Toyota Corolla vs Camry, Which is Worse

Toyota Corolla vs Camry, Which is Worse

rev up your engines
jarred madam says Corolla vs.
Camry well that’s your decision they’re
both excellent cars but the camrys cost
more than the Corollas you want to pay
more to get a bigger car you get a
little bit better gas mileage with the
Corolla but you’re gonna get a lot
better ride in a Camry that is your
decision of what you want to spend how
much money you want to put into a
vehicle and how long you’re gonna keep
it now what you’re gonna use it for
because the Camrys rides so much better
than the Corollas do I mean they just do
when I rent cars I’ve always trying to
get a Camry cuz if they ride great
especially if I’m taking my 92 year old
mother somewhere I wanted to be comfy so
I would rather rent a Camry cuz it’s
gonna ride better they even though it
gets a little bit worse gas mines in a
Corolla it isn’t that much different at
myself I’d go for a Camry but you pay a
lot less for the car all then they both
last a long time
Sarah 107 1294 I need to sell my Nissan
Altima 2016 not for watching your
channel my friend I won’t be able to
sell it how long should it take to sell it I’m
not asking a lot well if you’re not
asking a lot you’ll be able to sell
pretty fast my first thing would be it’s
a 2016
drive it to a car max they buy cars see
what they offer you for the thing you
never know they might offer you more
than you think and they just get rid of
the stupid thing
now if they hardly offer you any more
Don it runs okay my advice is you drive
it until it falls apart and then just
get rid of it because if you’re not
gonna get much money for it you might as
well as Drive the stupid thing you own
it by lose a whole bunch of money
sometimes they can last reasonable
amount of time I’d never tell somebody
to buy one but if you already have it
you’re not gonna get much for it you
might as well as keep it and drive it no
there’s Scotty telling you keep a nice
sum which I normally don’t say but if
you can’t solve for much money it runs
okay muzzle was just driving under the
ground of smelly clown Scotty I keep
hearing on Nissan a chrysler used to be
good car company before ever knowing
Fiat bottom as a car company ever
improved the brand after purchasing that
you know a lot of times it’s just like a
fire sale as far as I’m concerned for a
short period of time
Jaguar actually got better when Tata the
Indian company bottom they put a lot of
money into them and they started to make
a profit
Tata after they bought Jaguar and Land
Rover they
to make a profit but then a couple of
years it all started to go downhill now
from what I see Jaguar and Land Rover
are 50% owned by Tata and by a Chinese I
think it’s cherry the company or who
knows maybe the clouds go up again then
because the Chinese I’m wearing the
building quality these days than they
used to be but not really one things
merge there’s a problem in one or both
companies that’s not generally such a
hot deal Lobo okay there I got a Fiat
Punto Grande 2007 the starter motors
been grinding for a month and not won’t
turn on and on there’s a strange noise
alright you should have replaced the
starter when it’s grinding here’s how
they work you turn the key the starter
sense power from the battery it spins
the engine it’s got a gear on the
starter that meshes with your flywheel
and spins it around teeth on the
flywheel your grinding that’s the
starter and the flywheel grind in each
other apart
if you’ve ruined the flywheel now you’re
gonna have to pull the transmission off
the vehicle change the expense of
flywheel in the starter and away you go
if it just starts to grind you should
immediately take the starter off put a
new start around starters are easy and
cheap to replace fly wheels can cost you
well over $1000 so try another starter
and see what happens I mean it’s a Fiat
so my advice is if you do put a starter
and start selling as fast as you can
because they’re piles of junk
era 1071 924 Scotty I love you YouTube
channel you’re entertaining
I want to purchase an SUV crossover with
some dowels and whistles and have 18
grand won’t be the best reliable bang
for my buck Toyota or Lexus if you want
long-term for 18 grand if you want all
the bells and whistles it’s gonna have
some mileage on it’s gonna be somewhat
old you could easily find say a Ford
Expedition or a big GM but two pieces
junk as they age you’re not gonna be
happy with that and more reliability of
a Toyota or Lexus and you’d be happy in
a long run let’s say you want a fancy
entertainment system heck you can get a
good Android system for a couple hundred
bucks and a guy like me can put it in
for a hundred bucks rather than buying
