(water raging)
– [RCSparks] What a beautiful day
in the neighborhood, my friends.
A beautiful day indeed for
me to unveil the Traxxas
TRX4 Mercedes and G Wagon.
Look at this behemoth.
I absolutely love it.
I’ve been waiting for this to roll out
to North America,
and I am lucky to have
my hands on one so early.
Look at this, metal
skid plate on the front.
Mercedes symbol on the
front, looking choice.
I didn’t install a few LEDs in here
with the Traxxas just like yet.
Just so I know when I go off
trail here in a few minutes.
It’s gonna be a little bit shadier.
I did add some easy pull pins,
but man, I gotta say, this
thing is absolutely spectacular.
All stock, all around.
I think we should get it out on the trail
and see what it can do.
Way we go in low gear,
everything’s locked.
My first crawl, right into a huge boulder.
This portal axle’s
clearing it easily though.
(water raging)
What a beauty.
No snorkel on this yet,
so I’m not gonna be going deep.
Well, and it’s too pretty.
I’m a little nervous of
scratching it up. (laughs)
Look at this shot for scale epicness, aye?
Just incredible.
Not an overly aggressive
tire, you could say,
but definitely one that I think
is gonna have plenty attraction.
(water raging)
Just looks amazing.
(water raging)
A lotta people ask me,
“What’s the best scale truck to get?”
And I gotta say, the TRX4 lineup.
You know, it is pretty darn amazing.
There are many leaders out there,
but I put the TRX4 near
the top, that’s for sure.
(engine roaring)
(water raging)
A little bit of water to wash the tires.
Back it up.
(engine roaring)
Oh, did I get hung up?
Choose a different line, an inch over.
(engine roaring)
Nice and slow.
Like I took out my dad’s car,
and I wasn’t supposed to.
I didn’t ask. (laughs)
Drive it like I took
it out without asking.
Not that I’m encouraging that.
Just how I’m driving mine.
(engine roaring)
That sun is startin’
to get lower in the sky
in the afternoon.
I thought it would be a
nice break for a change
to do an afternoon video.
Such a nice vehicle.
The sun does well on it’s side.
Look at that articulation.
Box doc.
Cannot believe how much this scale world
has taken off in the last 10 years.
Really, it’s just phenomenal.
And the amount of creativity
we’re seeing from fabricators
and the manufacturers to
products they’re coming out with,
is you know, it’s unlimited.
(engine roaring)
We’ll see how I fare here
with choosing my line.
(engine roaring)
Not bad, a little bit more.
Wanna make sure to be all locked up there.
(engine roaring)
Beautiful clearance in the valley area.
(engine roaring)
Into the shadow.
That was easy.
(engine roaring)
Okay, so here is something
that is very hard
to translate on camera.
This area here
is exceptionally steep
going up to the top.
I’ve never made it going up.
A few times coming down I
have, but if you fail here,
you immediately fall down the Abyss,
like it ain’t easy if it goes
down into the woodpile there,
and there’s not a lot to grab
to come right back up. (chuckles)
But I think today, if I win, excellent.
If I fail, not so good.
It’s such a nice paint job.
Low year.
See what I did there, low gear.
(engine roaring)
I think the crawl ability
is definitely possible
as long as I approach
this straight on here.
(engine roaring)
Oh, straight on (laughs)
on an angle as it can get.
(engine roaring)
It’s going to need some real speed.
(engine roaring)
Oh, come on.
(engine roaring)
Oh, I chickened out,
because failure is so close.
(engine roaring)
(engine roaring)
There it is, there it is.
Whoa, it wants to tip over right there.
(engine roaring)
Come on, failure is not an option.
Everyone is watching.
Yes, come on.
Okay, I do have a little
bit of margin for error,
the top it.
(engine roaring)
I avoided failure in front of everybody.
And I don’t have to go down there.
Okay, let’s bring it down.
And I mean down.
Real far.
Per nice and slow will win.
Let that drag break on
the ESCN motor do its job.
It’s just rolling neutral right now.
Just making sure if I wheel placement.
(engine roaring)
Easily done.
Always watching my wheel placement.
Into the smallest amount of mud. (laughs)
(engine roaring)
It’s all right.
I don’t wanna get this beautiful
pain job done yet anyway.
Be that I can straddle through it.
(engine roaring)
And then everybody boos,
and then I just freakin’ give her,
(engine roaring)
and everyone goes, “Yeah!”
At least we got some mud on the side.
Well, just a eenie,
weenie, tiny little bit.
Looks like someone splashed
me when they drove by.
(engine roaring)
Look at this
Straight up to the trials area.
(engine roaring)
Big hole.
Just gonna try to hop
right over this area.
Put it in high gear.
(engine roaring)
Ooh, little rougher than I wanted.
Still, same outcome.
(engine roaring)
Back it up a bit.
(engine roaring)
Hop over.
I always crawl with this saying in mind:
“As slow as possible,
as fast as necessary.”
And it really has, you know,
it helped my crawl ability.
And always look ahead on the trail,
whether it’s full-size or small-scale.
(engine roaring)
(car crashing)
That’s beautiful paint.
Rubbin’ a little bit there.
I see.
(engine roaring)
We’re through, we’re through.
(engine roaring)
Beautiful great run for the trail today.
(water raging)
And you know there’s no way in heck,
I’m not gonna end this
with a gray water crossing, of course.
Thanks for joining me today,
guys, on my RC adventure.
You can see that my Mercedes G Wagon
is certainly just that, all in style,
even as it crosses over the creek.
(engine roaring)
Let’s wash those tires off.
In fact, let’s put it in high
gear and wash those tires off.
(engine roaring)
Get some real power goin’ there.
That’s on a 3S life battery today, guys.
Everything gettin’ washed out there.
That rim looking absolutely fantastic.
Let’s see if I can back it up.
(engine roaring)
There we go.
Choose a slightly different line.
(engine roaring)
Let it fight its way through
and onto the next RC adventure.
Alright, so on my way back,
I have this massive
incline you guys can’t see.
It looks just like a field, I get it.
It goes way up.
People have even tried
to step stairs into it,
because it’s so steep.
And it’s multi-leveled up there,
and then you gotta keep
up, feet, keep on going.
Best thing about the TRX4, one of them,
is that I can put it on cruise control.
Check this out.
Just turning up my multi-function button,
and it’ll start going forward right.
I set it on cruise control.
And all I have to do is steer it,
and it’ll give itself power.
Now I can turn up the speed if I want.
And it’ll just crawl with me.
Locked, unlocked, it don’t matter.
Straight up.
Like (chuckles), like that kind of step.
I better pay attention to driving.
(engine roaring)
I love how this thing climbs.
And barely any effort for me.
(engine roaring)
It’s almost like taking
your pup for a walk.
Except this is legal.
And I don’t have to pick up.
(man laughing)
Okay, here’s one of the hardest spots.
It just goes vertical here.
So I’m gonna try and go around.
Still no throttle.
It’s doing its own thing.
(breathing heavily)
It’s going faster than I am, ironically.
Here’s the first stop.
Turn it down before it goes off the edge.
(breathing heavily)
And it goes away down.
So there it is, guys.
The Traxxas G Wagon.
What do you think?
Pretty gnarly, aye?
Also pretty darn capable.
I can’t believe how far
trail trucks have come.
The technology is fantastic.
Anyway, thanks all for joining me today.
Hopefully you enjoyed this.
Blew your mind with the capability.
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Of course subscribe and get notified
so you can always be
up-to-date on my videos,
always with new RC’s exciting ideas
and something to inspire
you on RC Adventures.
Now get outside.
Have fun with the hobby of RC.
Bye for now.


