Whirlpool Top-Load Drive Motor Coupler Replacement #285753A

Whirlpool Top-Load Drive Motor Coupler Replacement #285753A

repair clinic encourages you to perform
this procedure safely in this video we will show one or more
of these icons to alert you when to use caution as with any repair be sure you’ve unplugged the appliance
before beginning your first step is to move the control
panel out of the way to do this remove the screws found
either end on some models these screws may be
located in the rear panel or they may be covered by plastic end
caps pull the end cap off from the top to
access the screw remove both screws and rotate the panel up some models use clips instead of screws
to secure the control panel insert a putty knife between the control
panel and the cabinet to release the clips unplug the wire connector and snap out the spring clips using a
flat head screw driver tilt the cabinet toward you
slide forward and remove you’ll need to remove the pump first to
access the motor unset the retainer clips and wiggle the pump off of the motor
shaft move it to the side detach the motor wiring harness next removed the two screws from the
motor retainer clips and snap off the bottom clip since the motor is heavy support it with your hand as you snap
off the top clip now pull the motor out remove the three parts of the old drive
coupler the aware you may need to use force to
successfully removed them you’re now ready to install the new drive
coupler carefully push one cog of the new
coupler onto the gear case driveshaft as far as it will go
and slide the new isolator onto it carefully push the other card onto the
motor shaft until it is flush against it line up the prongs on the cog with the
holes in the isolator and slide the motor into position reinstall the retainer clips and screws reconnect the motor wire harness align the motor shaft with the pump and
slide the pump on reinstall both pump clips now reinstall the cabinet the front page of the cabinet slides
underneath the base frame use your foot to push it into position align the two
notches in each side of the cabinet with the tabs on each side of the base frame now ease the cabinet to match up with
the rear panel reinstall the spring clips reattach the wire connector rotate the control panel down and lock
the clips into place or reinstall the two screws if
applicable to your model replace the end caps by aligning the tab with the slot
at the bottom and snapping the cap into position you are now ready to plug the appliance
back in to make sure it’s functioning properly

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  1. Yay! This helped LOADS. Now I just need to replace a clutch, but i think I can do this as long as I can loosen the bolts 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this video. I knew what the problem was but not how to replace it…One problem though..after I've replaced the coupling and got the washer working…after about 3-4 minutes the motor begins squeaking and hissing. Any Idea what causes it??

  3. Thanks to your video, my husband and I repaired the washing machine ourselves and it only cost less than $20 for the coupler to be shipped to us. It did take about 1 1/2 hours for us to do just because we are novices, but we did it ourselves, none the less. Your instructions were clear and concise and extremely helpful.

  4. Thank you so much!!! For $25 only, my nephew and I replaced the Motor Coupler on my Mother's Kenmore washing machine and it is working well! It took us about an hour. We are SO GRATEFUL for this video!!! Thank you again!

  5. Thank you so much, managed to get part for 20$ and after an hour my 11 years old whirlpool washer was functioning again!

  6. This video was perfect! I watched another video to diagnose what was wrong with my washer and then I followed these steps, and like I said it worked perfect. Thank you for helping me save over a hundred dollars I would have shelled out to a repair man.

  7. I have a Kenmore washing machine 80 seriee Model 110.288 82791 and agitator appears not to work although there is some sound as if the motor is working. Aso, during the spin cycle water is not draining and I'm sure it's not the lid switch because if I push down on the switch sensor it has no effect anfd I still hear the motor working. So, I'm not sure if the problem is with the coupler or the clutch assembly. Any suggestions? Thanks

  8. Thanks for the comment. That could actually be a few different things. I would suggest you go to our website's repair help section and speak to one of our Repair Gurus to get an accurate assessment.

  9. One comment on the video is that it doesn't really highlight the importance of getting the couplers *completely* flush. If you whack on it with the rounded butt of a screwdriver as demonstrated here, you're likely to wind up with the smell of burning rubber when you run the machine. The couplers need to be *completely* flush.

  10. Good video. The coupler design is a travesty, it fails every 5 years if not quicker. Why did they not use metal instead of plastic?

  11. The washer will fill, but won't agitate or spin. Hope this helps! If you have other questions do not hesitate to ask. Also, if your problem doesn't seem to be the coupler you can get model specific repair advice on our website. The second hyperlink in the description will take you directly to this part of our website.

  12. Thanks for the comment! There is most likely either something stuck in between the two tubs, or the main spin bearing may be locked up. You can use our online repair help (link in the description) using your model number, and that will give you model specific repair help.

