Two Friends Explore Automotive Technician Career – T-TEN NOSTALGIA (Full Length)

Two Friends Explore Automotive Technician Career – T-TEN NOSTALGIA (Full Length)

What up?
What’s up?
How’s it going?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Good to see you.
Wanna get some grub?
Yeah, but my car’s driving
all messed up, man.
So why’d you bring it here?
Come on.
You’re the only one I know
that can fix it.
Yeah, right, fix it for free.
Yeah, exactly.
All right.
Come in.
I’ll get my tools.
Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

This place looks great since
you fixed it up, man.
Car’s looking good.
I’m going to put a TRD exhaust
system in this.
Gonna run so sweet.
So what’s wrong with it?
Looks great.
No, man.
Your car?
What did you do to it?
Oh, nothing man.
Engine’s all messed up.
It sounds rough.
May just be a loose hose.
I don’t know.
You’re the tech.
Let’s go take a look.

Do you ever think about
your future?
You like adventure, the freedom
to enjoy your life.
You like cars, like to
work with your hands.
Hey, If you’ve got the interest,
we’ve got the
Introducing T-TEN Toyota
Technical Education Network, a
rewarding way to jumpstart
your future
and launch your career.
Of course, you could always
do this for a living.

After I got out of high school,
I didn’t know what I
was going to do.
When I heard about T-TEN that’s
when I realized what a
wonderful program T-TEN is.
T-TEN has helped me succeed
in automotive industry.
It gave me a career
that I enjoyed.
On top of that, I even got the
opportunity to train the
future technicians.
I strongly believe in
the T-TEN program.

All right.
All right.
Turn it off.
That should do it.
That’s it?
That’s what you wanted.
That was quick.
You’re a magician.
It was nothing.
Just hook me up when you get
your own garage, all right?
Yeah, whatever.
No, I’m serious, man.
You should do this for real.
Come on.
Look, my brother, he took this
program with Toyota.
It taught him how to
fix cars, work on
engines, stuff like that.
What’s he do now?
Works for the Toyota
Racing Team.
That’s sweet.
Come on.
I know this instructor
down at the JC.
He’ll help you out.
We’ll take a drive down there.
Dude, I’ll drive.
No, because–
King Tonka, I’m buying.
Let’s go.

Whether you’re a high school
student considering your
options, or a college graduate
looking for your first job,
Toyota can help create a
path to your future.
Toyota is partnering with
high schools, colleges,
communities, and private
institutions in your area to
provide you with the education
and training you need to meet
today’s technically advanced
work environments.
At T-TEN, you get the hands on
experience and specialized
technical training to prepare
you for an exciting career at
a Toyota or Lexus dealership.
OK, guys.
Good work today.
Thank you.
I will see you all tomorrow.
Tell me a little more about this
program, because I heard
you could get GE credit towards
a bachelor’s degree.
Is that true?
That’s what’s so great
about this program.
Not only are you learning a
ton of helpful stuff, but
you’re doing what you love to do
and you’re earning credits
towards your college degree.
But why not be a technician
at any auto shop?
Why should I go through T-TEN?
If you looked into it, you’d
find that technicians who work
at new and used car dealers
earn more money than
technicians who work at local,
independent auto shops.
And where else are you going
to learn the specialized
skills you need for today’s
advanced vehicles?
Toyota and Lexus have
an outstanding
reputation for quality.
And I’m telling you, T-TEN
is no different.
Plus, they offer factory
certification, internship
opportunities which will
give you experience.
And that’s exactly what service
managers are looking
for when they hire new people.
If you like working on cars,
you like working with your
hands, you like making money,
T-TEN’s the answer.
That sounds so sweet.
Here’s a brochure.
It’s got the website and
an 800 number on it.
Or if you have any questions,
you can always
email or call me.
Thank you so much.
You’re welcome.
I appreciate it.
Thanks for doing this, Mr.
Davis, take it easy.

The bottom line, if you’re
looking for an opportunity to
learn the skills you’ll need to
jumpstart your career, then
T-TEN is right for you.
While enrolled in the T-TEN
program, you can meet new
people, earn college credits,
hone your skills with hands on
experience and prepare yourself
for an exciting career.

Best of all, you’ll be
confident knowing
you’re on your way.
Your future is wide-open and the
opportunities are endless.
Let Toyota and Lexus partner
with you and help get you the
future you deserve.
For more information on Toyota’s
T-TEN program, visit
us online at
That’s T, dash, T-E-N, dot com,
or call us toll free at
Jumpstart your future.

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