16 Replies to “Toyota Highlander: Highlander Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle | Toyota”

  1. Wow. This is even better then GM's hybrid cell technology.

    You guys did say you were going to have a hybrid choice for all your models by 2020 Right?

  2. ahh. I see

    I heard the Venza getting the hybrid hardware in 2011 and the Sienna is in 2012

    I hope to see the Yaris hybrid too!!!!!!

  3. For the last 18 months, GM has been more interested it's hinny than hydrogen. N1 doesn't like hydrogen so GM is a changin' it's tune.

  4. @ehnriko
    1KG of Hydrogen = 1 Gal of gasoline = 3.78541178 liters

    Keep in mind that they are talking about energy equivalents.
    How far you can go depends on how efficiently you can convert the energy content of your fuel into mechanical motion.

    Why don't they just give us vehicles that can get 60-70 MPG of gasoline?
    The infrastructure for distribution of gasoline is already in place.

  5. 1 Kg of Hydrogen is how many Liters of Hydrogen?

    I want to know the volume of hydrogen from kg to liter.

    Could someone please help me with this as I can't find it on Google….

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