Hey guys! Good morning, good afternoon
and good evening for those who are watching
me, my name is Lucas Felpi and today I’m
gonna do a University of Michigan tour
vlog. You may know me from Brazilian
videos about Brazilian tests and how to
help you guys on educational stuff, but
today I’m gonna make a vlog about the
University of Michigan. I study here
Computer Science and Political Science,
I’m planning to double major on those.
I’m gonna just walk through the
university, through the central campus
mostly, because North Campus is a bit far
away, but we’ll talk about what’s in
there as well, and show you guys how the
university looks like, the campus, and I’m
gonna go with my friends, so I’ll present
them to you guys now. If you don’t understand what
I’m saying, if you’re from Brazil and you
watched my past videos, you can just
click here on the subtitle icon and
you can see the Brazilian Portuguese
subtitles, so that’s it, I’ll just be back
with my friends. So, guys that’s Olivia,
that’s Sarah, and that’s Deren –
I said you name right, right? Okay, because
everybody says Darren, it’s Deren,
she’s from Turkey.
[Deren] It’s not Darren, it’s Deren.
[Lucas] Yeah, Deren, I got it
right. Okay, let’s do this, we’re gonna
walk… This is my dorm,
South Quad, and we’re gonna walk this way and show you guys some stuff.
There are some fraternities near South Quad, yeah, they’ll have some parties sometimes, but it sucks to
get in, because only girls can get in or
you have to get a good gender ratio to get in,
that sucks, but you guys are privileged
in that way.
[Lucas] No, just kidding, you’re not
[Deren] They won’t let the guys in after a while.
[Olivia] Women have rights
But you’re just getting in to be
objectified, so that sucks. Alright, and
that’s on construction now so it’s
not even like, meh…
We’re in the art museum now, that’s like
inside the campus, and it’s like there’s
a lot of expositions. Oh god that’s cool.
There are like some statues over there,
some monuments. This one’s supposed to
say “ART” in whichever angle you see it, so
like there’s some A here, an R here,
and a T, and then there’s this swing as
well, you can swing (is it called
swing? okay, yeah).
[Deren] Can we use it?
[Lucas] Yeah, you can use it, you can just go
Go, go!
[Sarah] Wait, is it gonna swing towards us? Oh.
That’s the building where I have most
of my classes, it’s called Angell Hall but
it’s mostly 4 buildings in 1, so it’s
like Angell Hall, Mason Hall, Haven Hall, then
Tisch Hall. I like this Greek entrance, it’s
like the best thing ever.
This is like the normal classroom that
we have classes. I have classes mostly
here, it fits 300 people, it’s like
mostly in these auditoriums.
The tech center is called The Fishbowl by
most of the students, it’s so nice like
there’s a lot of computers and stuff and
So, guys this is the M, the central M,
it’s called the Diag, it’s near the
Hatcher Graduate Library, so that’s a
nice library, it’s really quiet in there,
but there’s a tradition on the M
that, if you step on the M, you’ll fail
your Blue Books, right?
[Deren] Yeah, you will fail your Blue Book and you’lI have to run naked between…
[Lucas] I think it’s
between here and like there when the
bell of that tower rings at midnight,
right? But it doesn’t ring anymore.
[Olivia] It’s very outdated.
[Lucas] So it’s not actually…
[Olivia] Just don’t step on it.
[Lucas] Yeah, like everybody avoids stepping on it, everybody, you just
see everybody’s just here making a
circle. When there’s movie night here,
everybody just sits around, it’s funny.
This is the Shapiro Library, it is
nicknamed UgLi, I don’t know why, I don’t
think it’s ugly.
[Olivia] It stands for undergraduate library
[Lucas] Okay, so it’s not, yeah. It’s not actually
ugly, it’s like, very nice.
[Deren] It’s kind of ugly when you compare it to the Law Library.
It’s not, this is so modern and
the Law Library is so old. I don’t know it’s
just so nice.
[Olivia] Law Library makes me scared to breathe.
[Deren] And there are the baby ones, they’re the best.
[Lucas] They have so many squirrels here at
[Deren] Yeah, there’s a squirrel feeding club and there’s anti squirrel feeding club.
You’re just in front of him, Sarah.
We’re going to the Law Library, and
the Law Library’s just so quiet, it’s like
the quietest place on campus. People
are afraid of coming in, so we can’t
talk inside, I’ll just record how it is.
