Why it’s IMPORTANT to use the Correct Air in Your Tires (Summer & Winter Air)!

Why it’s IMPORTANT to use the Correct Air in Your Tires (Summer & Winter Air)!

Hey guys, ChrisFix here and today I am going
to show you how to remove the winter air from
your car or truck tires, and add in summer
I am also going to show you the importance
on why you need to do this.
Now most people understand the importance
on properly inflating your tires
This is something that you learn, when you first learn how to drive.
But what a lot of people dont pay attention to
is the actual air that you are putting into your tires
which is just as important
For example, we know that over-inflating your tire is bad
It could cause a blowout,
it could cause the middle of the tire to wear,
and we also know that under-inflating the tire is isnt good as well
It will cause the side-wall to be spongy, the handling wont be good

100 Replies to “Why it’s IMPORTANT to use the Correct Air in Your Tires (Summer & Winter Air)!”

  1. What's your feel on tire dry rot? I have 9 year old original michelin tires on a 2010 I just bought from mt dad and the side walls have a lot of minute dry rot cracks. Don't really want to buy new tires but don't want these to get a flat or worse blow out.

  2. It took me: two times getting completely fooled all the way through two April fools videos before by Chris, and until 2:11 I was sold lol.
    Love you Chris fix and EE

  3. 5:32 does it really say Chris Fix on the summer and winter air? Because he always says he links down all products in the description.

  4. Thanks Chris! I really need to get the summer air in my tires. I suppose while I'm at it I should also replace my blinker fluid and muffler bearings. And I need to check out my clutch belt as well.

  5. I'm not a mechanic at all. I work on my motorcycle a little bit, chain adjustment, oil change, tire pressure, etc… And… I was like!!! Winter air?????? Cold air, become, … … Hot by itself no matter what. Then I minimized the video and saw the date…. Thanks for the laugh Chris…:)

  6. Toooooo Funny!!!! This "FACT" is one they failed to "learn me" when I went to Arizona Automotive Institute in 1974-75. Maybe they had not discovered that it actually matters WAY BACK THEN.

  7. before vid: This is clearly an april fools thing, air can't be diffrent. Oh yea and the cans say chrisFix.
    Nice troll tho keep them up. We'll get all of the non-car guys. XD

  8. I'm into cars and was really confused when I first saw this. Never heard about it….

    Then I checked the upload date…

  9. LMAO my steering/suspension instructor told us he just had someone ask for him to switch the air in his tires from winter to summer and he did it for $20

  10. If there were no comments, I would have believed this. I was so confused about what the heck a winter air is. It just goes to show how stupid anyone can be if an expert presents any information on his field.

  11. Becareful with the spare cans of winter air. You need to set them at the exact centre of the trunk due to their heft. Otherwise you might lose control of your vehicle when cornering.

  12. Reading the Title
    -"Hmm, he must be kidding right?"
    Uploaded 4 months ago(Its August now)
    -"That must be a joke for 1st of April"
    Opens video – Uploaded on 01.04.2019
    -"Hehe, knew it! Good one, bro."

  13. 7:50 Hah! Much simpler then. Then I should only rely on Nitrogen, right?
    8:56 hah! Should've known that lol. Otherwise, ew!

  14. Wow I'm so glad I ended up finding out this was a joke because for a while there I was like I was like the sounds like nonsense. Race car drivers filling tires with summer air. Weighed the tires with different tires on them. Saying this seems like a money grab to me. I literally paused video on fire stick to do my own "research" . I looked on the internet to see who else was selling winter and summer air and nobody was doing it so then I came to the comments and here I am. Great job, too funny.

  15. we have no winter in Philippines every day weeks month year is summer so we dont wee to change the air to winter air always summer air

  16. I showed this video to my mom, whom actually believed she needed to get this done; just yesterday, she literally went to the dealership and asked if they could swap the air with winter air, since winter is somewhat soon…I got in trouble, but it was worth it.

  17. I knew it was bullcrap from the start, everybody knows this is a load of crap. Now, BLINKER FLUID. That's what people really need to use. Oh, and make sure to tighten those muffler belts. Gotta commend you though, you came across as very convincing even though I knew this was a joke, lol.

  18. Holy crap I wondered what the hell was going on until I noticed it was posted on April 1st and all the other crazy links!

  19. No wonder more blowouts happen in the summer. It's the winter air. Should tell my boss to get us winter and summer air for the shop. I'd hate to know how many tires prematurely blew because of our negligence…

  20. Today's date is Sept. 10th, 2019.
    About 5:39 in, I thought to myself "Huh, I've never seen cans of summer or winter air before on those shelves."
    Then it dawned on me.
    I checked the posted date.
    I'm ashamed to even call myself a minor enthusiast, gonna go trade in my Altima for a Yaris now.

  21. Working for o'reillys I still get young kids asking for blinker fluid. I tell them to take the doorway in the corner of the store in isle one. (No doorway and it's the outside corner)

  22. maybe put a jack stand under your car so its not sitting on the rim (if your going to empty your tire???) not that it really matters tho lol. I'm supersized by the number of people that don't understand how compressors work or maybe i should say how air works?? i love the volume difference between can and the tire, at least you had some facts like tire wear with over or under inflated tires. lol gg there bud

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