Top 6 Stupid Mistakes Car Owners Make (DIY Fails)

Top 6 Stupid Mistakes Car Owners Make (DIY Fails)

one, two, three, four!
Rev up your engines!
It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel
today I’m going to give some warnings, I’m going to
talk about bad things that you shouldn’t
do to your cars, the first thing is, don’t
steam clean your engine, it’s alright to
clean the outside of your car with one of
these cleaners,
but don’t clean the engine, there’s too
many electronic parts you can destroy,
some people have this cleanliness thing, where they want everything to be
clean, but hey, you don’t live under the
hood, and you don’t eat your lunch there,
so just leave the grease alone, I’ve had
quite a few customers do thousands of
dollars of damage to all the sensitive
electronics, spraying them with steam, so
just leave it, it doesn’t hurt anything
being a little dirty, and if you have
some really dirty spots, use some brake
cleaner and just hose it off with that,
it evaporates, and all the oil will be
gone, just keep water far away from your
engine and electronics, the next bad
thing not to do is electronic too, never
remove one of the battery cables while
the car is running, years ago guys use to
do that to see if the alternator was
charging, if they took a cable off and
the car ran, they knew the alternator was
working, but modern electronic
fuel-injected cars have computers in
them, and if you do that, you can burn the
computer out, so never take it off while
it’s running, if you’re worried about the
charging system, have somebody with one of
these checkers, check it, most stores like
Autozone do it for free in a parking lot
anyway, the next bad thing not to do is,
never drive a car when a temperature
gauge gets to the H, I’ve seen more
people blow engines driving a car when
it gets to the H until it stops running,
and then the engine’s gone, now if you
notice that your temperature gauge
starts to rise, you can quick turn the
heat on, because when you do that, that
can start dissipating heat through the
heater, and if the gauge starts to drop,
then you could drive it to a safe place
and get it fixed, but never drive it with
the temperature all the way to the H,
because even a hundred and fifty dollar
tow job beats a four thousand dollar
engine job, the next bad thing not to do
is, don’t waste your money on gimmicks
that say you’re going to get better gas
mileage if you stick them on your car,
this particular one claimed that it made
the air go like a vortex in a tornado,
and give you a better gas mileage, it
doesn’t do anything except waste your
money, another bad thing not to do is, not
to pay any attention to your tires, checking air pressure is simple and easy, and
a lot of people say well nobody has air
gas stations anymore, but hey get your
own, I stick them in all the trunks in
my cars, I bought this husky at a Lowes, it
cost $8, it just plugs in the cigarette
lighter, and then just screws onto the
tire, and one push and it’s on, they come with built-in gauges, so
when it gets to whatever pressure you want,
you just turn it off,
and they come with really long
extension cords, so you can do all four
tires, no more excuses, and it’s really
better to fill your tires at home anyway,
because you always want to put tire pressure
in when the tires are ice-cold, once you
drive it, they get hot and the pressures
will be different, and the last bad thing
not to do, as dumb as it sounds, is don’t
put the wrong fluids in the wrong
containers, over the years I’ve seen
everything, from power steering and
radiators, to engine oil and brake fluid
containers, don’t do it,
I’ve seen people put power steering
fluid in a brake system, it can do
thousands of dollars of damage if you
have an anti-lock brake systems, it
will destroy the whole system, and in
many modern cars, it’s even more
complicated than that, they’ll often use
a special power steering fluid or a
special transmission fluid, so look up
your car to make sure you’re using the
right fluid for it, so now you’ve learned
from other people’s mistakes, and you
won’t have to pay dearly like they did, and remember
if you have any car questions just visit

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  2. Had a 97' Mitsubishi Diamante, sprayed the engine at a car wash, and got water in the transmission sensor. And then the car wouldn't go into the proper gear. I drove the car anyway, starting it from standstill in 3rd gear. That ruined my engine, it's called "lugging the engine". Long story short, from an engine wash my engine was ruined.

  3. That last warning you had about putting fluids in the wrong containers is so bad it's not funny.

    Let's say your very small child somehow gets in your garage, and poisons himself. If the containers are mis-marked the hospital will never know what your child swallowed, and the results can be fatal!

    That very mistake is also frowned upon by OSHA, and if a business does it, they can get the living crap fined out of them.

    People, please put fluids in their proper containers, or at least make damned sure they are clearly marked as to what they contain.

  4. You don't think that your engine gets wet when you're driving when its raining out?? There's is real on all the plugs that protect it from water from entering it. Look at truck that go off roading and they submerge the truck up to the windshield and nothing happens. You youcan wash your engine

  5. Yeah, that wrong fluid in an alternate container thing is true… My mom is still pissed at me about the time I put the left over "Neet" Hair Remover in the shampoo bottle.
    Just sayin'..

  6. I don't use steam to clean my engine. Most coin-op car washes don't offer steam. The water may be warm, but it's not steam. I clean my engine on occasion with pressure, I just don't get in there at point-blank range with the high pressure nozzle and blow water into the gaskets, into the electrical connectors. Haven't hurt anything so far….

  7. If you have container A and container B and want to fill container A with A-fluid, and then you took the wrong fluid and put it in the wrong container, wouldn't that be the same as putting a right fluid into a right container? So instead of topping off the PS fluid that you intended to do, you end up topping off the brake fluid .

    Of course, it only works if you only have two containers. Any more and it'll be a gamble.

  8. You forgot to mention charging the ac. So many people charge their ac, but not checking if it leaks. And even so, if a part gets replaced, a special machine is required to drain out all the air before charging the system.

  9. In my country, a lot of people just guess the type of engine oil that their car requires.
    Some people just give their rare car to a mechanic who hasn't seen one like it before and tell him to change oil, most mechanics here are illiterate or can't read english.
    I think that's why engine rebuilding is quite popular here.

