When Dodge Bought Ford | WheelHouse

When Dodge Bought Ford | WheelHouse

Ferrari vs. Lamborghini, Mitsubishi vs Subaru,
BMW vs. Mercedes… the list goes on.
“Wait, wait.
How ‘bout we settle this on the blacktop
There’s about as many automotive rivalries
as there are cars… and they all had to start
In fact, the first rivalry in American automotive
history- a rivalry that’s still alive today-
dates back to detroit as early as 1900.
Today on Wheelhouse we’re talking about
the strange origins of Dodge vs Ford.
John and Horace Dodge were born in Niles,
Michigan about 200 miles west of Detroit,
a city they would help turn into an automotive
Much like my own dad, their father was teaching
them to be machinists.
Horace invented a dirt proof ball bearing
and shared the patent credit with his brother.
The red-headed Dodge bros were super tight,
and a had a twin-like bond despite the 4 year
age difference.
They started their own shop building bikes
and automotive components, until they got
so much business building car parts that they
ditched the bikes and just focused completely
on cars.
A guy named Ransom Olds employed the Dodge
brothers to build engines and transmissions
for his new automobile company: Oldsmobile.
Ransom needed some good machinists to get
that done, and the Dodge brothers were really,
really good machinists.
The partnership between Olds and the Dodge
brothers made them pretty wealthy, but the
Dodge brothers were just getting started.
They wanted to grow their newfound money by
investing in more companies.
Meanwhile, a 33 year old Henry Ford was also
pursuing his passion of engineering and fabrication.
Like the Dodge brothers, Ford was born in
Michigan and worked as a machinist.
And like the Dodge brothers, Ford quit his
day job at the Edison Illuminating Company.
In 1896 Ford completed work of his first vehicle,
the Quadricycle.
Ford opened his first business, the Detroit
Automobile Company in 1899, it was the first
automaker with headquarters in Detroit.
Unfortunately, it only lasted two years.
Today, we think of Henry Ford as a marketing
genius who brought cars to the masses…
But the Ford of 1899?
Not so much.
Back then Henry was an engineer, a brilliant
one, the kind of engineer who forgot to tell
people to buy his cars.
The Detroit Automobile Company went belly
up in a matter of months.
But Henry didn’t give up.
Two years later in 1901, He built a racecar
to prove his worth as a car designer.The two
cylinder racer he built set a speed record
at a horse track, a feat for which Henry was
awarded $1000 cash, fame and for some reason-
a punch bowl.
With his renewed street cred, Henry Ford founded
the Henry Ford Company, with big investors
backing him up.
The investors wanted Henry to design a lightweight
passenger car they could sell for cheap.
But Henry had caught the speed bug and got
to work on a four cylinder race car to break
his old record.
The investors were like “no, that won’t
make us any money you weirdo,” so Henry
Ford left the Henry Ford Company in 1902.
With Henry gone, the investors restructured
and renamed the company to honor the founder
of Detroit: Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac.
So by 1903, Ford starts another company.
Despite the fact that he builds great race
cars, nobody wants to give him any money,
because they think he might just blow it on
race cars again.
He’s going around town, looking for cash,
but Detroit back then was a small place…
people talked, and the word was that if you
invest in Henry Ford, you’re going to lose
But there were two young rich guys who didn’t
care what people said… and those guys were
the Dodge brothers.
They’ve got that Oldsmobile money burning
a hole in their pocket and they want to expand…
The Dodge boys knew that Ford had his back
against the wall- he was in debt, he lost
all his money leaving what was now called
Cadillac, and couldn’t get anybody else
to give him money for his new car company.
So the Dodge Brothers worked out a deal to
give Ford $10,000 worth of cash and materials
for his new Ford Motor Company.
And in return, the Dodge brothers demanded
a ten percent share of the company, AND the
rights to all of Ford’s assets in case of
another bankruptcy.
Effectively, the Dodge Brothers owned Ford,
both the company and the man.
Work began on Henry’s new cars.
Dodge supplied the chassis complete with engine
and transmission, and the rest of the car
would be finished at Ford’s plant.
As the Ford Motor Company grew, Henry slowly
became increasingly more eccentric.
He began to think of his own body as an automobile.
He Reasoned that if his cars were designed
to run off the best fuel, the same should
true for himself.
He adopted a nearly vegetarian diet, eating
veggies from his garden and “roadside greens”-
roadside greens are weeds.
People thought this was kind of weird, I mean
can you imagine, seeing your boss pull weeds
out from behind your building, and throw them
into his salad?
I’ve seen Pumphrey do some weird stuff but
nothing like that.
In fact…
I’ve never seen pumphrey eat ANY vegetable.
Except pickles of course, but are pickles
Anyway, the Dodge brothers didn’t seem to
mind Ford’s weird eating habits because
he was making them buttloads of money.
Plus, they were too focused on climbing Detroit’s
exclusive social ladder to care.
But polite detroit society didn’t want them.
John and Horace were known for hanging out
with their employees after hours, hitting
the bars and getting crunk next to the same
people who built their engines.
This made them unsuitable for Detroit high
“Oh those Dodge brothers, do display most
contemptible of behavior.”
