Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir ka birthday | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir ka birthday | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Happy Birthday Vir. Thank you Grandpa. You remembered my birthday. Hey how could I forget this day of my life? This day I achieved the dream of my life. What dream grandpa? My life’s biggest dream, today’s date I created you and was successful. Oh Grandpa, you are great. You too Vir. How about giving Vir a surprise party, let me check with Imli. Today is a falling day for me. Chulbul, what are you doing on the floor? Searching for my luck. Do you know, today is Vir’s birthday, lets give a surprise party for him. This is exactly, what I wanted to say. Don’t share this surprise with Gintu , he will share it with Vir, he can’t keep secrets. Imli, we will not share anything with him. We can’t trust him. Yes, his loyality is towards Vir. Lets get ready for the party. Hi Imli, where are you guys going? Hi Vir, we are going out for some work. Bye Vir. Animal talking mode on. Animal talking mode, now you can talk to any animal. What happen to you? Why did they left you here? I am sick, so they left me here. Now where do I go? Ok don’t worry, don’t cry. Let me check with them. You come with me. Robo boy suit on. Wait, stop the car. Stop!! Oh my Chimba, thank you Robo boy. This little puppy is unwell , you all left him in the garbage bin and ran away? A pet is a part of the family. If your kid is unwell, will you do the same? I am very sorry Robo Boy, you have opened my eyes, thank you come. Thank you Robo boy, thank you. Bye. Your welcome, bye. Oh wow! So much to eat. Come on start Gintu. Gintu, what are you doing? Go from here. Chulbul make him run away. Gintu go away or I will have to kick you, we will call you later. You made me run away, lets see how you can make Grandpa go away. How do we stop Grandpa from eating ? Imli child these are all very tasty, thank you. Welcome Grandpa. Chulbul, something is wrong. Let me check. Gintu, take this even this snacks are for you. Snacks where? Get it for me? Quick. Sorry I couldn’t control myself. Chulbul, lets go to the market again , again to buy the cake and all other things. Imli, listen how I saved a puppy today. Ok, I will listen later. We have some urgent work to complete. What happened? Today your friends are not listening to you , they are running away. Haha!! Don’t laugh. Whats your interest in it , they are my friends. You deserve such disloyal friends , one sweet and sour Imli , one donkey, haha!! Hey Bunty, dare you say anything about my friends , understood. Don’t provoke me to fight with you , fighting is not good. Fight how? You will get beatings, you are one and we are three. Come, come on fight!! Vir, what are you doing? Imli now don’t blame me. Vir!! Wait!! Hey Imli, Chulbul, what are you both doing? Why throwing pasteries? Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum.. Take this, take this. Haha!! Its fun. Hit him, haha!! Its time to take Imli and Chulbul for the party. Bye. What happened kids? Grandpa, for Vir we had arranged the surprise party and Vir spoiled it all. He is hiding in that room , go and catch him. Vir why are you hiding?I and Chulbul had arranged a surprise party and you ate all the stuff. Oh no I didn’t know you had arranged for the party, I haven’t eaten anything ,the culprit is Gintu. Switch on the light, why the darkness? What’s this Vir? I planned a surprise for you all and you all planned for me, haha!! Happy birthday Vir. Children quickly cut the cake. Oh so everyone is partying without me. Gintu!! Oops! Sorry, what is so special today that everyone is partying? Today is Vir’s birthday, party will happen only if your stomach is full and we get to eat some left overs. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum.. Happy birthday Vir. Wow! Such a beautiful cake. Come on Vir, cut the cake. Happy birthday Vir!! Happy birthday dear Vir, happy birthday to you. This is a surprise party from me. Gintu!! Haha!!

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