  13. I replaced this part all by myself today! It was a bit of a doozie getting the motor connected back with the clips – always a little tougher going back together than coming apart. I followed each step and found the directions to be very easy to follow and the steps well displayed! Thanks for saving me a service call! The part was only $20 at Sears Parts & Service Center AND the replacements now have a metal ring! YAY! Maybe that will be the last one I have to replace for a while!

  14. Thanks SO much for this. A very bulky, off balance load that went unnoticed broke ours, and with the help of this video, we figured it out very quickly. Thanks!

  15. This is awesome, just did it for the second time. Important that people get the high quality coupler from the video. If you pay $10 it may break in three weeks like mine did. I paid $30 for the sears oem

  16. We're glad that we could help with your repair! Just so you know, we sell the OEM part on our website for $10.55. I hope you never have to replace the coupler again though!

  17. Perfect video.. I had a problem where the motor was making no noise at all and not responding in any way.. I saw how to pull off the cabinet and then I paused the video to do so… only to find a connector within the motor itself was disconnected.. re connected it , re assembled and tested only to find that it works perfect… I knew I could trust YouTube and RC .. Never stop making videos… Ever

  18. I just got the repair kit from your site because of this video. I'm going to make my 12 year old help me fix it, hopefully we can avoid having to buy a brand new washer just by making this repair!

  19. Another success story here. Went with the plastic coupler due to many comments that the metal bushing that connected with the shaft was rounding the motor shaft. Replacing the coupler will always be much easier than replacing that. Thanks again. I am NOT what anyone would call a handyman. Your video did the trick. Amazing clarity. Thank you MUCH!

  20. Hello Your videos are great! I just need to know how do I know what is wrong with my whirpool ultimate care two? I have seen all your videos but none quite touches what is wrong with mine. I turn the washer on it fills with water then nothing no motor sound, no agitating, no spin, and not draining! Please help. thank you.

  21. It could be a few things. The most likely cause is the lid switch. If you go to the repair help section of our website (link in the description) and enter your model number there you'll have access to part, model and symptom specific repair help and it will show you the most likely causes.

  22. geat simple easy to follow DIY viedo, replaced my motor coupling in a snap, I actually had a harder time replacing cabinet than I did with any other part, your video was spot on!

  23. Thank you so much for this video, and thanks for making it only 4 minutes long. Just the meat & potatoes of the repair in a very easy to follow format. Thanks again!

  24. If there are wet clothes in the washer right now, will I need to remove the wet clothes and drain the washer (by possibly running the washer while it makes the horrible noise) so that water does not go everywhere, or can I replace the part without taking the water and clothes out? Thanks!

  25. THANK YOU. $3.39 part @ Amazon + THIS VIDEO = HAPPINESS !!

    However, in the future, I'll be giving YOU my money (even if it is a bit more expensive). Thanks for the excellent video !!

  26. the new part will have a metal center in the couplings. Accordingly, when installing the 2 couplers on the motor and the washer drive, MAKE CERTAIN that the couplers are flush with the drives. If not, replacing the tensions brackets on the drive will be nearly impossible. 1/8" on both couplers will make a difference. Also, if your machine is a Whirlpool, wear gloves since there is a protector plate on the bottom of the tub which will slice your hand when replacing the top tension bracket.

  27. If you've looked at the coupler ,motor, lid switch and nothing is working. Check your capacitor. It's located either on the motor or on the back panel about half way up from the floor. Generally your motor won't have enough uuummmpppfff to turn the drum with the clothes and water in it. Look up testing a capacitor if you want to check it first. If they're not discharged they will bite you so be careful. It's simply a matter of popping the wires off the old one and onto the new one.

  28. Thank you so much for this video, performed the work step by step and my washer is now working again!!! Very well detailed and easy to understand….

  29. my washer kenmore 90 series will spin but cloths will still be wet; what is the first step I must take and so forward. Hope to hear from you.

  30. So I have a slight noise when I put the washer on the spin cycle (full tub).  It will no longer spin at all.  I pulled it apart per this video, but the existing coupler looks fine.  Is that normal?  Shouldnt it be broken or stripped or something? 

  31. Well, I'm no mechanical genius but damned if I was paying for a new washer if I didn't have to! After first replacing the agitator parts (thanks YouTube) and that didn't work, this was my next step (if this didn't work I was done with it). Lo & behold….it spins!!! I can't say how many times I ran back from the laundry room to the kitchen to review the next step but I did it. Thanks YouTube & RepairClinic!

  32. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Just did this using your video…$15 fix instead of a $500+  bill for new washer..so easy for a girl on a budget.

