Volvo XC90 2017 CAR FACTORY – HOW IT’S MADE Manufacturing SAFETY Luxury SUV

Volvo XC90 2017 CAR FACTORY – HOW IT’S MADE Manufacturing SAFETY Luxury SUV

Volvo XC90
How I’s Made
Assemply Line Car Factory
+ Bonus
Top Safety System
Crash Test

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  1. I don't think parts like mirror should come off during crash. if I survive and loose​ eye , I wouldn't be happy …

  2. Wow, the auto brake in the intersection assume the driver doesn't know the right away… that's kind of a bad assumption there Volvo…

  3. (For Canadian winter survivors) How good is the vehicle/Pedestrian detection in snowstorm? Does the snow will cover the camera so that the detection won't work?

    nice documentary by the way Car & Performance

  4. машина отличная!!! большая, комфортная, современная, красивая, безопасная!!! Но мотор говницо еще то!!! Можно было бы еще один атмо типа V6 3.5литра 270-290л.с.!!! Не все любят турбо!!!

  5. I aspire to have volvos for myself and my wife. Safety first and it's elegance is always there. Swedes lead the way.. Bless you guys thank you for this innovation

  6. Hi Volvo, we have the 2005 XC90 and the roof insulation and the lining started to sag and separate less than 10 years of ownership. The seats are very uncomfortable for both long and short ride. Cup holders and front cabin storage are a joke. Power windows didn't last very long. Full size spare tire would not fit and most consumers don't like the undersize spare tire. Transmission gear box is clanky. Big disappointment 🙁
    We've been a loyal customers for years and it's a big let down. Showing how your plant and manufacturing works doesn't even makes sense if your cars could not.

  7. Talking or showing how your cars are being manufactured doesn't even makes sense because it's own by a cheap Chinese company. It's just like buying a Bosch Tools and parts that are made from China. They just simply a knock-off. It's started on the engine size with 2 turbos…:). What a joke. Why not just install a motorcycle engine with 4 turbo. lol!

  8. Volvo makes a great vehicle. In 2003, Volvo designed and made it's Volvo XC90. The first two model years it put a defective transmission in its XC90. The transmission was too small for the vehicle and it failed every 50k or so. Volvo hid the problem until a Class Action was filed against it and discovery in that case revealed the truth. I own one of these vehicle as three transmissions later, Volvo refuses to repair this clearly defective transmission. The vehicle is sitting in a garage waiting for Volvo (now Geeley of China) to replace the transmission.

  9. Молодцы ни кто в мире столько внимания не выделяет безопасности как Вольво всем остальным главное пройти КРЕШ ТЕСТ

  10. This is why even in South Florida where insurance premiums are through the roof — my 2016 XC90 is just 455 every six months. Unbeatable. Volvo — for life. (usually you cannot get insurance down here for less than a couple grand a year — and that is if you are a very good driver.)

  11. I like hmm the air suspension, interior, driving modes, lights, speaker system, overall quality and a partridge in a pair tree 🌲.

  12. I like Volvo and have had seven of them. Now I have 960 II -97. But this video did not tell HOW this Volvo was made.

  13. the guy talking in the video is so full of it… Volvo has been among the automakers to lobby EPA to reduce emission standards

  14. The title says 'How's it made' … that's why I came here… Not to hear something bragging about fucking sustainability …. sustainability should be a basic feature, not sth to market upon…

  15. I have a v60 Cross country and its wins in all aspects from the german cars , also the volvo is more elegant in my opinion

  16. Volvo has made its name on safety so they're pushing it in marketing. But there are/were at least two companies who were WAY ahead of Volvo in the safety department – Mercedes-Benz and Saab.
    Volvo only now starts talking about surviving any accident by 2025. Saab 9-5 was designed so that passengers survived when two cars collision at the speed of 85kph EACH. And that was in 1997.
    Mercedes-Benz started working on safety back in the 40s. By 1951 they invented the concept of the "safety cell" which everyone, including Volvo, have used since to protect passengers. Traction control was introduced on MBs in 1959. ABS in 1980. Airbags and seat belts pretentioners in 1981.
    So while Volvo is a very safe car, they are FAR from the only one and definitely NOT the safest.

  17. VOLVO safety standards are higher than euro n-cap lol.
    8:35 35 mph wtf? i though the whole world is damn metric except 3 countries.

  18. There should be a system where cars talk to each other within a certain range and not necessarily in line of sight. Eg a car parked around a bend should be able to communicate to car coming behind the curve that – I am parked here- and give out info like which lane etc.This should then allow the other car to reassess its approach. Or even a car coming from front or back should put the other cars around it on alert

  19. cyclist are there anything more annoying on the road? never have any sense of their surroundings nor have they any knowledge of how to act in situations. Insists on driving on the road when there are bicycle lanes, which they are abide by law to use if there are any around?!

  20. I love working for Volvo! I work at the factory in Ridgeville,South Carolina. Some of the latest technologies involved in the market of cars.

  21. An air bag that comes out between the driver and front passenger would be good , stopping people’s arms from hitting each other.

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