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  2. So I'm planning to get into scale trail riding and a little crawling. I was looking at the axial scx10 ii chassis. I enjoy modding and upgrades and it seems like the aftermarket support is great for axial. But what is your opinion between this the traxxis and the axial.

  3. It's really a very beautiful body, and very faithful to the 1.1 scale. Excellent trail run and very good video !!

  4. Fan of the channel, the video was great but I am not a fan of that truck. Just not my style I guess, looks like a cheap toy instead of something nice.

  5. Been watching youtube videos and unboxings on this from the UK for a couple months now, I love it. Its available in black there which would be nice here. Great video.

  6. Medic, a quick question. I'm building a TR-X4 from scratch 2 speed with locking diffs. Should I muck around trying to get my 6 channel transmitter to operate the truck or just buy the proper TR-X4 transmitter and receiver?

  7. I can see those tires getting swapped out really soon. They look great, but the tires have very little sidewall, so they don’t look the best for crawling. I hope Traxxas keeps the design but makes the rims smaller and adds some sidewall. I know they’re supposed to look proportionate to the truck though. I saw the TRX4 G Wagon in Kansas two weeks ago, and I was surprised to hear they were bringing it to North America. It’s a cool looking truck.

  8. Anything can have cruise control if you just adjust the throttle trim so it rolls on its own. And while I don't have much nice to say about Traxxas, I am really glad Medic is feeling better and getting out on some trails and getting out to events.

  9. I love that video you did where the old guy narrates and you were doing new Time video footage I think that guy's voice is when we were back in school;)

  10. That traxxis is awesome I love the body but you know it made me think I've seen so many body's and ive never seen a ford ranger body for a hobby grade rc like why I feel like they would kill

  11. The paint job kinda looks like a radio shack special and the wheels look pretty lame as well ..I wouldn't mind having the chassis.. and I see an advantage by having lexan I'm not hating on it ..but it does look more toy than scale..

