Why do auto repair shop owners succeed? Secrets Revealed

Why do auto repair shop owners succeed? Secrets Revealed

you want to know how to double your car
count and do it all without wasting any
your hard-earned dollars on that money
sucking advertising well buckle up
because we’re starting right now I’m
going to show you everything you need
hey I’m Matthew do you know that
according to US Census Bureau of Labor
Statistics twelve thousand three hundred
and thirty six independent auto repair
shops are expected to fail this year
look these shop owners that failed
weren’t bad people it’s not that they
didn’t know what they were doing it’s
not that they weren’t hard-working and
eager to start their own business when
asked the number one reason those auto
repair shops failed was they couldn’t
get enough car count look today’s market
is really cluttered we see over thirty
three hundred messages a day and it’s
not just from new car dealers big box
repair shops national chains or even the
mobile repair guys if you’re an
independent auto repair shop you can’t
afford to waste your hard-earned dollars
on things that don’t work look I hear
this virtually every day from shop
owners where do I start
is it Facebook ads it’s an Adsense do I
really need a website What do I put
on my website the questions go on and on
what about advertising specialties what
about doing things like pizza box ads
the list is never-ending look I
understand how confusing it is but it’s
not your fault it’s for that reason I
put together this brand new training
course never revealed this information
before how to double your car count 89
days without wasting any of your
hard-earned dollars I’m money sucking
advertising that just doesn’t work who’s
this training for? If you’re a brand new
repair shop just getting started maybe
you’re an established shop and you’ve
been in business for a couple of years
or maybe you’re that seasoned pro and
your marketing is sort of stalled and
car count stalled and you just need to
get back on track if you don’t know me
my name is Matthew Lee the car count
fixer I’m the author of the official
guide to auto service marketing I’m the
creator of the auto repair shop owners
unfair advantage and I’m your host here
on YouTube at car town hackers for the
last 20 years have been helping
independent auto repair shops just like
you grow their car count income and
profit and today I work only with
private clients who are part of my
underground group of car count hackers
and everything that I do with my private
clients I’m revealing on this free
training course and I said it was free
and I mean that there’s no credit card
required so what’s this free training
all about look it’s a six-part video
series you get one video sent to you
every day for 6 days. And what are you
going to learn? When you get through this
training course you’re going to know
exactly where to start. You’re going to
know how to market your repair shop
regardless of what market you’re in. I
don’t care whether you have to compete
with new car dealers big box stores
national chains or even the mobile
repair guys you’re gonna know exactly
where to get going and market your shop
I’m going to reveal the secrets of
building trust with your customers
quickly and that leads to higher ARO’s
I’m going to show you simple strategies
you can use immediately to start
building relationships with your
customers and that will actually get
them to refer you to friends associates
and coworkers then there’s that almost
sneaky tactic that gets your customers
to leave you 100 percent positive
reviews all the time the best part of
this training is you get it all from the
comfort of your own home or office
there’s no having to travel hundreds or
thousands of miles away to some wild
boot camp where you get locked in a
seminar room that you can’t leave until
you go through a high-pressure sales
process while your shop is losing
business not to mention money so how
much would this training mean to you
remember I told you it’s free what if it
only developed five thousand dollars a
year in additional profit what if you
followed everything to the tee and got
ten thousand fifteen or twenty thousand
dollars a year I’m talking an additional
bottom line profit
what would that mean to you would that
be a family vacation that you’ve been
delaying for years and years would that
mean buying a new vehicle would that be
adding to the equipment in your shop
what is it that that extra money would
do for you what if it was only that
family vacation that your kids have been
bugging you about for the last couple of
years would that be worth six days of
your time look best of all imagine never
having to worry about the new competitor
down the street whether it’s a new car
dealer big box repair store or national
chain so what should you do right now go
ahead and look in the description below
this video and use the link to
pre-register I’m telling you now that
all the videos have not been recorded
and edited and posted and all that stuff
so we’re going through the final steps
of that so you’re gonna pre-register and
you’re gonna be the first to know but
the other thing you want to do is go
ahead and make sure you’re subscribed to
car count hackers because that way you’ll
be the first to know every time I upload
new information about how to grow your
car count income and profits and you’ll
know exactly when this course launches
I’m Matthew Lee the car count hacker and
I can’t wait to see you on the first
training but register now because it’s
not going to be free forever go ahead
and get started I’ll see you on the
other side

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  1. Tell me what you're most excited to learn about in this training. Don't forget to REGISTER NOW! http://bit.ly/DoubleYourCarCount – While you're here, if you haven't already subscribed – you can do that from this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGtYHHMgrjipiq91IoNPIZw?sub_confirmation=1

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