one car that has one in and it’s got all
the bells and whistles of eight thousand
dollars in extra add-ons when you don’t
want them also you might take less bells
and whistles and an immodest
goes my Frank Guerra I gotta know 3.2
caught a 4.7 truck overheated and turned
off not doesn’t want to start no power
put a battery charger on nothing the
first thing you want to do I got a video
getting an old car running a set for
years watch that the first thing you
want to do is get a long extension bar
and a socket on the end on your crank
ball well the fan belts are driven put
the socket on there try to turn the
engine over you can’t turn the engine
over make it spin whole 360 degrees and
not again the engines locked up and it’s
toasters junk that when they overheat
and do that that’s often what happens to
them they will lock up now you want to
pray that it was something like your
alternator went bad and then you ran out
of power so then the car won’t start try
a battery from somebody else’s car put
it in your car and see if it’ll start
pray it does because if a dozen odds are
you overheated the engine and locked it
up never drive a car that’s overheating
until it stops Ronnie because you can
destroy now there’s a kid back in the
day everything was cast-iron the engines
the blocks the heads and they could
overheat and sometimes cool down and
start up a run down the road but the new
ones are all aluminum and when they
overheat they generally warping you can
say goodbye to your crash they’ll never
drive when it starts overheat and turn
the thing off tow it somewhere don’t try
to drive it there’s one they might get
rid of the car mirrors the United States
is beginning testing of cars that don’t
have mirrors anymore but just cameras
there’s already some vehicles in Japan
Toyota and likes yourself that have the
cameras on them instead of side view and
rear view mirrors they don’t have any
United States yet they’re still have
traditional mirrors on the lookout of
retrain people so that they got
something to look at and if it’s more
direct I kind of agree with that because
when you look at the side view mirrors
you’re turning your head right well if
there was an upfront display where you
had both the rear view say in the middle
and each side camera next to it that you
could just glance you could see if
anybody was coming and your brain could
realize that a lot faster than having to
turn your head and look at the mirrors
because let’s face it you turn your head
and look at the mirror and I’m looking
straight ahead if you’re looking
straight ahead and there’s a camera
system hey that’s not a bad idea I think
that’s a pretty good idea one of the few
really modern tech things that I think
if you don’t have to turn your head to
look at a mirror makes a lot more sense
of having to turn your app Kimberly
Ibarra says what is the best economical
used car to trade in for I’d say Toyota
Corolla da canonical they’d run round
Ron Ron Ron not any problems number two
would be the Honda Civic the Toyotas are
a little bit better the civics are also
excellent vehicles I don’t want to lose
though you’d probably be really happy
with their well made to get good gas
mods they can run forever and the
insurance on them isn’t all that
expensive because they’re not a big fast
car where you’re gonna pay a ton for
insurance because it goes too fast it’s
big and can do a lot of damage it’s a
smaller car so you’re gonna save money
on both ends they’re thinking about
getting a Ford Ranger 97 trying to
convince my dad he says no cuz it’s too
old but the one I’m looking at is in
good condition those Rangers couldn’t
get good trucks if they’re not too high
mileage and you have a mechanic like me
check it out there’s nothing wrong with
getting an old one like that the parts
available you can fix them parts aren’t
all that expensive for those either
because they’re Fords
there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it
if you get one that’s still got a lot of
life left there now that said I would
tell you to probably stay away from the
four-wheel-drive ones because that old
the four-wheel-drive stuff can get
really expensive to work on it can break
stick to just the plain rear-wheel drive
ones you need to have a better result
getting trucks are gonna last as long
but since their Fords there’s so many
parts available and they’re relatively
decent built trucks there’s nothing
wrong with that
Omar means assess Scotty why does my
2017 Dodge Charger say service
electronic throttle body and it idles
roughly well because computer knows
there’s a problem and so it says service
the throttle body so my advice is watch
my video make your car run better with a
little spray cleaner bite a spray