It’s just looks like Hogwarts
[Deren] Yeah, inside it’s so beautiful and quiet. It’s better than UgLi.
[Lucas] It’s nice to study but I wouldn’t go
there, because if you sneeze, if you
talk, if you just breathe, you’ll be
kicked out, mostly.
Go God, Go Blue. That’s it.
Whoa, why are some many people crossing the street right now?
[Deren] Oh, we should go to the movies.
[Lucas] We should go to the M store.
Yeah, but we should go to the M store
to show it inside. It’s so bizarre.
[Olivia] The most terryfing place I’ve ever been
That’s the university’s bell tower is
like a symbol, a postcard of the
University, and it never rings
at midnight anymore, what we were saying
about the M, it doesn’t work anymore because it
doesn’t ring at midnight, and it’s just
really nice, I wish to go up there but we
can’t. Now we’re gonna have dinner, because
we’re really hungry, I haven’t eaten any lunch, I was working at lunch, so I didn’t eat anything.
[Deren] We’re gonna eat at North Quad for the first time.
[Lucas] There’s like a lot of dining halls in here, we’ve been a
lot to South Quad, to Mojo. South Quad’s where I
live and then to Twigs, that’s near
where she and the other girls live, and
now we’re going to North Quad because we
haven’t gone in there yet, so I can try
to show you.
That’s a fountain that’s like a symbol for
Michigan as well, it’s like a postcard
and there’s a tradition that when you
are a freshman you have to walk through the
fountain on this way and when you’re
graduating you have to walk through the fountain
on that way. We didn’t walk through the
fountain, we need to do that actually.
Okay that was our tour for
Central Campus on Michigan, it’s not
actually all the University, because they
have a North Campus that’s mostly
engineering classes and engineering
buildings, and they have also medical
campus, right?
[Sarah, Olivia, Deren] Yeah.
[Deren] The campus is very scattered, like there’s South Athletic Center, and the Big House and all the athletic facilities are there.
[Lucas] Yeah, the Big House is the Michigan Stadium, and it’s the
largest stadium in the US, and the second
largest stadium in the world, so it’s
really big, but it’s far from here
so we shouldn’t probably go there.
Oh, it’s raining now. Oh, it’s the fountain.
I said in the introduction for the video I study Computer Science
and Political Science, just like what you
guys study?
[Sarah] Oh God, I don’t know though, I’m undecided.
[Lucas] Okay, undecided is like the
majority of freshmen, 70% of the
freshmen are undecided, and that’s fine,
you don’t have to declare your major until second year, end of the second
yea, so it’s fine. What are you doing?
[Deren] I’m the LSA school, but, because of a
mistake, I was going to study
business, but at the end of this year I’m
gonna get transferred to Ross, hopefully.
[Lucas] Ross is the School of Business, yeah. And Olivia?
[Olivia] Hummm…
[Lucas] What?
[Olivia] Ideally, I would end up with something biological, but we’ll see.
[Lucas] Yeah!
[Olivia] I am a mixed bag.
[Lucas] I don’t know, I think I’d know my
major, because in Brazil they
impose you to know what you’re
studying from your high
school, and you can’t be undecided when
you go to college, so probably that’s
it, yeah.
[Deren] Well, in Turkey it’s like that too, and I came to US because I was undecided.
[Lucas] Oh okay, yeah. Another thing that’s
nice: they have these Blue Buses that are
free transportation services that
you can go, but they take a long
time to get to the bus stop, so we just
mostly walk. Yeah, but to North Campus you
have to get the bus, cause like it’s too
far, it’s too far, you have to get the bus.
So, yeah.
[Deren] I’m very happy I got all of my classes in Central Campus, because North Campus, mm-hm, no go.
[Lucas] But they live at Oxford Housing,
that’s like end of the world, you can see
the map -I’m gonna put the map here- it’s
end of the world, and it’s so far from Central Campus.
[Olivia] No, stop!
[Deren] It’s just like 15 minutes from here, and it’s near all the frats, so he has to come to Oxford every night.
But I can’t even get into the
frats, because only you guys can get in,
that’s the thing. So, that was our
university tour, I hope you guys liked it.
If you didn’t understand anything on this
video, you probably didn’t turn on the
subtitles, because there is Portuguese
subtitles, because this is usually a
Brazilian channel, so… But, that’s it!
[Sarah] Yay, Go Blue!
[Lucas] Go God, Go Blue!
See you on the next video, probably in
[Olivia, Sarah, Deren] Bye!


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