Watch the world’s first flying motor car! | Ralph Simon | TEDxGateway

Watch the world’s first flying motor car! | Ralph Simon | TEDxGateway

Translator: Denise RQ
Reviewer: Sebastian Betti I’d like to ask you all
a personal question, and the personal question is this: can you remember a time,
when you were a child that you looked up in the sky, and you saw a bird flying,
and you thought: “I wish I could fly?” Can you maybe think back to when that was? Or alternatively,
when you first saw an airplane and you looked up in the sky
and you thought: “Wow, I wish I could fly in one of those!” Well, there is a young man
by the name of Stefan Klein who, when he was 8 years old,
living in Slovakia – actually, it was then Czechoslovakia
behind the Iron Curtain – and, behind the Iron Curtain
in Czechoslovakia you could not travel. And he dreamt of being able
to travel the 48.8 miles from Bratislava, which was the capital
of Slovakia in Czechoslovakia, to Vienna, 48 miles to Vienna. And he said: “I wish I could fly there! Because my family can’t drive
because of the Iron Curtain, if there was a way that I could
just take the car and fly over in it, over the Iron Curtain
and the 48 miles to Vienna; wouldn’t that be something?” Well, this young man, Stefan Klein,
worked on this problem, saw the Berlin Wall coming down, still felt very strongly about
trying to find a way to fly, he got together a group of friends and over a period of 25 years, decided that what he was going to do was try and make
the world’s first flying motorcar. Now, let me ask you this:
you’ve traveled from Mumbai to Pune, maybe three and a half hours, can you imagine if you could fly,
in your car, from here to Pune? I mean, seriously! It might take you only 20 minutes. So, let’s go to the video to show you,
just came out this week, the world’s first flying motorcar! Let’s roll the video. (Video starts) (Music) (Video ends) (Applause)

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  1. Actually this is the worlds third (3rd) flying car. Two independent owners have convertible cars, that is car to plane and back. An amazing feat either way.

  2. First ? I don't think so ! Never heard of the Aerocar 1949(I guess) ?

    BTW- Try tapping the brakes in ground effect or just after positive rate of climb it will kill the gyroscopic rolling momentum of the wheels(even carbon fiber has mass !) and make control that much easier. 

  3. Pretty cool, but it's just small airplane that doubles as a car.  I'm still waiting for hover cars that don't look like they will fall apart and plummet in mid-flight.

  4. Flying cars are a terrible, terrible idea. People struggle enough dealing with being stuck to a road. Unless these vehicles require a pilot's licence to own/operate then I can see them being more harm than good. 

  5. I prefer a jet that you could drive in the streets, rather than a flying car. A flying car is made primarily for driving on the roads, and flying  is its secondary purpose.

  6. This kind of car was made looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago. Didn't prove itself very useful though….. TEDx is turning into some shitty place where every random guy gets a word to say, to collect views and earn money. Just sad…..

  7. Materials, engineering, technology and dreams finally align at a point in time to produce a machine which has played a mystical temptress among the dreams of humans for hundreds of years. 
    Freedom and flight, as near as you can get perhaps.  However, the fuel it uses is out of date: to really take this into the future it must push that barrier, then blow it away.
    Back to the drawing board, the fuel must be generated organically, like alcohol, solar distillation in the home.
    Otherwise, ANOTHER technological monopoly, or 'techno-blok'.  We need technology that FREES mankind, as much from him and herself, as from the parasitic corporations, from the tyranny of divided societies, damaged envronments.

  8. I need a dropside tray version, with racking for long lumber, also so i can collect firewood, cart chickens and sheep, loads of hay and such.  One i can drive in the parade, then the paddock, then out to dinner in town, then buzz off to some island or beach for a tan or a snooze…

  9. This is beautiful seeing a dream becoming reality and unique. In terms if traffic it will be a big challenge, unless they opt for space cars if possible.

  10. No wonder, this is true as i believe on TEDx. We could see this coming to sale with rules attached.. Think about the pollution it will cause. 
    Should we not rather work on public transport systems and perhaps air-ambulance rather than car that can fly. 

  11. This is very cool, but we don't need more cars or more airplanes.  We need more public transportation and less energy consumption.

  12. Ted Simon is incorrect when he states this is the World's FIRST flying car. Go back in history to Southern California in the early 1960 s and see a TV show called the Robert Cummings TV series. In that series Bob played a photographer who had a flying car that was built, if my memoryrecalls correctly, George Barris the creator of many TV special automobiles for TV series. The point is it was an actual FAA approved working model flying car. So or Simon, your fact checker missed that won. Heck, being second with that great human freedom success story is still great. Freedom

  13. This gives me the chills! Look at how amazing we humans are, making the impossible ,possible. We truely are Gods. I want one flying car for christmas next year:)

  14. Wow!  Cars ARE flying in our lifetime. Now I just need to save for a lifetime and then I'll be buying it!

  15. That's not a flying car. It's a small plane with retractable wings. If it still needs a runway, it doesn't qualify as a leap in technology, like a flying car.

  16. Una maravilla más de la ciencia y tecnología. ¡ felicitaciones a todos los que han trabajado y contribuido para este gran logro!

  17. A pointless dream. No one will ever drive a flying craft, car or otherwise, without having to follow the same rules and regulations as airplanes and helicopters, including permissions to fly inside cities or other areas. They would need to identify themselves at every take off so the radar center doesn't think they're an enemy craft or a spying craft, and no radar center is going to suddenly have to follow hundreds of thousands of flying objects in addition to the regular clutter.

    The flying car, hah, just a glorified civilian airplane. Don't expect to drive flying cars. Ever.

  18. Aerocar in 1946, would disagree with the claim of first. Also Glider wings on Tanks in Russia, and rotor-kite jeeps were around during WW2. 

    Oh and ever now and again companies make the folding wing design flying car, as I said Aerocar was the first. 

  19. ALL we need to do is make a parrot drone, just supersize it.  you could control it with your I phone.  Never mind it is made out of foam. 

  20. I think they got a tad carried away with this. As far as I can tell, it's a lightweight aircraft that doubles as a car. Suspiciously resembling the one invented in 1949.

  21. Modern day 'flying cars' are really just 'road-able planes'.


    Here's a good test for REAL flying cars:

    1 – hover quietly through city traffic
    2 – fly into a McDonald's drive-through
    3 – wait to order your takeaway food
    4 – and zip back onto the highway

    This simple test demonstrates the following (key below):

    1 : Does not strain urban life
    2 : Has practical/everyday utility
    3 : Easy to control
    4 : Works with existing infrastructure


    If a flying car can do these things effortlessly, I would take it seriously and recommend more scientific tests. My take on the matter is that engineers need to unlearn everything about the dynamics and regulations of flight, because our technologies will not achieve the kind of experience the above test inspires.

    We need to design around the experience, instead of creating yet another plane, running a generic branding campaign, and trying to fit it into an existing customer market. When the technology truly follows after the intended experience, we'll get our flying cars, but no sooner.

    Hopefully someone figures out flying cars for real.

    Float Circuit .

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