U.S. Introducing Artificial Intelligence Technology Drones, Tanks even Fighters

U.S. Introducing Artificial Intelligence Technology Drones, Tanks even Fighters

Pentagon Brings Artificial Intelligence to
Develop New Jets, Carriers, Drones, Tanks
and Vehicles.
The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency
(DARPA), which operates under the US Department
of Defence, has devised a new four-year project
aimed at developing artificial intelligence
(AI) for military purposes. This AI, in turn,
is expected to help the Pentagon in its development
of new vehicles, weapons, and equipment embedded
with various cyber systems.
In papers related to the project, DARPA explains
that currently the development of such “cyber
physical systems” (CPS) takes an enormous
amount of time and resources, whereas the
artificial intelligence would reduce the gap
between the system’s inception and its deployment
“from years to months”.
AI systems development currently involves
contractors coming up with alternative designs
for certain artificial intelligence sub-systems,
each of them solving the tasks with various
levels of efficiency. However, testing each
design for functionality, efficiency and reliability
takes time and thus many suggestions are dropped
without being considered, potentially leaving
out promising solutions.
The testing of the remaining systems is still
a costly job – both in terms of time and
resources, but the task becomes almost trivial
with the use artificial intelligence modelling
in these tests. According to DARPA’s concept,
engineers will simply feed blueprints for
each design to a computer, which will then
determine the best alternative based on virtual
modelling of their respective functionality.
“Introduction of artificial intelligence techniques
in system design process will be a game changer,
and may result in a new generation of unexpected,
counterintuitive design solutions. We expect
order of magnitude improvement in design productivity,
but equally important, the appearance of surprises,
in the discovery of unconventional, but highly
performant designs”, the DARPA project description
The artificial intelligence is also expected
to detect anomalies in system designs, which
are often invisible to human engineers until
it’s too late, whereupon the system must be
significantly redesigned in order to function
The DARPA project was announced around a year
after thousands of artificial intelligence
researchers and scientists signed a collective
pledge to refrain from developing artificial
intelligence for lethal autonomous weapons
systems, such as autonomous armed robots.
The petitioners also called on governments
to agree on laws and regulations effectively
banning the development and construction of
such “killer robots”.
The idea of creating artificial intelligence
to serve the needs of the armed forces is
nothing new and has been extensively described
in the Terminator movies, where military artificial
intelligence, called SkyNet, went rogue and
used self-developed killer robots and cyborgs,
to wipe out humanity.
Despite numerous science fiction stories and
famous scientists cautioning humanity against
using artificial intelligence in various weapons
systems, it seems that the Pentagon has disregarded
these warnings?
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4 Replies to “U.S. Introducing Artificial Intelligence Technology Drones, Tanks even Fighters”

  1. Wasn't DARPA the same organisation that build a drone that cost more than a manned aircraft, forcing the DOD to buy Israeli drones.

  2. as long as they make artificial intelligence having to work through a network it will always be possible to be hacked including taking control of all the drones that may be under its control because China's remote control drones are so badly constructed they figured out how to do carbon fiber stuff so is everybody else but until the day that they physically in a grade motherboards into the skin all components will always be extra weight

  3. Well unless they make a different power system they're either going to have to run a natural gas fuel cell are gas powered cuz unless you get direct sunlight solar power efficiency of a drops huge and if you go as far as to make you just electrical power without a direct sell fuel conversion it's just added weight

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