Vehicle Sensor Fusion HIL Test | Konrad Technologies

Vehicle Sensor Fusion HIL Test | Konrad Technologies

Hello everyone I am Hayagreev Pattabhiraman with Konrad Technologies and today
we have sensor fusion demo in hardware
in the loop as part of ADAS testing. So
what we have here is three different
sensors. We have radar. We have lidar and
we have camera. So all these three
sensors have their own individual target
simulators as well. So what we are doing
here is we are deploying a virtual test
drive environment like CarMaker and we
have been we have deploying it into a
real-time, we are deploying into a
real-time target. So here we have Konrad
Technologies Vehicle Radar Test
System. So this is based on an
NI platform where we have a Vector Signal Generator and a Variable Delay Generator
along with a 77 gigahertz
millimeter wave head so what we have
done is we have leveraged the VRTS
platform software and we have created a
CAN plugin which captures the object
information and generates targets to
test radar sensors. So that real-time
target is actually streaming target and
traffic information to all these targets
simulators, so for example on this side
we have a radar sensor mounted on a dual
axis rotation system which can do both
azimuth and elevation. As and when a
traffic object is simulated in front of
it the the dual axis rotation system is
going to simulate the object movement in
front of it as though there’s an actual
traffic scenario happening front. For the
sensor radar sensor we have a 77
gigahertz millimeter wave head which is
actually simulating those
traffic objects in front of the sensor.
Similarly for lidar we are capturing the
trigger pulse, delaying it and adding
intensity to the laser and shooting it
back right out to the sensor. And for our
camera test we are actually projecting
the same video onto an LCD screen at the
bottom and it is the camera is looking
down to a lens tag onto the LCD screen
so this is one way of testing ADAS
solutions where it is working in
conjunction with all the
target simulators in a deterministic way
in real time and that is our sensor
fusion demo.

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  1. Still trying to wrap my head around the RADAR and LIDAR simulators.
    Is there a documentation for the setup that you have used here?

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