Use the SYNC® 3 with the 2017 Ford Escape | Escape | Ford

Use the SYNC® 3 with the 2017 Ford Escape | Escape | Ford

The new 2017 Escape offers our
next generation of connectivity.
Easy to use, SYNC 3 responds to
the way you speak, simply talk
to make phone calls, send texts,
listen to music, or find a dry cleaner.
And because it’s voice activated,
it helps you stay focused on driving.
And with the available
8-inch LCD touch screen,
with optional navigation system,
SYNC 3 also reacts to touch.
It works just like your smart phone, pinch
to zoom, swipe from screen to screen.
It’s simple.
SYNC 3 pairs seamlessly with
Android Auto or connect your iPhone and
use Apple Carplay.
And with optional SYNC Connect,
you can access the Escape remotely
via FordPass on your smart phone.
Lock and unlock doors,
warm up your car in the cold.
Cool it down in the summer and
check gauges like your fuel level.
You can even program FordPass to start
your car at the same time everyday.
So it’s ready to head out
when you’re heading out.
With SYNC 3, SYNC Connect and FordPass,
the 2017 Escape has all the right
tools to help keep you connected.
want to see more?
Check out other other videos and
let us know what questions you have about
the 2017 Escape in the comments below.

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  3. Hopefully it can remember that I want to use Bluetooth to listen to my iPhone music. 2012 sync can't remember that I will use it the same way every time I start the car. Dumb.

  4. It's too bad that two of the top five most unreliable cars in consumer reports latest surveys were pinched out by Ford. You can't even compare the Ford Escape to the Toyota RAV4 with a straight face. The RAV4 come standard with all emergency Equipment as standard equipment standard equipment. Ford Escape has a horrendous resale value as well because of its poor reputation for reliability.

  5. Eh, the Escape is trash. If I’m sticking with Ford, I’d get a Tarous. Better looking, less of a gas guzzler, and just a better value in general. If you’re buying a Titanium Ford Escape, you might as well get a Ford Edge.

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