UNOH Automotive Technology Degree 2018

UNOH Automotive Technology Degree 2018

With integrated electronic systems and
complex computers running vehicles,
the job responsibilities of automotive
service technicians have evolved from
mechanical repair to a high
technology career.
To have a successful career as an
automotive technician, you need:
a broad knowledge of complex
vehicle components
the ability to work with electronic
diagnostic equipment
and the operational skills of computer
based technical reference manuals.
Our Associate Degree and Diploma programs
in Automotive Technology provide the
foundation for your career.
Our students train with the newest tools,
on the latest equipment, found in
dealerships across the nation.
Nathain Mailhot-Instructor
I consider the University of Northwestern
Ohio’s automotive program to be the best
in the country for many reasons.
Our instructors bring recent real life
experience to the classroom. We share the
same passion for the automobile as the
students do. Students are taught using
the most modern equipment, from Snap-On,
Hunter, Summit and many more.
We update our curriculum to stay current
with the latest developments from all the
O.E.M.’s and manufacturers of
aftermarket equipment.
Choose the University of Northwestern Ohio
where you’ll learn:

Much of your training in these courses
will be hands-on utilizing one of our
90 different vehicles individually selected
as training aids. We even have a
Mustang 4-wheel Dyno on campus for
students to train with!
Ryan W – when I came here, I only knew how
to do oil changes and brakes, like just
simple mechanic stuff. But as soon as I
walked in, I felt super comfortable from
the instructors. They really know what
they’re talking about and they’re very
Dax H – One of my teachers was a Ford tech
for over 23 years. So the stuff they
bring to the table as far as concepts and
explaining vehicle and manufacturer
specific things is untouchable,
it’s fantastic.
All of our students have the opportunity
to take ASE tests to become ASE Certified,
an industry-wide certification of
excellence. As a benefit to you, the
University will cover the cost of up to
two ASE tests for each student.
Thousands of our graduates are successfully
employed in the field working at:

Many attribute their personal and career
success to the quality education they
received at the University of
Northwestern Ohio:
Jordan S- Not only does the school teach
you the hands-on and the theory behind the
actual field you’re in, but they also
teach you the work skills you actually
need – attendance, professionalism – and
it more than enough prepared me for the
field I’m in today
David Baxter: I had a student, he didn’t
know the difference between a wrench or
hammer on the first day of class. But
during the end of the session, he was
saying Mr. Baxter, can I please do brakes
on this car, you have a job I can work on
and he didn’t take much supervision. I
always double checked his work and it
came out fantastic. So watching them grow
just in my class alone was just a great
thing that I enjoyed.
Join the thousands of graduates who have
a successful career with an Automotive
Technology degree from the University of
Northwestern Ohio

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