cleaner for like 12 13 dollars from the
two bottles and do it yourself
clean it up a lot of times carbon builds
up on those things the cleaning can fix
them it’s a pretty simple thing to do
you can do it yourself and pray that
that fixes it and that it’s not an
electronic failure because dodges are
notorious for having electronic problems
as they age they just have weak
electronic systems they always have it
doesn’t matter that fiat took over fiat
is the company that has a history of
electronic problems so it’s like bad
plus bad isn’t good the viral opes
Scottie I live in Europe here we drive a
lot of Opel what do you think of them
well strangely enough the first guy out
rolled was an Opel I got it for 550
bucks and I drove the crap on it but was
very hard to get parts because Buick
imported them in the United States and
so when the carburetor kept acting off
I actually made gaskets for it out of an
old Kellogg’s cereal box thought it out
drilled holes and it worked her to be
fine so now opals are one of the early
car manufactures in Germany they make
some good cars there’s no arguing that
and you sell them I was in England there
were a lot of them there and people
liked them so you know there’s
absolutely nothing wrong with an Opel I
know in Europe for ages they sold luxury
cars – with big v8 engines in them we
only got the ones haven’t a little bitty
four-cylinder engines back in the day
and a lot of kids bottom cuz they didn’t
cost much Daniel Green says do you know
what could cause the PCM to overeat and
a 99 Dodge Durango well here’s some
problem with computers the computer has
one tiny fuse for the whole computer
treater itself if you look at it you see
a bunch of connectors with tons of wires
that go into it now those wires that
fuses on it soft you have a short and
wiring or any of the sensors that feed
it can make the PCM overheat and you got
to figure out which one it can be a cow
figuring out which one is starting to
short out and of course it could just be
knowing dodges the computer itself
squaring out and the internal circuit
boards are starting to warp and short
out and there’s overheating because it’s
shorting out inside like a bad toaster
and smoke starts coming out of you know
it’s time for a new one but like I said
it could be any wire or any sensor I’ve
had people think oh well to overheat
I’ll just put a new computer they put it
in and it overheats to because it’s
something else that causes it that is a
no-fun thing to trace down all of those
wires but you’re gonna have to start
tracing those you want to figure out
what it is
Scottie have you ever owned a Crown Vic
okay crown vics are known as grandpa
cars but the crown vics are great
grandpa cars you know you can put a lot
of people in them they get decent gas
mileage for their size on highway a lot
of coasters with them and they like you
know but they are a grandpa car and I
don’t want to be sick of myself as a
grandpa that’s state of mind
yellow on the popo says Scotty my car
makes a grinding noise when I turn the
wheel and accelerate the track control
light comes on
okay generally when you get that so we
Barin going out makes a grinding noise
that’s the wheel bearing grinding and
the traction control I can come on
because there’s ABS sensor and four
wheel bearings going it’s gonna start
wobbling around and then the ABS sensors
gonna give ridiculous data to the
computer which is going to turn the
light on so check the wheel bearings
first that’s the most common thing I got
a video how to replace wheel bearings on
your car watch and it shows how you can
check them out and you can decide you
really want to do a job that bigger
you’re gonna pay a mechanic to do it
Stan in Indiana a state trooper was
driving on a roll and lo and behold the
person in front of them threw a dirty
diaper out of the window of their car
that smacked right under the troopers
windshield a dirty diaper legolas
decided chopper pulled them over and
gave him a ticket for littering he was
probably laughing his rear end off it
didn’t hurt anybody didn’t break the
windshield aside or anything
think twice before you throw dirty
diapers out the window on the highway
it’s dangerous anyway I mean a third
month some got a motorcycle and you
throw that diaper in a book could kill
them out if you’re thinking about
getting electric car
maybe you should sink seriously a buying
an off lease electric car it turns out
that they have horrendously low resale
values and let the original lessee pay
off the big bunk and then you can get a
deal for example a 2016 Nissan Leaf
which originally listed almost $30,000
goes for about $10,000 in a New York
City car dealership goes for one third
