Why Not to Buy the New Mid-Engine Chevy Corvette

Why Not to Buy the New Mid-Engine Chevy Corvette

rev up your engines
what do you think of that new 2020
Corvette Stingray with the mid-engine
realize that there was a Belgian
engineer of Russian descent called Zora
and he started the idea and now they have
a mid-engine Corvette now they say it’s
gonna less than under $60,000 and it has
a mid-engine v8 engine that puts out 495
horsepower so it’s got a reasonable
amount of power of course it’s nothing
compared to the Hellcat engine that’s
pushing 800 horsepower it’s competing
more with the mid-engine European sports cars
now the first that came out in
the 1950s had a straight six
cylinder engine and it only put out a
little over a hundred horsepower it
didn’t have that much horsepower matter
of fact people you even said it was
underpowered and quickly they put a v8
engine head toward this new one really
has nothing to do with the old stingray
then we’re talking a mid-engine car it’s
a very interesting design but what you
got to realize this this is a first-year
model they made they just came out with
them never ever buy a first-year model
car you have no idea what kind of flaws
are at and knowing GM there’s gonna be
some flaws in it for the purists they’re
not even a button you have a standard
transmission there’s gonna be no
standard transmission only on automatic
transmissions you get those paddles
shifter things on but they’re only gonna
be automatic transmissions and there’s a
lot of hype coming out with it to GM
just said that oh they’ve already sold
them all out but they won’t give a how
many they sold they’re not so not giving
out what their production is gonna be in
2020 how many of they’re gonna make
they’re not giving any information out
so to me there’s a lot of PT Barnum hype
being thrown out on this thing that
they’re not giving straight figures yet
so you know nobody knows I’m sure they’d
be fun to drive around for a vehicle
that’ll be zippy like that under 60
grand you know you’re not gonna fight
too many mid-engine cars and their price
range but Scotty me I wouldn’t touch
one of those things until they been around
while and you see how they hold up and
what flaws they have and of course you
can always get them cheaper used when they
get older too I mean I got a customer
that bought one of those fancy Teslas the
model s and some sucker paid a hundred
and twenty five grand for the car he
bought it used and it only had fifteen
thousand miles on he bought it for forty
five thousand dollars so that was like
one third practically what the original
owner paid for the car so if you’re
smart like me wait a while on stuff
don’t jump on the bandwagon and get
caught up with all this hoopla I’m sure
they’re gonna be charging premiums at
dealers to sell them to people it’s an
image thing too, but I’d wait myself
I would just wait, universal associates says
Scotty is it true you can protect your
car from being hacked by wrapping your
key fob in aluminum foil an article on
USA Today said so well it’s a lot more
complicated than that
here is the kicker if you have say one
of these fobs that you push the button
and an unlocked your car’s door you
can’t cover it with aluminum foil or won’t
unlock your door it’s got to be over the
broadcast and if someone is sneaking off
to be following you around and having a
receiver and they can receive that
signal that bounced into your car then
they’re gonna be able to steal your car
they’ll be able to get into your car and
then they can if they have a blank key
they can program the key to make your
car start so I don’t think that’s gonna
stop anything if you’re talking about
one that you physically opened with a
key later you put it in the car and turn
it yes you could do that
cuz it has to unlock the door which they’re
gonna be able to do but if you got one
that unlocks and you can’t put foil
around it it won’t work so yeah a lot of
these articles people give her a bunch
of junk they don’t know what they’re
talking about don’t even understand half
the system’s that they’re talking about
but people can steal cars with the
keyless ignition systems a lot easier if
they’re pros you know most people are
gonna steal a regular car they’re gonna
be going after you know fancy Lexus
Mercedes whatever they’re not gonna do
stealing your Toyota odds are they gonna
follow you around to steal your Toyota
raymond says I’d like to buy a used truck
for five to seven grand any truck as
good as long as a
reliable what do you recommend well if
you can find a Toyota Tacoma and that
price range get a Toyota Tacoma those
things can run forever they’re very hard
to find good use though because most
people have them to drive them forever
because that’s what they want they got
it they don’t break so they keep driving
it around if you can’t find that look
for either a F150 or a Ford Ranger
that doesn’t have too many miles there’s
lots of them out there too if you’re
getting at an f-150 you really you gotta
get a v8 engine they’re much better
truck so you do that get a v8 with the
Ranger yeah you can even get the
four-cylinder engine and I was there
okay, flad says is Fiat the best
no the only good Fiat is one that
somebody else owns that you don’t have to
pay for
fixing it when it breaks down, when I was
young they sold Fiats the United States
and everybody called them fix it again
Tony because they’re always
breaking then they brought them back a
few years ago and Fiat by Chrysler and
now Fiats even talking about leaving the
American market they’ll still be selling
the Chrysler’s and Chrysler’s that have
Fiat engines and transmissions that have
Chrysler names but the actual brand of
Fiat is selling so poorly in the United
States they’re talking about just
pulling out again they make such garbage
don’t buy one if you value your money, so
if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Let me say I didn't even listen to it all just like nobody should listen to you. This Corvettes going to be a classic in 20 years. You should buy it and get every option and then put away in storage and buy another one to drive.

