Toyota Manufacturing Plant in Kentucky | Toyota

Toyota Manufacturing Plant in Kentucky | Toyota

(upbeat music) – What I like most about my job is I get to put my hands on the car. I get to fix things, I
get to troubleshoot things I get to work with people on the floor and I’m a people person. So I love interacting with those people, hearing their stories, how
they interact with the vehicle. I love it all. (upbeat music) It’s almost like a child,
like I saw it grow up and develop to what it is today. (upbeat music) – The fact that I can actually show people what I do, what I put on that vehicle, how I helped assembly put
that vehicle together. So when someone ask me I can show them this is my part, this is what
I do, this is how I do it. Show them the parts that
I have and show them why I go to work and do this every single day. – What I love about Toyota
is over the last 20 years, I’ve become a better person
because I’ve worked here. (upbeat music) You know, we build great cars and I’ve learned many things technically, but it’s really about the people and what you learn from the people. – You interact with
people and everybody here is passionate about
making a great vehicle. We all want the best vehicle
possible for our customers. So we fight hard for what we believe in. – Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of changes here being at Toyota since 99. And that’s really been our mission here, it’s not to make, you
know, just a better car, but also a better plant
here in North America. We’ve invested well
over 1.3 billion dollars in our Kentucky facility
for looking at reinventing our plant that’s been here
in America for over 30 years. – Sometimes a very small improvements, but every small improvement
builds on another small improvement, builds on another. And that is what really makes
big improvements that happen because Toyota believes that a
process can always be better. – When I see a Toyota
driving down the road, I’m proud that I put in
work into those vehicles and people I know put their
hands on those vehicles. (music fading out)

6 Replies to “Toyota Manufacturing Plant in Kentucky | Toyota”

  1. Toyota Kentucky is SO versatile (stamping facility, plastics shop, engine components shop, testing area) and so environmentally friendly.

  2. Toyota employing thousands of Americans and making cars proudly built in America , while on the other hand GM closing plants and laying off thousands of workers while keeping Mexican and chinese plants open! I’d buy a Toyota any day to support the American jobs. Anyways Toyota makes a way better product that’s known for legendary reliability!!

  3. I'm never buying a toyota again. I have a 2009 Camry with severe oil consumption problems because it's built in the country who can't build cars (the USA). If I wanted an american built POS that would break down i'd buy any other american car.

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