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  1. I think the footage of the 7 and the 7.5 is the other way around? The blue R when you introduce 7.5 is actually a 7 and the line up of golf from the 7 introduction is actually line up of 7.5?

  2. Erm. Guys? The refreshed Golf Mk 7.5 you showed was the original Mk 7. The Mk 7 you showed was the Mk 7.5. Come on. Do your research. A blind man (or Mk 7 owner) could spot that.

    To be honest there was a lot to be learned here again 🙂

  3. "Instead, we're gonna discuss every Golf AWD…"
    me: like hell i'm gonna watch all of tha…….19 mins later: wooooo that was cool!!
    True story 😁😁😁

  4. In 1996 i bought a brand new Mk3 VR6 Syncro in Switzerland. It had the 2.9L 190hp engine from the corrado not the 2.8L 174 hp golf engine. This was what led to the mk4 R32 which was aessentially a bored out VR6 engine

  5. Want a car that won group A and needs some attention? The Mazdaspeed (not really) Familia GTR, it has awd and makes turbo noises

  6. James!!!! You need to make a sound button app about all your greatest quotes and if you do I will download it on my phone and use it all the possible moments I can!!!!!!

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    VW GOLF R – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

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