What is the first step you should do for engine building? (Most important!!!)

What is the first step you should do for engine building? (Most important!!!)

hello boss
hey hello boss
boss ah you
are the boss
you are my boss ma..
me? no no you are the boss of Michael Chung Racing
no no no no you have my BIG BIG BOSKU
Malu apa Bosku
so what you want to do?
so I’m going
to get this 2jz block prepared as a spare
for my 500 horse power 2JZ
drift machine just in case during
drift got any problems so I can
immediately swap it out
so no increase horsepower, no increase
CC everything just reuse back the same
all right oh ok no problem
ok can be done easily done just give me
two weeks I’ll do it for you
thank you thank you sure no problem
See you
One week later
Hi hello boss
Hey boss
Yes boss?
I already
decided to sell all my fishing gear just
to add in the stroker kit 3.5 liters
so you help me to bore bigger
size for the big piston and get it
ready for the big crankshaft and con rods
is it okay?
what I’ve just done my engineering I
already done surfacing, done honing, and ultrasonic wash for you
what you done ready all the cleaning
all the honing? Done already?! Aiya….
is quite expensive you know?!
it’s okay sure
then it’s okay I’m going to second face
one of my homies just for this 2jz okay
so I’ll do the extra pouring for you
honing and cleaning up the whole block
dinner okay sure okay yeah this okay go
ahead and no problem
anything for you boss anything okay okay
days later boss boss I already bought a
lot of new powder diapers and also toys
for my baby also I got no money already
canceled of these ha ha you done the
body already
you tell me how old how I’m just
starting to to be gathered in 2040 hi
yeah there is still no creature this
doctor we’re through with the blood I
throw a rock the block chase another one
therefore have a solid plan before
building avenged it is crucial so if you
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  1. Hope you guys enjoy this video's story with a laugh! But make sure that you have done your first step for engine building which is…

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