What’s Beeping in the Giant Robot?

What’s Beeping in the Giant Robot?

(dramatic faced past electric guitar) – Ha ha, you think you can defeat me that easily Ultramechatron! (groans) Well this isn’t the end of
King Crab, Ultramechatron. I’ve got one more trick up my shell. Prepare to die (cheering) – Looks like the tide has finally turned on King Crab’s wave of terror. ♪ Ultramechatron Team Go! ♪ ♪ It’s a giant automatic
punching robot of war ♪ ♪ But it can only be controlled
by the chosen four. ♪ ♪ So now they’re working
fast and live together ♪ ♪ In the Ultramechatron. ♪ ♪ Ultramechatron Team Go! ♪ (beep) – What was that? – What was what? – Something went beep. – I didn’t hear anything. – You just talked over it. – It’s probably nothing. – What, it’s never nothing
when a machine beeps that means something. (beep) – I don’t know. – You don’t have to know, I’m telling you machines don’t beep for no reason. – I still don’t hear anything. – Yeah, you keep talking over it. – Oh, I’ll check the manual. – Machines make noise,
that’s all I’m sayin’. – Is it more like a high
pitched repeating meep or like a shrill continual weep? – I don’t understand the
difference between those. – Well I guess it’s like is it
a, ah, meep, meep, meep, meep versus weep, weep, weep, weep, weeeeep. – Those sound very similar. I was thinking it was
more like a memememememe versus like a weeeep weeeep weeeep. – No, no, I think it
would be meepmeepmeepmeep. – Yeah, do you hear the
difference between those Sara? – Shut up guys, shut the fuck up, okay? Does anyone have a warning
light on their dash on? – I mean, no more than usual, so… – What is the usual, you
shouldn’t have a warning light on. What does it do? – What, like I’m supposed to
know what all these lights do? – Yes, you should. – I don’t know, there’s one here that’s just like, it
looks like a hot pancake. – What does that mean? – Right, you know it’s like, what am I supposed to get out of that? Ooh, I guess I’ll check the oil. – No, I mean what do you mean
it looks like a hot pancake? (beep) – Wait, do you not know
what a pancake looks like? Guys, I don’t think Sara’s
ever had a pancake before. – I have had a pancake. – You never had a pancake, that is crazy. – I have had a pancake before. Shut the fuck up! I am asking you what do you mean it looks like a hot pancake? Do you mean it’s like a circle? – Yeah, but it’s flat. – All circles are flat. – This one’s like hot, too. – What do you mean? – Like steam? Are there curvy lines coming out of it? – No, okay, no, see that’s
where the confusion is. No it’s hot like it’s sexy hot. – That’s not where, that is
not where the confusion is. – Found it. Wow, that is a hot pancake. – See. – According to the manual this light means that we are in auto mode. – What does that mean? – It doesn’t mean anything. – It has to mean something. – Ummm, I don’t know. (beep) – Fuck, what the fuck is that? Guys, I feel like I’m the only one in Ultramechatron Team that gives a shit about the condition of this robot. – Is your seatbelt on? (beep) (awkward coughing) – Yes. – And it’s still beeping? (impatiently blowing air out of lips) – Well I had my seatbelt on so, you know. – Well if it’s not the
seatbelt than it might mean there’s an incoming projectile. (beep) – Wait, what? (boom)

100 Replies to “What’s Beeping in the Giant Robot?”

  1. This is becoming my new favorite series. Between this and Um, Actually, CH is stepping up their game with the new cast.

  2. Great engineering, using the same sound effect for no seatbelt as the incoming projectile. Guess budget cuts happen everywhere.

  3. Having a "follow the cast" part of the description is why College Humor is different. They're not trying to isolate the talent from the audience, but rather aim to be a good place for them to do work.

  4. Shouldn't an incoming projectile warning beep be like a gradually increasing in frequency and volume beep just so you know something is incoming and how close it is to proximity just so it is more functional and intuitive the way any sane giant robot engineer wort his/her salt would design it? Just sayin'.

  5. "Wait, what" . . . . . . Milk out the nose funny moment . . . . . I enjoy CH but sometimes their humour is . . . . . . . a bit prolonged. Its nice to know they can still do quick and snappy . . . . .

  6. this is why we let the super villains finish their monologues. It would be totally different if King Krab said, "I sent a powerful projectile that can decimate your robot."

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