of what it was originally and I know you
can get deals like this because I have a
customer who recently got a Model S the
top-of-the-line Tesla he bought it with
15,000 miles on it
the original owner paid a hundred and
twenty something thousand dollars for it
he bought it with 15,000 miles on for
$45,000 no I still wouldn’t pay forty
five grand for it but he paid what just
about one-third what the originally I
did it’s only got 15,000 miles on it so
if you really are thinking electric car
let some fool take the middle the first
one and then get a little mileage one
later on cuz let’s face it a lot of
these electric cars
low mileage because you can’t drive from
cross country they don’t have the range
so if you don’t want electric truck not
a bad idea
buy used ones even better than used
gasoline car even they don’t drop values
that fast there’s a company out there
they’re made a Lexus completely out of
cardboard that you can drive around a
company called laser cut works made to
think diagrams from Lexus to make sure
all the parts are the right size and
they built a Lexus out of cardboard and
put an electric motor inside so it could
be driven around of course this is just
a one-off thing to highlight what these
guys can do a laser cut work so I guess
it’s kind of an advertising thing for
but out there somewhere on the planet
there’s a Lexus may not completely on a
cardboard is an electric motor that you
can drive around I would guess that you
don’t want to take that baby out in the
rain or it’s going to be a soggy wet car
portlets it’s not something people are
gonna want to mass-produce that’s for
sure progressive three to three Scotty
I’m considering buying it used out for
romão GT in Europe what should I look
for I have no experience with cars look
for a psychiatrist you might be going
insane those things are endless money
and the only thing worse than an alpha
I’m here GT is a used a GT guys buy they
beat the heck out of NATO all up over
time and you said you would have more
experience with cars at all do not buy
that car it’s something more illogical
don’t buy that sports car it’s probably
gonna fall apart in front of your very
eyes if it hasn’t already now if you
absolutely positively must don’t go to a
dealer of course the dealer’s gonna tell
you to buy it cuz they’re gonna make a
fortune fix it if you don’t want to get
one of those find an independent
mechanic like me who’s giving you an
honest advice I give honest advice to
customers I mean I have people I hate
Porsches I people bring me them I check
them out before they buy mine I tell
them the truth I say look well if you
don’t mind an endless money pit
here’s the shape this one is in now and
I’ll hook up my $5,000 can’t all go
through it there’s almost always a bunch
of little things wrong and I said well
if you don’t mind all this little crap
and you just want a toy for the weekend
sometimes I said go ahead and buy it if
you can get it cheap enough but with
that outfit I’d say never ever buy one
of those things especially and
used one
very Kindle the turn signals won’t work
on my 2003 l200 Saturn the bulbs are
okay to check the Bob’s all four of an
al work the first thing to do is a fuse
for all the whole turn signal system
let’s say the fuse is blown your place
it and it doesn’t blow sometimes they’ll
wear out that thing is what 17 years old
but if it’s not the fuse that’s okay
generally it’s the flasher unit you go
to a place like autozone and say I need
to turn signal flasher for my Saturn not
only gonna show you a picture where it
is they can sell you and it can help
show you how to put it in it’s a pretty
simple job if it’s not back then often
it’s the turn signal assembly off of
your steering wheel would you click the
arm up and down those break down that
take the steering column apart it’s a
real pain in the butt to do you’d
probably want to pay a mechanic to do
that pray it’s not that cuz that’s the
most expensive thing that can go wrong
often is just a turn signal flasher
you’d get it in the auto parts store
smithereens Scotty Angela lair for news
Anna can you recommend a scanner for a
92 Mitsubishi GTO I bought a box obd2
but it won’t work that’s obd one that’s
on yours and our places that say yeah
you can get an adapter to put on an old
biddy you point out anyone those things
hardly ever work i’ve got like six of
them behind me hanging on a wall and
none of them would ever work when i
tried using the obd2 on obd one if you
really want to get a scan tool for that
you got to realize you’re not gonna get
that much data cuz it’s so old but in my
case I don’t wall back there I got an
old snap-on we called them brick
scanners cuz they look like a brick go
