Toyota’s Car of the Future

Toyota’s Car of the Future

– Hey guys, this is Austin.
Every year at CES we see
a lot of tech and cars,
but no one really does
it better than Toyota.
So when Toyota reached
out and offered to sponsor
a look at what they’ve got at the show,
I couldn’t say no.
The biggest, shiniest new
toy is known as the TRI-P4.
This is developed by
Toyota’s Research Institute
and is built around the Lexus LS 500h.
Unlike most autonomous vehicles,
this actually looks cool.
Yeah I know, it’s a revolutionary concept.
It’s still heavily
modified with things like
lidar, camera, radar, and much more,
but the most important thing is that
Toyota is actually taking
two approaches here.
Their Guardian tech is about making
driving safer with a
person behind the wheel,
whereas Chauffeur’s all about
full autonomy in almost any scenario.
Now this is a big deal, right?
Autonomous vehicles are not ready
for the mainstream just yet.
There’s still a lot of work to do
to bring fully driverless
cars to the mainstream,
but Toyota is such a huge company,
and they span across so many areas
that it’s really
interesting to take a look
at some of their other investments.
I got the chance to cohost the
Toyota Untold podcast recently
to get a better idea of
how this all plays out.
– Yeah, so Toyota AI Ventures
is Toyota’s first dedicated
venture capital fund,
and it’s focused on investing
in early stage companies
that are focusing on
artificial intelligence,
data as applied to autonomous
mobility, and robotics.
Many of the startups are
defining what mobility means,
and so we are investing in those companies
that are defining mobility.
– Another cool company
here is May Mobility.
Now this is actually a company who
has autonomous vehicles
on the road right now
in Detroit as well as Columbus,
and this is their next generation vehicle.
So this is a version that would
have absolutely no driver.
So as you can see in the front seat
I’m actually facing back
toward other passengers,
and as it has all these different sensors
and as the technology develops,
you can imagine a fully autonomous
version of this vehicle.
Unlike a lot of the
vehicle stuff here at CES,
May Mobility actually has
these on the streets right now.
So it is a slightly different version,
and it does have a driver,
so in case there’s any kind of issues,
but the idea is that
this is the final format
of what it will become
hopefully in the next few years.
Something you don’t exactly see every day
is a hydrogen-powered truck.
So this is Project Portal.
It’s a collaboration
between Kenworth and Toyota,
and it’s a, well, let’s just take a look.
Not quite like any truck
you’ve seen or that I’ve seen.
This is where the magic happens.
There are six carbon fiber hydrogen tanks
which are enough to use the
electric motor right behind it
to pull a ton of cargo.
This is actually more powerful
that a standard diesel truck.
So now I get to explore the truck.
This may be a questionable idea.
I’ve actually never been
inside of one of these before.
This is really cool.
So what’s interesting about this
is that the truck chassis itself
is not that different
from a lot of others,
but there’s a lot of special
bespoke parts for this one.
For example, there’s a Mirai
shifter here because why not?
What’s cool about this is that
it actually is a proper truck too.
There is a full 300 miles of range,
and right now the prototype is
actually at the port of L.A.
bringing cargo back and forth all day.
So it’s actually a really interesting idea
of getting away from a standard electric
or standard sort of diesel truck
into something that’s just
a little bit more high tech.
By a little I mean a lot.
Hydrogen’s pretty cool.
The days of a car company that
just makes cars that will
get you from point A to
point B are quickly ending.
Technology is rapidly changing things,
alternative fuels are
rapidly changing things,
and the idea that you don’t
actually have to drive your car
is a big, big selling point.
So it is super interesting to see
just how Toyota is
taking advantage of this
and really becoming an all new company.

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  1. The link you shared with me through gmail on Google photos, I am not able to get any gift card or iPhone x. Please help.

  2. Every car company says the same thing.. "This is the vehicle of the future"
    If fully electric cars we're budget friendly, I'm pretty sure thousands of people should to an electric car.

  3. Meanwhile at Tesla headquarters..

    Elon: We should put fart mode into the new model 3!
    Vice President: But toyota is almost beating us!

    Elon: Your fired.

  4. Most standard big rigs today get well over 1k miles till they fill up . So 300 miles for a big rig wouldnt even be viable even for local stuff.

  5. LMAO this is so biased, theres way better autonomous vehicle companies where there designs aren't eyesores. Tesla, Byton, Rivian

  6. This can actually be a Tesla competitor. For petrolheads and people who love luxury cars. This Lexus is it, but for eletric fanboys. Tesla is still your best pick.

  7. What are you talking about with that shifter? Their reason for changing from a stick shift is "why not"???
    If they're sponsoring the video I'm surprised they didn't give you a guided tour or some information about what you were supposed to be showing people.

  8. Shout out to Elon musk. He was told electric cars would never work now most car companies are flocking to make electronic cars. 😂

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