Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs bodyless aliens | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs bodyless aliens | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Wow!! Such a beautiful butterfly. Imli its too late, lets go home. Where is Gintu? You all go ahead, I will look out for Gintu. He was following the butterfly and must have headed towards the jungle. Listen carefully, if our experiment gets successful then we will have a human body. And we can rule the earth for years . We will call all the alien’s from our planet, everyone will have a human body, haha!! Thar, you move ahead towards the donkey, I will go towards the human and do the experiment. My friend Garr, you wait and observe. What kind of mask is this? There is a light blinking from it. Wow! I am feeling great. Hey, where did the mask come from? it wasn’t there now. Something is not right. Help!! This mask is following me, help me!! Vir look, I got an invitation of audition for an ad film, did you get it? No, not at all. Vir you won’t have got the invitation, I took it and gave to my Dad, hehe!! All the best Imli, you go, without invitation I can’t join you. You must go but where is it? New bunglow, in middle of the jungle. Some new bunglow, I haven’t seen it before. All turn into a mask, guest would be arriving soon. Welcome!! Today our party theme is Aliens. Everyone take one mask and wear it. The person who wins the audition will be rewarded with an international ad. Hey, he looks like Gintu. You are Chulbul, aren’t you? Who is Chulbul? Quickly wear the mask, party will begin now. Congrats!! Yeah!! We can call all the alien’s from our planet, haha!! One more group is coming in sometime. Imli and her father have not come home yet, don’t know where are they? Bunty and his father have also not come home yet, They went for an audition of some ad film. Vir you go and check. Be in touch with me through phone. Ok grandpa, Robo boy suit on. He looks like Gintu, body is like Gintu and the face is different, that is Imli and that is Chulbul. What face is this? Everbody looks like footballs. Grandpa, these are not from our planet, these are aliens, their face is different but the body is of humans. One looks like Gintu, other like Imli, Chulbul.They have adapted the human bodies some how. I have read about them somewhere, these might be the body less aliens. I think they are controlling the human bodies. Welcome friends, Everyone pick up one mask each and wear them, the party theme is aliens. The audition is along with the party. No, this mask is dangerous, don’t wear them or else you all will be turned into aliens. Imli, Gintu and Chulbul take off the mask quickly. Haha!! Who are you kid? Friend of goodness and enemy of evil, my name is Vir the Robot boy. Welcome Robo boy, we have come here to rule on this earth. We have everything except the body and that is the reason for us to get human bodies. I won’t allow you to do that, leave my friends. They are attacking me from all sides. I can’t attack on them. Vir they are not your friends, these are aliens, attack them. No grandpa, I can’t attack my friends. My friends are in their control. They are taking advantage of it . Look, who is chasing the Robo boy. Vir!! Vir!! Move out from there, fast. No grandpa, this is the time to save and get my friends back. You are very brave. the planet which has a friend like you, no one can take over that planet. We are going from here to look out for some new place to rule. Oh! What am I doing here? That audition people, where are they? Robo boy, what happened? Audition people? That mask? Where are they? I only remember that we were made to wear the mask , rest forgotten. Robo boy saved us, aliens had captured each one and took control over your body.

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