to ebay you could probably get a used
one somewhere on eBay cheap enough and
just make sure that you can get one that
has the Mitsubishi adapter that fits on
the Mitsubishi and has the Mitsubishi
data port that goes in the way they work
is each one of those things have two
Clips ones for foreign ones for American
and then the other side is for the model
so you’d need the Asian cartridge that
clips on one side the Mitsubishi chip
that goes on the other and if people can
sell you one of those go ahead you won’t
get all that much data but that’s about
as much as you’re gonna find if you want
to try to find a machine that does that
because doing all Beauty two to one
convergence my experience of sync don’t
work at all JC 83 Scotty I got a 2016
Honda Civic with 90,000 miles the AC
bond hot and the compressor and the fans
are not turning on any suggestions
anytime you’re a CEO
work you start with the most logical
thing first you if you don’t have them
paying mechanic put a set of AC gauges
on the low side in the high side see
what the pressures are you see the
pressures low
you know it’s low on refrigerant so you
attempt to add some refrigerant to see
if it’ll turn on you’re saying the
compressor isn’t turning on you start
adding a little refrigerant starts to
turn on thinking Oh was law and
refrigerant there comes the hard part
cuz if it’s longer frigid you have no
idea how low it is the only way to
correctly fill it just like I do I’m a
mechanic I’ve got it the equipment I
recycle the old stuff suck off to
nothing and then I put in a factory load
by weight I go by kilograms like it’s a
point seven six old kilograms that’s
what I put back into the system and then
you know what’s full now let’s say you
put it on and it won’t take any at all
well then odds are you got some kind of
a problem in the compressor or some
other serious problem that you’re really
better off having a mechanical get
because diagnose an AC stuff can get
really complicated but a lot of times
it’s just low and refrigerant have that
checked first exams of seven Scotty do I
need to get in alignment after I get new
tires in the 2010 Honda Accord to make
sure they don’t wear unevenly it doesn’t
pull or shake at high speeds thanks
you’re kind of taking a gamble so you
know and the line it cuz they’re always
gonna try to sell you stuff when they do
that and whether it’s in alignment or
not they’ll probably say it’s a hot an
alignment we’re gonna charge you for an
alignment what you can normally tell
though if you don’t want to gamble is
look at your all tires and if there
weren’t perfectly evenly even though
they’re worn out don’t waste your money
but if the scalp and one side or worn
the Miller side then yeah you want to
get it aligned but if your alters even
though they’re worn out we’re pretty
evenly worn and you don’t need alignment
junuh suit Chevrolet 2000 K 1500 times I
have the fuel system all apart were to
be good idea to replace the o-rings as
well yes
you really have to buzz all rings are
really made for one-time use so buy some
aftermarket crap buy OEM or rings I
tried to save customers money by doing
that kind of work and either trying to
use the o-rings over and lubricate them
a gasoline before I pop them in or by
going to a discount auto parts store and
buying the o-rings well a lot of times
both of those methods failed and
actually the worst one was the
aftermarket ones they often leak
sometimes you get lucky and reuse the
old ones but the aftermarket
Ovenden so get the original equipment Oh
rings when you put it back together
don’t attempt to put it together without
new o-rings that’s where all the
pressures being held from the engine
make sure you put new o-rings when you
do that job Swift guys Scottie watch
your videos now you know I’d like to
know what do you think of a 2017 Suzuki
Swift automatic transmission that was
reconditioned in Japan all right if you
don’t live in the United States and it
was reconditioned in Japan by quality
company go right ahead
in the United States those things were
massive failures they haven’t sold them
for a long time Suzuki pull out of the
American market I know people live
better the Virgin Islands lots of people
drive Suzuki around other parts of the
world can get parts or mechanics know
how to work on that could be a good idea
but if you live in the United States no
I would not buy that vehicle that would
be a foolish move the parts are
expensive hardly anybody knows how to
work on and a company doesn’t even exist
there other than a motorcycle sir which
is kind of weird because they make great
motorcycles but they made such crappy
cars so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos
remembering to ring that Bell

