Vir In Dadaji’s Brain | Vir: The Robot Boy WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES | WowKidz

Vir In Dadaji’s Brain | Vir: The Robot Boy WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES | WowKidz

I got to finish this Prey Sahay. He is the one who saves Vir every time with new ideas. What if we steal Prem Sahay’s ideas? Correct! Mona, you are genius. I will go inside Prem Shaya’s mind and steal his ideas. But boss, how is this possible? I have a plan, listen. Boss, you’re work will be done. Sir, I am a pest controller. No, we don’t want to do pest control. Now just wait and watch, what Boss is going to do with you, Prey Sahay. Hey grandpa! What happened to grandpa? Vir!! Grandpa has fainted. What’s wrong? Grandpa? He has fainted. But what happened to him? Let’s call Gintu. Gintu!! Yes Vir. I am here. Hey! Where am I? I had to go to have snacks. No Gintu. There’s no one here. Is it Mad Max’s plan again? Yes! This is one brilliant brain. Now I will stay here and my holographic image will go in Prem Sahay’s brain and steal his ideas. Then neither will remain Prem Sahay’s ideas nor will he be able to help Vir. Yes! Now move to the action. Grandpa is not coming back to his senses. Should I call the doctor? Yes, we should call a doctor. Hey somebody went inside grandpa’s body. What? Inside grandpa? Wait, I will scan grandpa’s whole virtual image and show it on the computer. Chulbul, through this virtual image we can make out what’s going on in grandpa’s brain. Robo boy suit on. Prem Sahay, now this image of yours cannot do anything to me, because your real image has fainted. What do you want? Why have you come here? I want all your ideas. Tell me where are they hidden? Tell me!! I will have to go inside grandpa’s brain otherwise Mad Max is going to harm him. But grandpa is here only. Yes, I know this is the real grandpa. But if Mad Max does anything to grandpa’s image in his brain then we will face a very big problem. Oh Vir! I knew that you would definitely come here. You thought right Mad Max. But now how will you escape from here safely? Vir, you have to go in the left section of my brain. There you will find few formulas, words and numbers. From amongst them, whichever number or word blinks you have to absorb it in yourself. Then what do I have to do? Vir, you have to take those formula numbers or words with yourself and feed them in my virtual vision. After feeding them you will come back in your senses right? Now nobody can save you Vir. Chulbul, what’s wrong with grandpa? Oh! What’s happening? Vir, please do something. Vir, go fast. Run!! Vir, run as much as you can, but you can’t escape from here, haha!! Vir, now you can do nothing. The last number is with me. Now what should I do? He has absorbed the last number. If I don`t reach on time then either grandpa will be in danger or I will get trapped here. Remove me from here or else I will be finished. Once again Vir has escaped. I won’t leave him next time. Vir, you cannot succeed. Vir, you are back!! Yes, I have to feed the formula in grandpa’s virtual image. The whole formula has been transferred then why grandpa is not coming back in his senses? Vir, are you sure grandpa will come back to his senses? Vir? Grandpa? Vir, grandpa is coming back to his senses. Grandpa!! Grandpa, are you alright? Yes, these are all your deeds Vir. You have saved me and my ideas. Grandpa!!

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