Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Bunty the robot boy | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Bunty the robot boy | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Timabtoon, this is a lightening suit which shall take you in light speed from one place to the other. You attack Vir with laser from all the directions. Because of your speed, he wont be able to see you. And he will be finished. Haha!! You are genius boss. She is right boss. Let me try and check how it works. This is working boss , you are genius boss. You have to finish Vir not me. Robo boy suit on. Mr Chadha control the car. Brakes have failed. Thank you Robo boy!! I want an autograph please. Me too!! I saw everything. let Vir come, I will tell everyone that Vir is the Robo boy. Bunty every kid has a Robo boy within them. Right Gintu? If you do good deeds and fight against the bad then you can also become a Robo boy. What? Is it true? Or you fooling me ? We are saying the truth Bunty. Ok , From today I shall be friends to good and fight against bad . Why didn’t I become Robo boy? where is my robo boy dress? Oh! You are standing, you must have seen in the films that the heroes, while running change there clothes. Ok, I shall begin to run , if the dress doesn’t change , watch out . Agadam bagadam aalam phalam ikadam tikadam dumdumadum. Yeah!! I am Robo boy!! Imli you were right, I will take a joy ride. This is your end Robo boy. I am friends to bad and enemy to good , oops sorry. I will say it again. I am friends to good and enemy to bad , I am Robo boy, Its your end, not mine. Haha!! Hit me, hit me more, Robo boy your aim is very bad , you are weak or your eyesight is poor. Now its my turn. Hehe!! Vir listen what happened. Hey Timbaktoon. Oh you came back , I will give you one more chance , hit me!! Later don’t say, I dint give you the chance, haha!! Ok as you wish. This is cheating , you first fooled me by hitting and missing the target. Now you are hitting on target. Boss this Robo boy is cheating. Stop crying and fight. Go! Where is Timbaktoon hiding. Hope I don’t find that robot again , Its not easy to be a Robo boy. Did anyone see that Robot? Robo boy is scared of me then why should I fear. Robo boy is scared of me then why should I run? Now its my turn. Mummy!!!! Oh you don’t give up. Come on hit me. Hit me here. Ok as you wish. This is cheating boss. You have the lightening suit , use it. Sorry boss I forgot, I will use it right now. Look Bunty is coming , he looks so scared, he will never fight against bad deeds. This would be wrong , lets help him, go tell him not to be scared and fight bravely. I will hide and help him , he will get the confidence and win. Hope he stands for all good deeds. Bunty why are you so scared? Supporting good deeds and fighting against the bad is getting me in to trouble. I can’t take off this suit. He thinks I am Robo boy and so he is beating me. Don’t worry, don’t be scared , I trust you completely. You will win. You will not be saved this time Robo boy. Yeah!! I have beaten him to death. I told you, you must win and hit him badly. I have to be behind Bunty. Magnetic pole on. Now we both are stuck together. Who said magnetic pole on? Who said it? Now watch my lightening suits magic. Boss!! He is faster than me boss. Yes!! I can fight, I can win. Help!! Boss I am coming boss. Robo boy!! Hey come on click a photo, you wont get this chance again. I hope you all will not ask for money from Robo boy , if you ask I will not stand against evil and fight . Haha!! He won’t change , Gintu just vanish there memory , even Bunty should not know the entire details. How come a chocolate in my hand. This chocolates are mine, wait I will show you, you stole the chocolate. Mummy!! Haha!!!

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  1. The best cartoon in the world I love vir the robot boy I want to meet vir the Robert boy this is my third wish vir the robot boy

  2. 😎🍎😎😎🍎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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