What Cars are Like in Japan, JDM Kei Car

What Cars are Like in Japan, JDM Kei Car

it’s time for show off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their
own car and here’s this week’s winner,
truly JDM car only sold in Japan for
Japanese people and for Japanese roads
this is the Daihatsu move custom 2014
it’s a small Kei car which starts around
1.5 million yen that’s $13,000 which is
cheap compared to regular cars, it’s a company
fully owned by Scotty
I mean Toyota
so today I’m going to show you the
interesting quirks and features that we
can find with the move custom
2014 after that I’m going to drive
around see how it feels to drive a kei
car, under the hood you say 658 CC
water-cooled in-line 3 cylinder dual
overhead cam 12 valve intercooled turbo
mated with a CVT that does around 20
kilometers per liter for 50 miles per
gallon and in front it
has a four led low beam headlights, LED
position lights, and tail lights halogen
for high beam and fogs and an
incandescent reverse light and turn
signal for the rear and front blinkers,
this particular model is equipped with
an optional aluminum wheels with a 15565 14-inch
studless tires, it also has
an automatic folding side mirrors which
opens when you start the car and closes
when you lock the door from the outside
now let’s check out the inside of the
Daihatsu Move custom 2014, as you can see
the door opens a very wide 90 degrees
and the front seats are actually bench
type, so you can go from here to here
without any problem or you can also see
it here, but apparently that’s illegal
but apparently again, let’s go inside and
I have to move custom 2014 and see what
quality materials we have for this cheap
car let’s start by shutting the door,
sounds good
it’s old an old platform so still
sounds pretty solid for its price,
and the steering wheel says Momo small
leather wrapped start button is located
here with the traction control, and eco idle
button, to start
the car just press on the brake pedal
and the start button just like any other
cars, and it starts up and you can hear the
three cylinder engine from inside it’s
not that loud,
so the cup holders here in front of
the air con you just have to press split
up and on the dash we have an analog for
the tachometer and speedometer, digital
panel for the trip and odometer outside
temperature and mileage and other
warnings and status, and shift levers on
the dashboard the different modes with
sports and engine brake mode, single zone
climate control is also here
and above is the navigation system with
Android auto and apple carplay if
you want you can just always replace
this with an aftermarket head unit
easily anyways this is an old car, below
we’ll find only one 12-volt plug this has
a small battery so there’s no USB
charger you have to buy an aftermarket
unit charge for that, below that there’s
also place to put anything here which is
not padded and nowhere there’s charging, for
the glove compartment for this car size
it’s very small it only has enough room
for one manual and on top there’s also a
place for you to place your tissues,
and for the door panels looking at here
we have the place to control the side
mirrors, the windows, but there’s only one
automatic control for the windows here,
and if you have a child you can lock the
windows, here’s the lock switch and this
is not metal this is plastic the
materials are all textured hard plastics
and of course piano black near the
places where we touch most often, so they
can spy on our fingerprints it’s a
conspiracy I know,
they want our fingerprints, just listen
to the plastic, plastic everywhere, you
won’t find anything soft here besides
the seats and even the steering really
wheel is hard, it’s very hard even a steering
wheel and the ebrake is down there along
with the other pedals and the center
console where the armrest, it’s also hard
and don’t expect much this is a cheap car
let’s check out the back, so like the four
other doors it opens
very like 90 degrees, so as you can see
there’s not much you can place here at
the back, you can actually fold this
easily just like that so it will just
not just double but I think it will
quadruple the space here at the
back, and
there’s also space here, like there’s a
lot of stuff here, there’s no spare tire
you only have you only gets a quick fix
here, it actually has a small lip here so
you can sit here
but it doesn’t but the
door doesn’t open like this, so when it’s
raining you can actually wait for
someone like this, and just to show you
I’m 5 feet 5 inches, I can fit here but
apparently I can’t sleep here, here’s another
quirks here for a kei car, what you can do
here is to move the seat forward back
seat, very back, you remove the head and
rest here, put it somewhere and just do
this and you’ll be able to relax in your
so if you have a very long legs you can
actually drive like this from here, so I
can imagine that if you’re in a path
you’re the passenger like what you can do
when you’re traveling far away you can
just tell your driver to drive while you
relax like this, if you want you can also
use the seatbelts here while you relax
and now we’re going to try and ride
around in this small kei car on small
Japanese roads, so you can see the
turning radius is so small you can
actually make a u-turn with just a
small street, the steering is also very
light but since this has the studless
right now it’s a bit hard, as you can see
the roads here are very small and narrow,
so in case there’s some other car coming
you have someone’s gotta back out, this
also has the eco idle so when you’re
when you’re stopped at the traffic the
engine will shut off, road imperfections
is not going to come through here
because the because usually kei cars are
made for comfort, so the spring is very
the shock absorption is very
good, road noise I mean you can’t hear
much of the sound from the outside, you
can’t make it, you see that’s the problem
with eco idle, you know I should have been
able to make that turn already
there’s not much road noise, you can hear
a bit of the sound from the outside and
that’s a
sports kei car, that was the Move Custom
2014, hope you liked it
come visit Japan to experience the real
Japanese car culture like no other, and
here’s a bonus clip for the mini
fest in 2018, the small 50 cc
custom motorbike culture of Japan thanks
for watching,
this is Kitsken signing out
well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video
highlighted here on my channel, check
this out,
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell!