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  2. I used to have a 2017 Corolla and updated it to a 2018 Camry last year. I am considering to buy a Lexus ES this year.
    Get the one that you really want regardless of the price. Buying a car that you don’t really like and consuming time and money to upgrade it is not efficient.

  3. I’ve got 6500 to spend, wanna but a Corolla, what do you think I can get for that? And what would be a good mileage? What’s to high for a corolla? I’m 58 and this car has to last me till well you know!

  4. PLEASE HELP I have a Toyota Camry 2003 standard transmission something happens to it it doesn't want to shift only if the car is off if I try to turn it on even on neutral the car trys to go forward even in neutral what doesn't it mean? Pleas help

  5. 03 Camry with a manual transmission but Corolla for the win since you cam still get them in manuals but Camrys alas no.

  6. Instead of Cardboard, why not use Luan Plywood? Then Thompson Water Seal the Crap out of it. Lay some Fiberglass and a good Oil based Paint job…. Metal brackets where needed….. Make it street legal…..

  7. My 14 corolla like the one in photo is garbage three door lock actuators failed rattles in dash transmission is garbage got worse after reprogram dealer said working as designed hush panel on passenger side always falls down it is a horrible design how it is installed my first Toyota starting to wonder the infotainment screen has been replaced doing same thing again freezing doing stuff on its own about to get rid of it

  8. My 98 Corolla LE vs. my 99 Camry XLE…. Scotty speaks words of wisdom on this. Both of these cars are indestructible, however, I will say this; First, both have well balanced tires, are well aligned and have newer high-end struts and springs. Both of my Toyotas were made in Canada at the same plant a year apart but they feel and ride like two totally different manufacturers made them. The Crayolla (Corolla) has always had a harsh ride, steering shake (no matter how well balanced the 13" tires) and you can feel the engine vibrate in the steering wheel and all pedals. The Camry has none of that. You are much more isolated. The Cam quietly rolls at highway speeds with no steering wheel shake. The Cam has 14" tires. The Crayolla is hard to get in and out of. The Camry isn't. The Crayolla gets 34-35mpg highway. The Cam gets 28-30mpg highway- I drive it faster than the Crayolla. Just my 2¢

  9. Hey Scotty. Been watching u forever. I bought a 2010 Mazda 2.5 standard transmission. Should I put a magnaflown exhaust on it?

  10. I can't believe Scotty here! NEVER try to sell your car to Car Max! God! Just sell it on Craigslist for the private party bluebook you'll get A LOT MORE MONEY!!!!

  11. Toyota is getting slick. They're throwing in 3.5 into everything Mostly American made and calling it a day. They even threw it I ot the new Lexus and claim that it's a special 3.5 lL with a turbo.🤣 Anyway.the market will speak for it self. I think Toyota and Lexus will offer you any model variation. As long as it's a 3.5 l v6

  12. Horrible idea telling your viewers that cameras instead of the GOOD OLD MIRROR TECHNOLOGY IS BAD. TURNING YOUR HEAD ISNT JUST LOOKING AT MIRRORS IT IS LEARNING TO STAY ALERT TO ALL YOUR SURROUNDINGS AS YOU DRIVE. STAYING ALERT (instead of GAZING at your CELLPHONE) is what saves LIVES. Cameras instead of the good old mirror simply means now one can do other things inside the car instead of looking forward and all around……😔👎👎
    But this is me…..and because I drive a larger vehicle than a car.

  13. i found a 94 celica, it's silver just like yours. 250k miles. most parts replaces. it's an old lady with service records. 1000$ worth it?

  14. Sorry Scotty… I have a hard time trusting Fords. I've pushed way too many of them over the last 30 years. And the ones from the seventies were absolute piles of junk.

  15. Hey Scotty I just wanted to ask a question about a car I bought. I recently bought a 2015 Infiniti Q50 Premium with 52,000 miles and want to know what maintenance items I should check in it. This is my first car and I really wanna take care of it so it has no need for major repairs for as long as possible (hoping about 200,000 miles)!

  16. LOL today at the honda dealership, i told my mom ide either pick between honda or Toyota and she said "oh no Toyota isnt good, always go with honda,thats why i have a 2 of them"😂🤣🤣🤣🤣👌😭

  17. Camry vs Corolla, depends on the year. For example '07, '08, and '09 Camrys seem to have piston ring issues causing early failure (~150kish miles)

  18. Hello Scotty. I've drive a few cars into the dust. In the last decade harder to get ride of them; donation to charity via internet sites. And sometime later some subcontracted tow truck might get it. How do you suggest getting rid of them?

  19. You keep talking about how reliable Toyota is. Maybe you havent looked at the number of recalls and warranty problems they have now. Its
    Getting pretty ugly.

  20. Hey Scotty, my 2008 Volvo S60 has dual climate, when both climates are at 60 degrees, the drivers side blows out warm air, but the passenger side vent blows out ice cold air. I know the nob to change the temperature isn’t broken. What could it be?