  33. Great DIY video, only 1 suggestion Before you start this repair move the washer to a large open area so you have room to get around. I had to put my machine all back together and move it to another room. It made the repair so much easier.

  34. excellent video however as a just in case it should be advised to make sure the level selector tube is connected to the tub and control. Just something I have accidentally jerked loose and found out later with a flooded garage.

  35. First attempt at trying to make a repair like this.  After searching what the problem might be online (no agitation or spin) a unanimous consensus was the coupler.  I ordered it watched your video 3 times before attempting it.  It was certainly easy to disassemble, but I struggled just a little getting that motor back in (my doing).  Once in, everything buttoned up, working perfectly.  I have a load of laundry washing now.  Thank you for such detailed information and a great video.  By the way, I'm a female senior citizen….so anybody can do it with proper instructions and a want to.

  36. Um, nobody ever told me the case comes off.  I did this repair to this machine once before without removing the case.  It was SO MUCH EASIER AFTER WATCHING YOUR VIDEO!!!  Thank you, thank you , thank you !!!!!  

  37. I have a Kenmore 700 series the motor got wet from the bottom .now when I connect it in the power turns off I think is electrical
    problem short

  38. You guys are great! Whay a service yo us women eho dont have the "proverbial " handyman around. You make it easy for me to "do it myself" I go to YOUR SITE for all my repairs. Thank you. Connie in Fl.

  39. Thank you so much for this video! We used it to replace the broken coupler. Then the first time we ran thru a cycle, the agitator and drum were spinning again, there were no unusual noises, but there was a very strong burning rubber smell coming from the machine. Is that normal, or did we maybe do something wrong?

  40. I am having a hard time getting the bottom clip of the motor to go back on. Does that mean it s not aligned right? Or is there a trick to it? 

  41. Because the coupling looked like a star, I went to my appliance parts store and asked for a star drive. The guy behind the counter started ranting that I was mocking him and asked if I wanted a rocket engine. I found out later that he used to work for NASA in their parts crib.

  42. When the wife came in the room and said we needed a new washing machine, I did some research. I didn't like the new washers out today and felt the old Whirlpool did it's job well. I turned on the machine and it sounded like a jet grinding gears. From this video, I knew exactly how to diagnose the problem, order the correct part for my model, and easily install not only the motor coupler, but the agitator dogs, too. For some odd reason, there were no dogs in the old agitator. Tip: it's easier to tip the machine against a wall when you handle the motor. There's less weight on your hands and it slides in very easily when it's properly aligned with the holes. The machine works and looks brand new ( I painted the casing with Rustoleum Appliance Paint). I have ordered many times from Repair Clinic.com I also repaired my old Ryobi trimmer. They have the parts that are sometimes hard to find and their videos are so clear and precise. NO, I don't work for them but I'm very satisfied with their service. They saved us $400.00 for a new washer. 🙂

  43. Hello i have some questions. when replacing the motor coupler after putting the clips of the motor on the motor shaft is not moving. why is this happening?

  44. When you find a video that not only helps you perfectly diagnose your issue, but also provides the necessary part to remedy your problem, there is no better feeling. For less than $20, I was able to order the part (direct-drive coupler), fix my washer, and finally have piece of mind knowing that I wouldn't have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new one. Ahhh…. the sweet smell of accomplishment! Thank you RepairClinic.com!

  45. Appreciate the work you did on this video. Helped me fix our washing machine. Lets see what breaks down next so I can try to fix it. Hopefully you will have a video on how to do it.

  46. Thank you for the excellent video. I was dubious that I would find the solution to taking apart our 19 year old washer but his was the exact video we needed. I was also able to order the kit from your link. Thanks, again.

  47. Is it normal to have a hard time hammering these parts into place? They are fitting very very tight on the motor. The old plastic parts fit much easier.

  48. After reassembling the part, I had a burning rubber smell. Is that normal for the first time or is there another problem?

  49. This video helped me perfectly! I had a broken coupler. This video gave me the confidence and instructions needed to diagnose and repair my washer, saving me a TON of money. Thank you, RepairClinic!
    However, I tried to find my part on your website, and it doesn't recognize my washing machine.

  50. Yep pretty sure this is the problem, Nice vid!! Pretty much a 5 minuet job in real time. I really like the part about being able to order from Repair Clinic.com as well. Thanx guys

  51. Are direct drive motors interchangeable? Can I use the motor from a Kenmore 80 series washer in a Kenmore 500 series washer?

  52. This video helped so much. I followed the video and was able to replace the Motor Coupler in less than an hour. I have no previous mechanic or plumbing knowledge

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