Ultimate Robot Test ft. Simone Giertz

Ultimate Robot Test ft. Simone Giertz

Domo arigato
we’re testing robotos. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical mornin’! Robots are creeping
into our everyday lives. At this point
in our societal evolution there are a wide range
of consumer product robots that are vying to camp out
in your coat closet, where they’ll silently wait
to kill you in your sleep. Ooh. And today
we’re gonna find out which household robot
is the king of them all. It’s time to determine… Let’s give a good mythical
welcome to Simone Giertz. She’s a Swedish inventor,
maker, thinker, YouTuber and general robot
mastermind. You must check out her channel,
but she’s here right now. Welcome to the show. Thank you!
Thanks for having me. I like being called
a robot mastermind. It makes it sound
like I have a grand plan. – Ah, yes.
– And you’re all a part of it. We never really have a plan. Actually we do have a plan.
We’re gonna test some robots. Yes, we are.
Okay. So we have
four household robots that we’re gonna
be testing. They will each
be challenged by a task we’re guessing no one has ever
attempted with these robots. Then Link and I are going
to voice our opinions
and kinda test them but then ultimately, Simone,
it comes down to you judging what you think
about these robots. You’re gonna be ranking them
on a scale of one to ten generic, clip art robots. Yeah.
Generic, clip art robots? – Yeah.
– Yeah, you know we, um– we can’t afford
real robot art. So we just got
the clip art. I feel like this is the closest
I’m ever gonna be to being Heidi Klum. Yeah. Let’s get to testing. So first up,
we have the Grillbot.And this little guy is
in charge of handling
tough to clean grills.
It’s like a Roomba,
but for recently divorced dads.
It’s available online
for 79.95 to 99.99. – Okay.
– How do you guys wanna test it? Oh, we got some
wire brushes here. It looks kinda dangerous, which means you’re probably
gonna have to take it, Rhett. Yes.
We’ve got some ideas. Okay, say
that you’re grilling out for all your rapper friends. Of course, they’ve got grills. And they’re enjoying your ribs
because they’re just so good. And then when your rapper
friends are enjoying your ribs, a lot of times
they get riblets– rib pieces in their grills. And can the Grillbot clean rapper’s grills,
a grill full of grills? Oh, I think I actually
almost ate the grill itself. Oh gosh, you broke it. You okay? Put what’s left of your grill on the grill. We have a lot
of dirty grills already attached
to the grill. Now the manufacturer says
always operate Grillbot with the grill closed, but if you do that
you can’t see it. So we’re not gonna do that,
we’re gonna leave it open. So avert your eyes or cover
your eyes or whatever you do
to protect yourself. – Turn it on.
Oh there it goes.
– Simone: Oh wow. Drop it like it’s hot.
Seems to be stuck – on the grills already.
– Okay. Is there some way
you’re supposed to place it that we’re not aware of? Well, I don’t think usually there’s a lot
of grills on the grill. – Oh.
– I think maybe what it– that’s what it is, Simone.
Is that, uh, it’s usually just a grill
with no grills on it. – Yeah.
– Oh, it’s really moving now. It doesn’t seem like it has
a lot of scrubbing power. From my angle. I mean, this just seems
like a gratuitously stupid gimmick way
to not really clean your grill. If you didn’t have
your grills there– but again
I don’t have any need to just clean a grill.
I got clean grills. But how long does it take
to clean a grill? I mean, first of all,
the grill should be hot and then you should
just take it– whisk, whisk, whisk
whisk, whisk, and like two minutes
you’re done. No, but that takes human power. – I’m trying to cut it off.
– Simone, let’s judge. Issues with turning it off. I feel like for being
a Grillbot, no scrubs. Solid reference.
I’m proud of that one. I worked on it
for a while. I would say three out of ten. Our next robot is
the Alfawise S60,which is a magnetic
window cleaning robot.