  3. Not an accurate comparison to use the hellcat v8 more powerful then the new c8 corvette because the hellcat is supercharged and the c8 is naturally aspirated. If you take away the supercharger the numbers will be way closer. Plus the corvette will handle 100 times better. Wait till the z06 then you can compare.

  4. Just me or a car in this price range with so much tech/engineering without auto emergency braking seems dumb! Yes I know I will get flamed but my 35K GTI has it for many years already and it's an option on the Mustang. I'm sure it's coming but as a 2020 should have arrived on day one with it.

  5. That cat pillow is so distracting 😬. But I was really trying to figure out what Corvette was doing so early because charger wide bodies don't come out until 2020 and they could go ahead and drop them now it's not like they made a whole new car too. But it doesn't matter when you rich and got money to blo

  6. Maybe I'm just lucky, but my 2013 Fiat 500 is still running strong with 219,000+ miles and going. Granted, I take proper care of my cars. Oil changed every 3000 miles and I always use the right kind of oil with the proper additives. Oil must meet Chrysler Material Standard MS-6395. Timing belt changed every 75,000 miles. Other than normal stuff, brakes etc…, it has been a gas-n-go reliable car. Three things people do to their Fiats that ruin them are these: 1) They use the wrong oil for their engine and don't change it often enough. 2) They don't change the timing belt. 3) They don't use premium gasoline.

  7. vette is now an "american-european" car. let`s see what happens on sales. i liked,different,but the original soul died.

  8. This dude be talking out the side of his neck sometime.
    Nobody :

    Scotty: the Corvette will eventually need a brake job and an oil change so you shouldn’t buy it. And it’ll lose value just like the rest of the new cars

  9. Scotty I can’t believe that they won’t even offer a manual transmission who have proven that they are the better transmission

  10. Need to loop the video @ ~ 1:11 to 1:15 for 5 or 6 times & just send that to EVERYONE who's even CONSIDERING buying a new car! X-D

  11. Scotty you bad a rap on Fiat. Love my 2016 Fiat 100k on it …no problems!!
    The 2020 Corvette will be a a winner for sure!!🥰😃🥰🚘

  12. V8 in an F150 or the 4 cyl Ranger? I took it a step further. I put a '66 289 V8 in a 1997 Ranger long bed. Result; Ford should have done it from the factory. Best of both worlds.

  13. A mid engine chevy, that competes with Ferraris, for only 60k? Yeah, let's stay away from that one. I mean if mid engine tech had been around for decades, I'd consider it. Oh… wait….

  14. Besides the reliability of the new corvette's I'm really curious what sort of access there is to service these cars with the mid-engine design? I'm much looking forward to when one of Scotties customers brings him one for him to fix something. I have a strong feeling his arms will flapping fast & furious when that happens ;-)..

  15. Scotty..i like u :)..but on the Corvette,even if it s crap it's 60k and probably has 3 4 years waranty..whatever breaks will be fixed in this time for free…i don't think it's so dangerous 2 buy it..if it was like 100k and broke in 5 years i would be worried but 60 k ,i think ppl will take the risk and buy it

  16. Scotty it’s not so much that the corvette is trying to be a muscle car the corvette has always tried to be track worthy with this this is a big step in track direcrion

  17. Sorry Scotty, if I was rich, I would definitely buy one of those cool mid-engine Corvettes.
    Definitely. 😁

  18. I want you to say the same thing on the ridiculous Toyota store that hasn't been around for years. The C8 corvette for the price is worth purchasing comparing with the expensive sports car. Toyota is junk and terrible when listening to music or using a Bluetooth because you can't hear well because of the road noise. Toyota is really a garbage vehicle with so much hype.

