What’s inside a Tesla Engine?

What’s inside a Tesla Engine?

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  1. That is amazing…. especially the computer triad area. It is a sturdy design surviving those punishing/ jarring roads with pot holes and bumps …. then looking at the the home computer/lap top mother boards and knowing they are very sensitive to breaking when dropped.

    The home computer/lap top companies need to come up the same durability for their motherboards as did Tesla.

  2. So people can manage to call an Engine a MOTOR and people can manage to call a Electric Motor an Engine? Apart from that good video

  3. Nice…But what we have seen is not the motor itself. Just electronic speed controller and gears. But we miss the magnet and stator section… so this video has to go on… make part two please.

  4. Ok but we never got to see the motor … you just went as far into the gear box .. what about the actual electrical motor?? This is how you loose subscribers my friend…

  5. I'm sorry , I am not usually a hater, but this guy sucks. This motor and gearbox assembly was probably a completely useable item until they took it apart. There are all kinds of drawings and pictures available to learn what is inside without destroying an assembly like this. If properly done a mechanic could reassemble it, but not after it was mutilated. Dude stay away from my cars.

  6. When you look inside those gears. Does this really not need any kind of oil change? Is that really supposed to be, "Forever Oil" inside? Thanks for taking it apart. Very informative video guys!

  7. The squishy things are thermal pads and the tape at the end is kapton tape its heat resistant also the squishy clear gel is a moisture and water proof over the circuit boards those boards are most likely the inverters the fluid would be a transmission fluid for the gears and the blue would be coolant probably to cool the inverter and motor.

  8. Have you Guys even saw a motor…? You guys just opened till the reduction gear box the motor is still un exposed…!!!

  9. Where is the motor? Now we've seen the electronics and the gear box, but where is the rotor, the stator, the windings, the magnets and so on?

  10. 2:16, that is coolant to keep the motor and battery cool (Kind of like a gas car needs coolant to prevent it from heating up)

  11. Those rubber type Things on the Mobo is what My Engineering Student Cousin did to his computer in 2000 ,He coated his whole mobo with that to protect it from dust ,humidity & other outside events

  12. Tesla vehicles DO NOT HAVE ENGINES!!! They have MOTORS. An ENGINE creates mechanical energy from heat, while MOTOR creates mechanical energy from other kinds of energy, like electricity. Look it up SHITHEAD!!!

  13. Could that sticky gooey stuff be a conformal coating to protect the circuits from the fluid (lube? Coolant?) that’s flowing through the motor?
    That “weird tape” appears to be kapton tape (thermal tape).

  14. Guy with no gloves:….watch out liquid comin out, it could be toxic….
    Kid with no gloves: wow pretty cool…touches instantly everything with his finger after opening…

    Me thinking of possible chemical reaction/explosion/etching:…..kid touches instantly my head with his finger…

  15. The wager has become one of failure at the scene of vice-grips on the head of a bolt @ 150something into video. As like Bob the Builder doing a Halloween Story.

  16. Yep they’re right but until we see the new generation batteries (2026) they’re not worth buying if your going to drive and distance especially in cold climates.

  17. I didnt learn anything from this apart from the quality in that motor and it's other main parts, beautiful thing destroyed forever, in years to come we will see people searching for these units to put in vintage cars lol

  18. Electric cars are for the millennial generation , the laziest noncommon sense generation. They all feel that the are owed they dont have to work

  19. I get why they do this on this channel but at the same time how can you justify spending that much money just to destroy it😑

  20. it is so disturbing to look ruining things in this brainless way
    why don t you take it apart nicely without destroyng everything??

    horrible video

  21. The sticky things are the – High Voltage HiCurrent – Insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). E.g. 1000V 600A for only one. That‘s a word!

  22. Guys – you did not open the motor yet. You just hammered out the electronics and the gear box. You did not show us the real motor.

  23. 5:35 The sticky glue is to protect the computer from water its water resistant or in case any chemicals come in contact, 9:55 Yes the bearings will fail at at around 150/180K miles and need replacement the liquid in the motor will also dry out and cause engine fail down the road!!!

  24. WHY…¿??
    LOOK like they kind of "angry" wth this tesla,.
    me:not much understand,.new to this sort of video & waddever in it.
    "Things" most tht i "saw"..
    Is "droping thm others.. looking/finding for weakness.,
    the rest…..
    Me…about blurr..

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