot of them are going to these v6 diesels that have turbos
on them that are all set up that the new ford f150 in 2018 you can get a v6 diesel that’s
rated at 30 mpg, so as times change so does the f150, you could have never gotten a v6
diesel in them they just started doing that, but they adapt to what the market wants,
and in terms of their ride ability, they certainly have adapted because I’ve been driving ford
pickup trucks for years testing them out, and every time I get one the wife would ride
in it because we got free gas and everything so we’d take trips in them and she’d say,
I hate riding in these pickup trucks they riding horrible,
which doesn’t matter to a truck guy but my wife didn’t like it, but then a couple years
ago, they changed a lot of the suspension in these trucks, and I took my wife for a
ride in one and she said, gee this trucks rides really good what’s going on here,
and I explained that they changed a bunch of the suspension system to make them ride
a lot better, and that of course had led to a small amount
of show trucks, like Lincoln makes a show truck, it’s got a little short bed and leather
seats and everything, and it’s a good looking truck but it’s not
a serious work truck because the bed is so short, it’s more for rinestone cowboys who
want to show off their truck, and the reason that the f150’s are really
the best made American full sized pickup truck is because that’s what they are, their for
hauling stuff, they can last a long time, they can take a lot of things and historically
they keep improving the things, they just don’t build something and then say,
oh that didn’t work we’ll get rid of that and start all over again,
over all those years, they’ve perfected pickup trucks,
and now I’ve been around the world, and America is the kingdom of pickup trucks, some countries,
they don’t even have pickup trucks, they have panel vans and stuff for carrying stuff, they
want stuff held inside so it doesn’t get ruined by the rain but hey American is the land of
the pickups and really in the land of the pickups the f150 is still king,
I would rather have a pickup from a company that makes a designs most of their own stuff,
take the chryslers, their using different engines, different transmissions from different
companies, they keep changing stuff around, and of course since fiat bought chrysler,
their throwing a lot of these Italian diesel engines in and hey they’ve had a lot of problems
with those Italian diesel engines, I’d stay away from those things,
and when I was young it was a real battle between the chevy pickups and the ford pickups,
they were neck and neck for a long time, but as far as I’m concerned, GM quality control
it’s been going downhill for decades now, and as an example with my own customers,
for every ford f150 that needs a transmission rebuilt, I see 4 or 5 gm pickups that need
their transmission rebuilt, I see the rear ends the differentials go out on GM pickup
trucks all the time, and it’s rare that I see an f150 rear end go out, now toyota makes
full sized pickups and I used to like them a lot,
but as their aging, especially with the modern designs, they have some very expensive repairs
that you don’t normally relate to toyota, but the way they designed them their extremely
expensive to work on when they do break down, for example I was working on a tundra, it
needed a starter, I had to take the whole top of the engine off to get to where they
put the starter, there’s no reason to do stuff like that, and
if their going to do stuff like that, hey I’m going to tell people, don’t buy one of
those because you’re really going to be bad when it costs you a $1,000 to change a starter
on your truck, and as times change, so does my opinion of
stuff, the f150, hey it’s done a pretty good job of changing with the times, so I’m sticking
with them, and since this is the Thursday episode where
I answer a viewers question, place your own question on the YouTube comments below and
I’ll pick the best ones to make a single video to answer your question,
and where else can you find a guy with 50 years experience of fixing cars to answer
your own question with a video, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. Best selling truck, yes. Worst resale, yes. Scariest vehicle to buy used, yes. Most popular vehicle to replace an engine, yes. Truck most like to need a new cat, yes. Truck most like to have a rotted out frame, yes.

    I just bought a used truck. I looked at a lot of F150s. Was too scared to buy a used 5.4 3v. Saw too many chattering away looking for new timing chains. People bragging about performance exhausts (yeah, you had another plugged cat.) The truck had 200k on it but only 75k on the new engine. 04's and 05's with soft frames.

    I'd plug the obd2 reader and get all kind of bank codes showing up. I gave up on looking at F150s.

  3. My 2002 Powerstroke Excursion is still worth a decent amount of money. Should I replace it before it gets much older or should I just keep driving it. I'd love to upgrade to something newer like an Expedition or a Sequoia, but I dont have the cash to do that just yet.

