Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Powerless Vir | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Powerless Vir | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir go out and play, I am fine. No Grandpa, till you are completely fine , I can’t go out and play. You are my very good child , all the children in this world should be like you , now I m off to sleep , you all play. Imli, I don’t feel like playing at all. What happen? Why are you all standing so quite? Grandpa is unwell, so we don’t feel like playing. Why he isn’t well ? Grandpa is unwell due to his old age, during such time you get unwell. Here you go, I will make Grandpa fine. Agadam, bagadam, aalam, phaalam, ikadam, tikadam, dumdumadum Now grandpa will never be unwell, come on lets play. I am perfectly fine now, Vir I am going to the market to get some materials. Who is that ? That’s Grandpa, Imli said he is unwell due to his old age. So I made him young, now he will be fine forever. Your grandpa looks so smart , let me go and check how my grandpa will look when he turns young, I will be back. Imli lets go fast, before someone recognizes grandpa. Meow, boss how is this gun? This is virus ball gun, this jelly ball is full of virus and if this enters Vir internal system. Then his receiving command system shall be failed at once. He has different suits to fight for each situations, it follows only Vir’s command. But due to this virus in him, his command will not be followed. He would be a normal robot without any weapons , without any suits. Haha!!! Meow! boss you are genius. Take this gun and do the needful at once. Thankyou boss! Where are you going? I am going to do my work, I was washing my clothes. Uff! Wash the clothes later, go right now and throw the jelly ball on Vir. He will turn into normal robot, carry him and bring him here. Remember to hit on him only. If you throw this on a normal man, then he would suffer from itching all the time and its unbearable. My aim is prefect , look . What have you done Timbaktoon. That, yes that one. Oh!! You shameless, wait I will teach you a lesson. Sorry! It was mistake. Where did grandpa go? Look there, he is buying something. Vir, Imli what are you looking at? Look there.How did this happen? Grandpa GIntu has done this magic, lets go home before someone recognizes you. Gintu!! Its unbelievable, how am I looking by the way? Grandpa you are looking very smart, I feel like calling you Brother instead of Grandpa Haha!! It’s the end of all the laughter’s and beginning of tears, sorry don’t mind. Nothing happened to me Imli, this toy gun is playsome. Wait and see. Grandpa, move aside, wing suit on. Twister suit on, Drill suit on. Vir he has shot you with jelly ball. Your command system has been corrupted. Your internal system is jammed so would not take your commands. Come on friends, lift this normal robot and lets go. How dare you touch my Vir. What are you looking at? Attack!! Grandpa!! Doesn’t matter, now I have to call the robots, its ok, I am ready. Grandpa!! Imli look after grandpa, I will manage them. Magnetic power on. Haha!! Vir now your game is over and mine begins, haha!! I hate your laughter. Haha!! Vir now no one can save you , not even the almighty. Vir!! Madmax never under estimate the almighty, he will anytime help the good people. Grandpa, what an entry ! Do hand shake before you go. Hey Vir look my grandpa looks so young and handsome. My grandpa meet Vir’s grandpa. Oh! He made you young too, Gintu make us back to normal. What’s the hurry, lets go to the market together and when we return back home, we will be back to normal. Haha!!

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  4. Vir is very powerful so. Much .πŸ‘Švery nice cartoonπŸšΉπŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘βœ‹

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