Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology: The World’s First High Mileage Oil

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology: The World’s First High Mileage Oil

It was the 1990s the Clintons were in
the white house the internet was in its
infancy in boy bands were everywhere but
in the world of automotive the
scientists at Valvoline began to notice
something cars were staying on the road
longer than ever before and that’s why
they set out to create the world’s first
high mileage motor oil for cars with
over 75 thousand miles
life has just begun introducing
Valvoline max live motorola so the way I
remember it is that I was in a focus
group session out in Los Angeles and we
are talking to people who owned older
cars di wires especially were focused on
DIY at the time and we put this concept
in front of them it was almost immediate
that the response was will it
Valvoline made a product like that I
would switch I would buy that product
I called Fran directly from the focus
groups I just said frame the consumer
insight that said max life emotion was
that people were keeping their vehicles
longer at that time people kept their
vehicles to a little less than 10 years
on average in fact today it’s even
I remember it as winter months like you
say January of 1999 because I was
driving a car that was burning foil at
the time both Sam and I had high mileage
vehicles in fact I still like to tease
him about the original vehicle which
didn’t even have air conditioning we
went out to lunch I learned that the
hard way and the paint was coming off
the back a little bit but my main
concern was because I loved the car it
worked great is it it was burning oil so
I said well what about burning oil
that’s something you can address Fran
and what most people don’t realize
they’re losing that acceleration that
power that better fuel economy that they
had when their vehicles newer that’s
what happens when you get deposits and
ring wear and of course if you get sea
leaks you see it on your driveway and
what was interesting is that there
weren’t any products that really we’re
addressing some of those issues very
well the Rings have to move freely and
they have to be able to seal a thin oil
film between the cylinder wall and the
ring and that’s what allows the piston
create that pressurization of combustion
so deposits were very important to
remove and that’s when we develop
excellent this was more about you know
passion for the car but we wanted
something special we wanted something
that no other company would have we were
creating a brand new category brand new
segment we not only had to run the
routine testing we had to run special
testing to prove our claims and that was
our commitment we wanted the product
like people would notice the difference
if they were having some of these issues
with oil consumption or a loss of
horsepower consumers were responding to
this product right from the beginning we
started on a good path you know 20 years
ago and you know it’s all about
leveraging the big V and the great
battling heritage that we have you know
with this idea of this new type of
product coming from bobbling we really
benefited from the fact that valine had
always maintained a hands-on engine
laboratory they were able to see
problems that even the industry’s not
talking about you really can’t
underestimate the importance of that
innovation and not just what it did for
us back in the early 2000s but what it
means to us today yeah so that old
Integra which was burning oil at a rate
of probably a quart every month or two
with max life I only had to add a quart
maybe a couple times a year so years
later when I I finally upgraded got a
new car but I guess it’s coming up on 17
years old but it does have air
conditioning he assures me

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  1. Well done and thank you. The best oil on the market. 1997 Toyota T100 with 330,000 miles running strong. God bless America and Trump 2020 👍💪🇺🇸

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