  12. Ok so I’ve been looking at getting a trx 4 but I’ve held out to see what issues came up and I must say other than everyone saying all the servos going bad after a period of time I’m happy to say outta the box I’m impressed with it

  13. Great details, very lifelike. However, I've always hated that body style. I understand that tastes differ, but in my opinion, this might be the ugliest vehicle Traxxas has ever made. Again, just an opinion, and they did a great job making it look real if you happen to like this style of truck.

  14. Nice SUV my man great super scale look even got mini you driving awesome video keep it up rcsparks is the whole reason I now have three rc trucks live for the sport

  15. I got my popcorn, my big boy glass of Stella Artois

    And I'm just here scrolling through the comments hoping to have a good laugh at how salty people can be over a hobby truck haha πŸ˜‚

  16. Uhm since you live near me where would you recommend me and my dad should go for racing so.ething that has every thing like water hill climd sand rock a bunch of stuff If you could tell me that would be great

  17. Like your videos bro,but to be honest i did not sit down from this truck.. i mean nice and new but it aint that woow factor to me. Thumbs up anyway thanks for another 12 min of Mediiiic πŸ˜‰

  18. LMAO!!! Looks like one of those cheap walmart new bright toy rc's. Traxxas should of chose a different body. That body is so damn ugly. Would be cool to see an old chevy type body.

  19. hey DJ always a joy to watch i hope you are doing well my family and i keep you in our thoughts well let me rephrase we keep you and your family in our thoughts πŸ˜‰ you rock my man m/

  20. Sparks! Got my 5th RC today. I said Id never get a crawler there to slow. I bought a crawler Redcat gen 8. I also use to be a Traxxas only fan boy, but I don't like the TRX4. After all these years watching I finally got my first crawler and its a RC you don't have.

  21. Nice looking. Question?Why did you set the cruise control using the knob? Is it different or no longer avail on TRX4? I get it. I've done it with my Axial but normally you'd use the throttle to set the speed and then press the SET button on top of the radio.
    HA! I think I just answered my own question. Why? Because your Driving and Filming at the same time. As always great video!

  22. Well the value of my g500 hardbody just went down…its off of a new bright rc from several years ago and the last one I seen for sale went for $500 on ebay. It just sits in my basement an never got put on another vehicle. Came with working headlights from the factory which are still functional

  23. You always do the best work. You can test a product. I always love your work, keep up the awesome vids.. I never skip a video. I havent been out in months really busy at work so your vids keep me occupied meanwhile. Thanks so much rc sparks.

  24. Hey Medic, I'm so glad you made this. Cause like you I wanted this for months and I heard a LOT OF PEOPLE complain about the tires even tho they are scale and you proved it is very capable. I've seen you do that hill many times with other cars and it's tough. And the overall video quality is awesome as usual. My wife works for Benz and we both say that Traxxas should've put at least a fake tire carrier on the back. Most real ones have it and if they don't it's cause it has run flats. Well hope you are feeling ok. Gonna watch my favorite show You Tube Gold Baby!!!

  25. I just placed an order for the new Traxxas TRX-4 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6. Cant wait for it to get here, it looks fun. I am really getting into RC Crawling and really enjoy it.

    Traxxas has really stepped up big time on a lot of these new models, such as the TRX-4 (Traxx, Mercedes-Benz G500, Blazer, Defender, Bronco, Tactical, Sport, Sport Kit Version, Standard Kit Version, and the new Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6), X-Maxx, E-Revo V2.0, Ultimate Desert Racer, 4-Tec V2.0. the drivetrain on those models is very stout and the rest of the parts are a lot stronger than they used to be. I just wish they would update the models that use the Slash Chassis with upgraded drive train like the E-Revo V2.0.

    I have a Slash 4×4 Ultimate and had put a lot of money into it and have started Racing it.
    I also have a UDR, X-Maxx, 4-Tec V2.0 VXL (with the Beautiful Silver CTS-V and Graphite Corvette Z06 Bodies from Traxxas), Original Nitro 4-Tec with a 3.3 Engine, E-Revo V2.0 (Sold my original E-Revo and picked up the new one), T-Maxx Pro .15, 2.5 and 3.3, Rustler VXL, Bandit VXL, Nitro Rustler with a 3.3 Engine, Jato 3.3, 1/16th Scale E-Revo VXL, Nitro-Vee Pro .15 Boat, and now the TRX-4 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6. I also want to get a Summit

  26. Ive been looking at this. Then I heard about the 6×6 version of traxxas crawlers. Guess ill wait for that. This is my new channel btw.

  27. Looking good Medic! Not a big fan of this body but the red is sharp. Even with those tires it performs very wellπŸ‘πŸ‘

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