It’s like a Roomba that’s been
bitten by a radioactive spider
and it works by using super
powerful vacuum suction and it’s available for purchase
on Amazon for 169.99. – Only.
– Only. – 170 bucks?
– The humble price of $170. – How are you guys
gonna test this?
– Okay. Well, nobody likes
to clean their windows. Now we’re gonna test it
on a bug filled window because you know an inevitable
part of the apocalypse is massive swarms
of insects descending upon
what’s left of our crops. And when they pass
by your city their bodies will cover
your windows. Let’s see if Alfawise can clean
this bug covered window. And of course any bugs
that are left over on this
portion of the window, we will eat ourselves
because that’s all we’re gonna
be eating during the apocalypse. We have created suction. I’m gonna hit the start button. Let it go.
There it goes! Oh, yeah. It’s really impressive. Okay. – Come on.
– It seems confused. Come on. Both:
There we go. There we go.
You can do it. You can do it. – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, we got– we got bugs
going everywhere. ( both scream ) – Okay.
– The tether! Go, uh– It looks like what happened
is the little mitten, footie thing got stuck
on the bug juice, and, uh– Well– What did we say?
That any bug that it didn’t clean off
Simone was gonna eat? Yeah, that’s what we said. What is the clear stuff
that it’s stuck with? – I’ll eat some of the sugar.
– Sugar goo. Making window cleaning
fun again. We gotta eat a lot of bugs. Okay, why don’t you
score this thing. Um, it does really suck, ’cause that’s how it keeps
itself up on the window, but it didn’t suck that well. Which means
that it really sucked. So I give it two out of ten. Next up, it’s long been feared that robots are coming
to take our jobs. But can a robot take the job
of man’s best friend? – Hmm.
– Hmm. So this is Zoomer. Gonna turn Zoomer on. – His eyes are flashing.
– Yeah. Okay, so Zoomer is
an interactive robot puppythat you can train to sit,
stay, and roll over.
And it’s like $315.Okay, so you tap its head. ( Zoomer crying ) And you make it cry. – He’s stretching.
– He’s waking up. Waking up. I feel like it has a very
like bug like body. It kinda has like ant torso, where it’s like super slim
and a little bit uncomfortable. – He is cute, though.
– But it takes commands. Sit! Wow. Is that a sit? $300. Yeah, okay.
Beg. ( Zoomer whimpering ) Oh, that just makes me sad. Go pee pee. Go pee pee! ( Zoomer panting ) He’s gonna pee
in your coffee cup. No. No! He did go pee pee. I was like why you trying
to get him to go pee pee?
But he did. This is like the benefit
of having a robot dog that it doesn’t actually
have to pee and poop. How are you guys
gonna test this? I come in the front door
every day, I’m like, “Honey, I’m home!
Kids, I’m home!” No one shows up
except for Jade. Hello, Jade. And then I run up to Jade
and Jade runs up to me. Hello. This dog does not care
about you at all, Link. That is not good.
And then– and then I’ll pick her up, I’ll hold her like this, and I’ll say, “Why hello, Jade. Daddy’s home.” And then I scrub her belly. It looks like neither of you
are enjoying that very much. No. Are you getting the same vibes
that you get from Jade? None at all.
This is very stale. There needs
to be fur involved. There’s no eye contact. – Well, my thing–
– Not feeling any affection. my thing that I do
every single morning, this is legitimately
my morning ritual is– ’cause I have a bad back I get up and I do
a series of stretches. And ever since
I’ve had Barbara, when she sees me get down
on my back, religiously she jumps down
off the bed and gets on me just like this every single morning
while I stretch. Is Barbara your dog
or your wife? Dog! – She gets up on me.
– ( Zoomer barking ) – ( Zoomer whimpers and pants )
– Just like this. And then I do this. – How big is this dog?
– About 12 pounds. Oh, God, she got on my beard!