  4. The reason Ford is the best selling truck is because they keep shitting the bed and Ford owners are so dumb they actually go out and buy another one. Pretty good business plan in the long run I guess.

  5. If only my 97 f150 wasn't so damn cold natured, I'd like it more. But, once that sucker warms up, it does great. I just don't like cold natured vehicles.

  6. If Ford is always perfecting things, pray tell us why did they forsake the 7.3 turbo million mile diesel, and give us the garbage 6.0?

  7. If Ford is always perfecting things, pray tell us why did they forsake the 7.3 turbo million mile diesel, and give us the garbage 6.0?

  8. Because Americans are dumb asf saying it's all about supporting our country while they're laughing all the way to the bank saying too bad it breaks after warranty date sucka

  9. Scotty, which ford year PU & motor would be best for End of World scenario? No computers sensitive to magnetic pulse, simple to work on, and most reliable engine & transmissions. What say you Airborne Daddy?

  10. A few years back I was in the market for a used pickup and after looking at the fords and GMs from the turn of the century it became apparent to me that gm held up much better. I bought a Silverado with them z71 package and it was a great truck. Now I’m back in the market but this time for a new truck and the fords seem much better. Plus the GM factory is going thru a strike so I question the quality coming from that flint factory. My Silverado was built in Ontario. Here is a clue to the auto industry and auto workers I’m not spending 60k for an inferior product because it’s made in the USA. If the best truck is made in America great but if it’s made in Canada that will be the one I buy. My biggest complaint about ford is the limitations they put on the type of truck you can order. Ideally I want an f350, gas SRW king ranch with the campers package which is practically impossible to find. Another example of ford making things difficult is the only bed available with the king ranch f150 is the 5 1/2 foot bed. I think that bed is too limited for a serious truck.

  11. GM makes and sells more pickups than anyone because their split in two brand names , yes Ford outsells Chevy by 2% because of price but GMC & Chevy trucks (same assembly line) outsell Ford and still have the best engines & trans . FACT

  12. Good vid other than the last statement, I can just go ask my dad with him being 62 and has driven fords since age 8, he’s told me stories about a Model A pickup he’s driven

  13. He def got his check from FORD( Fix Or Repair Daily)because he is def talkin them up. Scotty must not have seen fordtecmakeuloco vids because this guy worked at ford for over a decade and bought a Ram! And he explains why he got the Ram. I do enjoy Scotty’s videos though.

  14. Scotty go on YouTube look up dodge vs ford watch any video dodge kills the ford every time unless it’s one of your videos then you will be rippin in dodge the whole time

  15. The Ford f150 is the ‘best selling’ truck, because Ford has secured fat government contracts for many years, and they sell thousands at a time, as fleet vehicles.

  16. The best selling doesn't mean the best made. All because McDonald's cheeseburger is the best selling, does that mean are the best made? No. Dodge all the way. I have had no problems with em.

  17. But scotty there was a tendra that lasted 1,000,000 mils with same engine&gear
    Can ford f150 with same year or higher
    Do the same

  18. Scotty – “Ford……perfecting the pickup truck”….Ford…..”5.4L Triton engine” everyone – “🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬”

  19. Hey Scotty, can you please explain what is a transmission shudder and what causes it? How can it be done fixed.? I recently bought a 2007 Ford expedition and a mechanic told me a week later that the noice I was hearing was a transmission shudder.

  20. tundra will have far fewer issues than any other half ton. but thats only a half ton. if they want to get serious, they need to bring back the 1 ton, yes they had one before. a full size one ton with a diesel and i wager the big three will be worried. well i shouldn't say that since toyota has had the third spot over chrysler for decades now based on sales.

  21. I'm looking for a new Tacoma TRD sport but I"m also looking at ford. I need the space me and wife trying to have a family, but i love the Tacoma we wont have no more then 2 kids so i like to know Scotty should i get a ford or Toyota I do the basic maintenance I need a truck with space and reliability i need to know. Gas mileage does mean a lot. i do have a 1 hr drive to work and home 5 days a week but I do want a v6 I need advice lol

  22. Hello, Scotty you didn’t talk at all about the GMC trucks. I’m thinking of buying the a 2017 sierra with 45k miles 2500hd denali do you think is it a good truck? Thanks for your videos it’s very informative.