  21. Hi Scotty. My 2006 JDM Toyota Mark X has sticky brakes. Tried fixing it but after driving about 300 kms it got sticky brakes again. Engine revs higher but the car moves as if Im pulling a 3 tonnes trailer. Im literally damaging the brake discs.

  22. I have an concern with what Scotty has been saying for several weeks now. That being go ahead and buy a used Tesla Model S.

    As much as he bash's BMW, Mercedes,and Jaguar as endless money pits and advises never buy them.

    Why does he recommend buy a used Tesla when they also are never ending money pits as they age. Also,there parts are even harder to find as Tesla parts are propietary.

    So nobody else thinks that's odd of Scotty?

  23. Just my opinion. I own a diesel Nissan Titan XD and a Corolla. I recently rented a new Camry. It has a far better ride and is far quieter when cruising on the highway. It is also smoother and handles much better. Still feels cheap, but is also far better feeling than my fully loaded Corolla. My biggest complaint is that 8 speed transmission. That transmission is very busy. It is never in the right gear and then downshifts by too many gears when you least expect. I actually prefer the CVT in the Corolla as the latest software update really has woken it up.

  24. Scotty,
    I understand the new Toyota Yaris is actually being made by Mazda in their Mexican factory. Would you trust a Mexican-made Toyota or should I try to find a used one made in Japan?

  25. Wrong. I owned camrys and corollas
    Corolla best car on earth pound for pound and Honda Accord 2nd
    Corolla ride equal if not better than Camry old man and the other away around with Honda as accord smoother than and civic. Ha ha ha 🐷
    I had nothing but Toyota and Honda since 1994 new and used
    Corolla with sunroof spoiler and accents is the best car ever invented dollar for dollar. However the Lexus IS the best car ever made so if you’re ahead of yourself skip the frugal Corolla and go right past the lame Camry strait to the Lexus. 100%

  26. Buy the car made in japan and not the USA, my Camry is crap.. 3rd transmission, 5th set of rear wheel bearings and everything in the interior rattles.. it has 21k miles on it.. it’s a 2015..

  27. Weird. I had a 92 Camry that needed a new engine at 80k and then the new engine would not stop leaking after spending hundreds of dollars. I have a newer Camry now with zero issues. Call it an anecdotal anomaly. 😂

  28. Scotty, I'm thinking about buying a 1995 Mazda Miata with 178k miles for $3,500. I know the person who owns the vehicle and he's never had any issues with the car. You can hear the lifters ticking when it starts. I would use the vehicle as a daily. What do you think?

  29. Hi Scotty, yoiu have a. great Youtube channel.. I have a question you might be able to answer. What is Mystery Oil? Some mechanics swear by it- can you do a small tutorial about this product and what it does? Is it worth buying?

  30. Our ‘04 Matrix looks just like Scotty’s but with AWD—222k and just got it back from the shop for it’s first time in 2.5 years: the driver’s door check snapped. Otherwise I can’t remember the last real repair—routine maintenance only.

  31. Scotty, I have a manual 99 tacoma that vibrates when I let out the clutch in first gear. It had 280k miles. The clutch was replaced 3 years ago. Thanks.

  32. Altima comment was hilarious. I still remember the First generation early 90s Altima. They replaced the Nissan Stanza and 99.9% certain those had RWD. They were basically 4 door version of the 240sx and they were really decent cars and quick for the times. Sad to see what they did to the Altima. I just don't understand why Nissan insists on these CVT transmissions. I know a girl who had a Nissan Rogue barely 5 years old and just out of warranty being told her transmission was failing. Brutal!

  33. Scotty, didn't I hear you complain about the quality of the Camry's eight speed automatic transmission that was introduced in 2018?

  34. I drive a 17 corolla and for a second I thought Scotty was gonna rip a new one to all corollas 😂
    Then he said “they’re both excellent cars” and I knew I made the right choice by purchasing this car

  35. So this guy used to love Toyota's but now he has a Honda he's pitting two Toyota's together to find out which is worse….you kind of get the feeling that this guy would make a Fairweather friend…..I love my Toyota avensis 2006 vvti 2 litre….it never let's me down…..ever.

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