( groaning) Barbara doesn’t do–
Stay still, Zoomer! And then I do a little bit
of this. I kiss Barbara
while I stretch my back. Not weird at all
for us right now. It’s not the same
as it is with Barbara. She’s bigger, she’s furrier,
and she uses her tongue. But it’s up to you, Simone. What’s the score
you’re gonna give here? It has the benefits
of not shedding any hair, it doesn’t poop, it doesn’t pee,
it doesn’t drool. – Link: Mm-hmm.
– It’s, like, clean, but also it’s, like,
a little bit weird and making me
feel weird. Five out of 10. Link: Five out of ten
for weirdness. It’s time for our final robot. This is the RC Arm Gripper.It’s what happens
when you murder a robot,
but the arm refuses to die.It’s available at Sharper Image
for 49.99.
– Ooh!
– Oh yeah. We got some good… action. – Articulation there?
– Yes. – And also–
– Pull my finger. – Pull your finger?
– Yeah. Put it in there. It’s a little slow. I’ll just have
to hold it in. All right, but we wanna test
how this thing works
under pressure. Hi.
I’m an unidentified, non-Nintendo affiliated,
Italian plumber. And hi.
I’m his taller, unidentified,
non-Nintendo affiliated, Italian plumber brother. Okay, uh, as you can see that this plumber is
under a bucket. – Yep.
– And the bucket is under a pipe – that’s gonna be leaking.
– Yep. And you know what
you’re gonna need, Rhett– unidentified
plumber brother? – You’re gonna need
some duct tape.
– Oh, yeah. But you don’t need
to get up outta your seat ’cause then you might
not get wet. Instead, I am going to fetch the duct tape
for you using this robot. Put that there. All right, the question is
can I fetch the duct tape before the bucket fills up
with enough water to douse you
with non-potable water. – You ready?
– Yes. – Hit the leak.
There it is.
– Go! Simone:
That’s a solid stream. Go!
Take a straight line, man! Take a straight path! Link:
Lining up. Don’t panic. Don’t panic,
I’m here. My bets are
on the bucket. – Simone: $20 on the bucket.
– Why are you so far from it? Rhett:
You’re not even close to it!
Can you not see? What are you doing? I’m roboting, man. It’s not easy.
Roboting ain’t easy. – Simone: I’m telling you.
– Oh I just closed it. Oh, gosh. Why?
Why? Open it and get close
to the tape, man! Link:
There it goes.
It’s opening. Simone:
Buckle up for the bucket. Now I gotta close it.
Yeah! Oh, buddy. – Simone: Uh… yes!
– Link: Got it! I got it! I got it!
Whoo! Don’t celebrate, man. – Bring it to me!
– Now I’m pushing forward to go backwards Uh, I don’t know.
Maybe I’ll– maybe I’ll go over here
a little bit. What’s over here? What’s over here? Did you also bet
on the bucket? Link:
All right, here it–
here we go. Don’t lean forward.
You don’t wanna do that. Let me do that with a– Here we go. ( Rhett and Link scream ) Oh, I’m sorry! Whoops.
It was so close.
Here you go. You know what?
You can take it.
You can lean forward. – There it is, brother.
– You’re not a good brother! There it is, bro. You’re a horrible plumber! Look, you knocked my strap off! Simone, um,
that was– What’s happening now? Well, we’re judging the robot. Pretty good, huh? Why am I continuing to get wet? Okay, so the robot– I feel like
the robot was great, it was more the robot
controlling that was lacking. What do you mean by that? I mean you were lacking. So I think I give the robot
seven out of ten, but I give you two
out of ten. – That’s fair.
– Is it? What about him?
What do you give him? Simone:
He was really good
at sitting down. Yeah, I did great. It was a solid sit. You get ten out of ten
for your sitting. – Rhett: All right!
– Ladies and gentlemen, we have found our favorite
robot of the day. And it is this arm. There you have it. Click through
to watch Simone debut her brand-new
hammer robot with us. Rhett:Warning, the contents
of this shirt are hot
because you’re going
to look hot as heck
when you put this shirt on.Get it at mythical.Store.

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