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  2. I still find it absurd that we can't get them in the US due to safety concerns but motorcycles are perfectly acceptable :-/

  3. i have a 2015 Suzuki Wagon R Stingray 650cc,mild hybrid in red
    it's same like this but door panels have some cloth
    and the rear door opens up

  4. Scotty you have like doubled your amount of subscribers within the last few years with all these new uploads great work although I do miss the 30minute live car talk uploads I used to listen to those while I work

  5. These days, it'd be a great urban/city car for here. I'd much rather have one of these than a FourTwo Smart car or Fiat 500. Otherwise, I'd REALLY prefer to keep my 2017 Mazda3HBT.

  6. That car looks truly ashamed of itself. It's a wonder it doesn't have "LG Commercial Washer" stenciled on its sides. Dahatsu went out of their way to make something that looks like a shipping box on wheels but with far less charm. No amount of rationalizing about space utilization can justify something so deliberately ugly.

  7. I also lived in Japan for several years. Most efficient and polite people I've met in the world! Could do without the fish paste filled doughnuts…but, overall just a great experience

  8. The opposite of the spectrum.. Japanese are going for fuel effective and smaller car, US are going for Huge V8 with as large as a body as possible..

  9. My lawnmower has a bigger engine. But electronics are great and 50 mpg. Wow. No spare? Well, Just pick one end up and wheelbarrow it home.

  10. The older Move models were sold in Malaysia under the brand Perodua. CKD kits with badge engineering. Not as well put together 🙁

  11. Japan seems to be the only place where they actually succeed in making an efficient car: small, light and with a small engine. In my opinion a far better idea than building those massive EV's

  12. I wish we could use more Kei cars here in the US. But since our population is more spread out, we need cars that are better for highway travel. Kei cars don't do so well on highways.

  13. Daihatsu is 50% Toyota and 50% other investors (mainly pension funds). Daihatsu develops its own cars engines and gearboxes apart from Toyota. Toyota uses Daihatsu engines and technology in small cars (not for sale in US, but in Asia and Europe). Toyota would like to own 100% of Daihatsu to force them into the Toyota technology (cheaper), but up to now Daihatsu remained partly independent. Daihatsu were selling cars up to 2012 in Europe, but concluded that the margins were too small to go for ever cleaner complex technology enforced by law. That is because Daihatsu wants to produce their cars in Japan, and nowhere else. Wherever they were sold, Daihatsu cars rivaled Toyota cars for reliability. Besides that, Daihatsu cars were far more practical and spacious in their class. They did not drive better, though. They were designed for economy reliability and practicality only.

  14. The car is small, but when he gets into it, the car suddenly looks big… Later he reveals that hes 5 feet 5 inches tall… Aawwww!

  15. guys we dont need more then 1.0 to 1.6 engines
    forget those V8s_ 100 year old inefficient tec… 3 cylinder 1.0 turbo is the future !

  16. I love the Kei cars and trucks, so practical! (Although would be scary on our North American roads with all the jacked up monster trucks on the road!)

  17. I loved it, there is loads of cars just for Japanese Market, I remember my friend got a Toyota I never heard of and the name of Mark X and just for Japanese Market and boy it was fantastic

  18. New Zealand has a lot since Japan has a law against selling cars over about 8 years old so they import them to New Zealand and sell them for cheap there…

  19. Actually seems like a pretty decent little vehicle. Thought he said $30,000 and I was like "WHAT?!?!" but then I went back and listened more closely… he's saying $13,000. That seems much much more reasonable for this car.

  20. Beatiful Cars!! Excellent gasoline consume, great dimensions for street and cheapest…. Great solutions for big's citys

  21. Dad had a K car, Chrysler made, it was cheap to buy, dependable, and lasted 20 years. Might have lasted longer if it hadn't burned up in a garage fire. I honestly like that K car better than the Japanese version, it just wouldn't quit.

  22. I would really love to see these cars sold for Puerto Rico, vehicles keep getting increasingly wider, our roads and parking spaces don't have enough room to allow for the constant expansion of new vehicles.

  23. I have a JDM 2014 Daihatsu Mira eis and it's 660cc NA but still after 110000kms works like a charm, Japenese make the best vehicles 🇯🇵❤️🇵🇰

  24. In a country full with eco Kei cars, I wonder how much it would cost me to run my 2007 E420 CDI Mercedes in Japan.It's a beast of a car with a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 that makes 390hp and 900Nm and has no DPF cause I got rid of it…

  25. The kei cars is ruling in my country Pakistan ..specially suzuki alto daihatsu Mira ,nissan days ,honda N-wagon and N-Box

  26. A big guy like me would end up removing the front seat. It would effectively end up being a one seat car.

  27. How do I import one into the u.s.? I've been looking for it for a small efficient car that could drive around town easy, because most of my streets of my town are very narrow.

  28. Hey Scotty my name is Dwayne Collins I'm from Tuscaloosa Alabama a small town called Moundville I'm one of your biggest fans I watch you everyday when my phone alerts me to videos come up I have a Chevy S10 a 91 model this is my second one I know you're not really a Chevy fan but I know you like the old-school Chevys but this one right here I've had for about a year I think it's the fuel filter because when I go down the road it starts jerking a little bit and you know I've check the plugs and the plug wires they seem okay did that be what it is I'm usually great on Chevrolets I've been working on Chevrolets all my life I'm 42 years old

  29. I'm sorry my phone was messing up and it cut my message in half but as I was saying Papa Was a mechanic and his daddy was a mechanic my uncles and all them and they're all dead now so it's left up to me but I just needed a second opinion I hope you keep doing good with your channel sir because there's millions and billions of people out there that need you if I could ever figure out how to work this thing I will send you a video of me and my truck thank you

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