“Oh I agree, I agree wholeheartedly.Shall
we hit the brothel down the street then?”
So what do you do if you want to be high society,
but they won’t even let you go to the symphony?
You buy the symphony.
John and Horace Dodge assumed the financial
liability of the Detroit symphony, effectively
buying their way into the Detroit elite.
Oh, you won’t let us into your club?
How ‘bout we just buy your club?
How you like them apples?
How ‘bout you lick my apples dude!
That’s how we do it.
Both Ford and the Dodge brothers were aspiring
industrial titans, with their own strange
eccentricities: Ford with his dandelion eating
ways, and the Dodge’s chips on their shoulders.
Naturally, a partnership between the two would
not last.
For years, the Dodge brothers had been giving
Ford suggestions on how to improve the Model
T; but Henry’s pride and stubborn nature
got in the way of listening.
He just thought they were trying to screw
him for more money.
It started to become clear that Ford was a
little paranoid.
They also soon realized that Ford was prejudiced…
against redheads.
Yeah… the Ginger-haired Dodge Brothers were
10% partners with a man who thought they were
evil because of their hair color.
Tired of being ignored by Henry, Dodge completed
construction on a massive new facility in
Their plant featured a floor to floor assembly
line, medical wing, and a machine shop called
“the Playpen” for workers to invent stuff
in their spare time.
The Dodge Brothers even served beer on the
assembly floor when it was hot.
Honestly, doesn’t sound like a bad place
to work.
By contrast, Ford had a “Sociology Department”
within his company that was almost like a
secret police.
They’d show up to your house to make sure
it was clean, they’d ask you about your
marriage, and made sure you weren’t drinking.
Safe to say there wasn’t any beer being
served at the Ford Motor Company.
Ford was suspicious.
Why were those Dodge brothers building a factory
to rival his own?
“Henry they’re not even Irish they just
have red hair.”
“I don’t care, I could smell them for
Initially, the plant was cranking out Model
T components, as the Dodge Brothers had been
doing all along.
But Henry suspected the Dodge Bros were planning
to do something against him, so he preempted
their preemptive strike with a new factory
for himself.
The River Rouge plant allowed Ford to rely
solely on his own employees, and would be
cheaper than outsourcing his work to Dodge.
Ford might have been a weirdo, but his suspicions
were correct.
The Dodge Brothers were finished with being
ignored and decided they were gonna make their
own damn automobile.
In 1913 John Dodge resigned from his position
of Vice President at Ford, and announced the
Dodge Brothers would stop building cars and
parts for the Ford Motor Company so they could
make their own.
The Dodge Model 30 made more power than the
Model T, it had an electric starter, and a
steel body.
By almost every measure it was a better car
than the Model T, but about twice as expensive.
True to form, when asked about the price difference,
John Dodge proclaimed, “Just think of all
those Ford owners who will someday want an
That’s talking shit, 1900s style
But remember, the Dodge brothers still owned
10% of the Ford Motor Company… while they’re
building, and making money selling Dodges.
They were using the dividends from Ford to
run Dodge.
Henry Ford was directly paying for the operations
of a competing company.
And he really hated that.
What’s a Ford to do?
He just stopped paying them, even though the
Dodge bros were rightfully entitled to their
Ford was like, “I don’t care.
I’m not Paying.”
So John and Horace sued for their missing
money, and Ford lost.
He ended up paying them 19 million in back
dividends, AND had to resume paying them quarterly.
“Well that sucks.”
Ford needed the Dodge Brothers to disappear…
from his company.
To coax them into selling their stake in Ford,
Henry leaked a story to the Los Angeles Examiner
that he was going to leave Ford and start
a new company, that would sell an even cheaper
If this was true, Ford undercutting himself
would tank the Ford Motor Company value.
But nobody believed it, because it was stupid,
so the company DIDN’T lose value.
THEN the Dodge brothers got a mysterious phone
call from an anonymous party, offering to
take the stock off their hands for a good
“Hey I don’t know you, but I’d be willing
to take that stock off your hands for a nice
price because I know, and you know, that it’s
going down.
It’s going way down.
That’s what the newspapers say.
Uh my name?
It’s uhh, Fenry..uh Kenry Dord uh Henry
Again, they still didn’t believe it, and
weren’t going to sell for anything less
than what they thought their 10% stake was
It wasn’t long however, before the Dodge
boys got tired of getting weird phone calls
late at night from “Schmenry Schmord,”
or Fenry Hord, so they just auctioned off
the stock themselves for what it was worth,
making 25 million dollars in the process.
And Ford was finally free from Dodge.
The Dodge Brothers had turned an initial investment
worth about 250 thousand dollars today, into
the equivalent of 760 million dollars.
Not bad for a couple of boys from Niles.
If you’re from Niles, that’s cool.
Without the Dodge Brothers, Henry Ford might
never have built the Model T. But without
the Model T, the Dodge brothers might not
have built the first Dodge.
And the craziest part of all is that the rivalry
that started between Ford- a conservative
teetotaller and Dodge- the Maverick outsiders
is still raging over a century later.
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Car kind of person?
Or are you a Ford guy, are you a sensitive
boy, do you drive a Mustang?
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