  19. I think Scotty and Dave Ramsey have some kind of kick back from the used car association. Never buy a new car.just a used Honda or Toyota …what are you stupid? Lol….

  20. Not all of us want used cars bro!! For the people with good credit and the money for a warranty, GO GET THAT CAR!!🗣🗣😂😂

  21. I love how scotty uses the word "zippy." Same word he used to describe a miata, this car is faster than a hellcat. Its beyond zippy

  22. My partner is about to buy this corvette….I have a hard time just getting 10 bucks to go to the supermarket for him😡

  23. I'm the type of person to buy new then used, I'd rather drive something that I've had fresh off the lot then have it driving from someone else cause i dont know how the owner before me drove the thing…

  24. When he suggested a tacoma and f150 i unsuscribed, cant take this guy serious anymore, I worked for ford and wont buy an f150, too many problems, Chevy is way more reliable with cheaper replacement parts.

  25. You do know people buy a new car cuz it's new hell even cars that been around for a few years still have problems so your never buy a first year model is pretty much crap since it's all under warranty for them to fix for free anyway

  26. Never buy the first year car? The McLaren F1 bought new 1 million, just sold for 19 million…first year cars are always more valuable.

  27. 0:11 hahaha – America is a melting pot Scotty. Arkus-Duntov died in Detroit i.e. he came here lived the rest of his life here. That's what America used to be about Scotty. Now America is used to make a quick buck. Like Toyota does. Yeah, they assemble here but only because the japanese make about 50% of their world profit from American consumers. That's called a Trojan horse. They give us this "gift" of jobs just so they will be more advantaged in the end with huge profits. Abnormal profits. No other place can they make 50% of their world profits in one country. How many women execs does your beloved toyota have? How many Americans on the board of directors now even as they make most of their profits here?

    The Corvette is designed, engineered and assembled by Americans Scotty. I know you dislike that as you have stated in other videos that you prefer japan. You must be a world class mechanic Scotty. From day one no less. Never did anyone wrong. You sure love to pick on GM. Like Nader, DeLorean (book), Moore and 5000 others. Such a bully. The designers, engineers and assemblers alive now-a-days have nothing to do with any old GM you like to keep bringing up. How come their new C8 has nothing to do with the original Corvette to you yet GM is always GM from old? You need to be consistent.

    1:06 just get a 7year 100k mile warranty.

  28. Scotty: just wait to buy a used Corvette. A used one will be a lot cheaper.
    Also Scotty: Never buy a used sports car. The previous owner could have driven the crap out of it.

  29. There are going to be problems and we are going to see videos of people bitching about them.then we are going to see the stupid videos 5 things I hate about my new Corvette! You are buying a new model car no bitching is aloud!

  30. Common sense. First year models are the Beta test. If you have the money though then go for it. Poor people shouldn't buy new sports car anyway.

  31. 2020 Corvette is awesome and for the price you can do all kinds of upgrades, people need to buy them so they'll keep making them. They look great and for the price there's no reason not to buy

  32. I have a 2010 corolla with 170k. The paint isn't holding up but it's been great. So far no one has tried to steel it!

  33. I cancelled my C8 deposit and got a Lexus lc500 instead. I know the Corvette is much faster, but I can always get a used z06 when Chevy has time to work out the initial kinks. Thanks Scotty !

  34. I think scotty is right, gm won't let people drive the car. only people allowed to drive them are the engineers even though they are selling it right now, No one even is allowed to review the car and they are selling it. Sounds like there are serious kinks they are working on, not to say they won't fix it but there's got to be quirks of some type they are working on.

    When Ford brought back the gt they mitigated this by pretty much using all existing parts and processes which kept the car insanely cheap and reliable for a first year car. Still im sure even with that car first year had to be reworked

  35. My neighbor bought one of the first run 2013 Stingrays then traded it when the Z06 hit showrooms. He's happy he bought both. Scotty's not gonna like that.

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