  23. Tundra also has terrible IIHS crash test ratings. Ford and Nissan are top notch. What good is a vehicle if you're dead😅

  24. Rev up your crackpipes! and buy a Ford! Yes shitty aluminum body, warped dashboards, turbo engines with direct injection instead of of v8's with proven mpfi, broken timing chain guides destroying the entire engine. Pass, I'll take a Chevy or Ram with no overhead cams with failing timing chains, thank you. Crack is bad fyi. Please don't take this guy's word as gospel, I don't trust anything he says honestly.

  25. I have plenty of experience with ford trucks. Rusted out rangers f 250 and 350, even the sports trac. Despite being rusted to hell and mis treaded, excluding the sports trac, they still work great and all are early 2000s. Rams I have experience with and they’re just trash. Two different trucks, both engines failed when they should’ve have at all, and another one which was fairly new and the engine had a lot of issues

  26. Tundra better in reliability Ford only good for breaking and making problems and breaks down to much dead on dead hate ford

  27. I remember talking about fast modified toyotas with a friend. Then a guy came and laughed. He said toyota are taxi cars. I proved him wrong told him all the facts and let's say I did get triggered

  28. Had a 1995 Ford Ranger Splash with a 4.0 auto. Interior was nice, but the tranny fell apart in 15k miles. Then the power windows and door locks failed soon after. I had to trade it in.

  29. My Dad bought a brand new 2014 tundra , he had the transmission work done on it which was fixed under warranty and now he is having rear end issues that is now not covered under warranty and also having issues with his door locks not locking and it only has 110k miles on it , my 2011 f150 125k miles just routine maintenance no issues

  30. I have 2018 chevy malibu… i can hear , loud water transfer in engine when i run heater, when heater off only alittle, chevy thinks im nuts, had it looked at they filled the coolant up nothing happend wtf… i smell atifreeze alittle… any ideas regret buying it ..thanks thomas great channel

  31. I'm about to be 16 and want a nice truck with good gas mileage around 5k I'd use the bed to haul my quad what do you recommend

  32. I think a Toyota has always been reliable for me. I have a 2008 highlander sr5 still runs like a charm.
    Buying a camper trailer this spring, dry weight around 6200 lbs. I know that a tundra can tow over 10200lbs.
    If we upgrade to heavier trailer in the future, what do you think about a F250 6.7L diesel turbo
    Are they reliable pickups??

  33. Scotty how many toyota tundras you fixed during your career? ONE?
    i put propane tank into my truck..and guess what Scotty….. i fix nothing and get 1000 km from a tank for same buck you fill up your Best f150
    **don't confuse 'younoobs' please- its all about hands on experience**
    and yes scotty i drive tundra daily joy/towing for living….i change oil and rotor/pads(i like fast ride even with trailer)…..and it just doesnt break. OK?
    You like ford- no problem.
    but dont say its the best.kids get confused then trade that garbage next year.

  34. Hi Scotty, great watching your videos! My question Is regarding the V6 turbo diesel for the F150. In your opinion and or expertise, is that too small of an engine for a full size pick-up? Would it be working too hard so the engine life/health would be compromised, and is it a proven and reliable engine? Thanks and keep those videos coming!

  35. F-150's quality is garbage, just look at the door panels from outside they are supposed to be in a straight line but looks bent, what a disgrace, dashboard look like they used recycled diapers to made it

  36. i want a truck
    but i dont even haul anything
    i just love how they look
    i cant make up my mind between a f150 or a tundra

  37. i am a female who has driven everything from SUVs to minicars and am thinking of getting a F150 simply because im tired to dealing with assholes on the road and because i feel like it will accommodate my off-road needs better. I was wondering if a truck is hard to handle for females – im not a tiny woman – im 5’8 and don’t have issues with height etc for a truck.

  38. It’s the best selling truck because people are stupid!! And the F150 looks like a car! The pre 2019 Ram and Chevy, also Tundra and Titans actually look like a truck! Fords are for girly men!

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