  10. Years back …I use to wash the engine off with the water hose and a light cleaner every time it got dusty . Later that day the check engine light would come on and I had to carry it to the dealership . They always had to replace a sensor or some computer parts … It was always under warranty . It cost GM a few bucks as I did it pretty often … LOL … I figured it was just the car as they always give trouble even if new .. I later said goodbye to GM as well as the other domestic brands and finally started buying reliable brands … Like Scotty ….

  11. Hey next time in your newest video why don’t you just slam the tailgate a little bit harder because it will help the truck go faster

  12. You guys over there don't have air stations at the gas station? That's just ridiculous, actually it's beyond ridiculous. It's retarded.

  13. Ya know there is some things you say that I find to be silly and not quite correct but for the most part you give pretty good advice.

  14. Should use engine degreaser with car bay on lite sprey to wash guess when this was made didnt have low pressure settings or cards to swip brake cleaner is alot on paints if you have custom paint etc .

  15. I like your style Scotty, a lot of people seem to like it also. You know, it would be quicker to just tell folks that if they don't know what they're doing, then don't mess wit 'da machine!

  16. You won't hurt your engine washing it. Also brake kleen is very bad for electronics and rubbers on your engine. Brake kleen is for brakes. Fucking dough head Scott Kilmer.

  17. I once had a customer complain about an oily film on their windshield said it was from large trucks with Diesel engines I checked it sure was oily she popped the hood the washer tank had brake fluid in it I told her the problem she was furious she said her husband had done it ! 😂😂😂

  18. Its still crazy to know Scotty lives in Houston, I do too and I know EXACTLY where that car wash is at as well. Local hometown celebrity lol.

  19. He's pretty much correct about most things …but some of the things he talks about… just makes my eyes roll🙄🙄🙄

  20. Cleaning an engine bay with water is very dangerous. Water contains hydrogen and oxygen, two of the most volatile elements in the universe.

  21. I dont think he made this video for all you experts in the comments section btw most comments make me sick to my stomach cause you guys dont know what the hell your talking about i would never take a steamcleaner under the hood of a car doesnt seem right and if your going to clean under the hood of your car lazily take a thick towel wrap it around the alternator spray some degreaser on dirty parts and then blast everything around alternator dont spray towel or anything else that looks like you shouldnt then wipe everything down i used to work at a detailing place i know this works everyone in the comments saying all this crap cover your altrernators people if you must clean under the hood this way

  22. Just about every gas station I've been to has air pumps. Some take change, some even take plastic, and at Wawa they're free.

  23. My pet peeve of customers: The customers (mostly women) who put pictures of their kids over the instrument cluster…..hummm….yes… she never saw the low oil light come on…days later she was stranded on the free way with a burned up engine. Second reason, when you drive, do not look down and look at the photos (or play with your cell phones…ask Sam Winston's widow) ….oh my sweet kids…..wam bam just ran into a semi truck and now she is dead…poor kids…now no mom…..

  24. Just got sprayed when he showed the brake cleaner lol imagine to put the phone on my side of my face and makes a good laugh 😝

  25. Getting things clean under the hood can cause fog of you headlight lenses, the seals break down over time and leak only with high water pressure. Wife’s Volvo was perfect other than oil leak at turbo seal, I don’t have Scotty so dealer did the job fair price but they must have wanted to make the burnt oil smell go away. Leak/fog of headlights operating them dried out moisture sealed with silicone. Saved a glass Volvo headlamp, thanks Scotty.

  26. Dude you're a mix of bill bye the science guy and that quirky grumpy person in the community, your a God send, thank u

  27. I still wash my engine bay down when the engine is cold-cool, only use a hose, not pressure washer and use a mild degreaser.
    Always stay away from electronic parts, wires and intakes.

    I’m old school habits ,,, sorry

  28. Well I’ve got transmission fluid in my power steering right now. My damn power steering keeps leaking out the fluids and I cannot figure out where.

  29. Your wife is a lucky woman!  Not only are you full of knowledge, but such a sexy guy!!  Love the heck out of your videos!

  30. Last week I was in a hurry while doing a routine check on my vehicle and accidentally added power steering fluid to the transmission. No more than a teaspoon. Drove it every day since and didn't notice any issues. I am thinking that a fluid/filter change would be best at this point, unless the small amount is trivial.

  31. ….I expect rapture end of sep 2019..aske for a ticket …from GGOODD…so not ddiiee..a terriibblllee death..see nicles cage movie called left behind..xxoo

  32. Do not never ever by one of those little portable air pumps it would take forever to reach your proper pressure and they are loud and annoying

  33. You can use water on your engine Make sure the engine is cool and let it dry before you start it. Never ruined a car by washing the engine.

  34. You remind me of data from star trek, except a badass about cars, thanks Scotty. shout outs from a 98 Grand Prix In Monahan's Texas 🤘

  35. Once in high school I wasn't paying attention & grabbed a quart of tranny fluid from the trunk instead of oil (same brand & the bottles looked the same) then dumped the whole thing in the engine.
    I can't remember if it was one of the engines I blew or not….or what I even did upon realizing it. But moral of the story is always read the damn label before pouring.

  36. I have never ever heard so much common sense spoken in less than half an hour in all my life Scotty for President !!

  37. I got a question Scotty Kilmer, were you a screamin eagle? I worked with a few in the Air Force, or if anyone else knows, let me know.

  38. This could be Scotty’s most valuable video ever.
    I dunno about that $8 air pump, though. I just use a bicycle pump.

  39. NO, don't use the built-in gauges on those little compressors, they are inaccurate garbage. Always double-check them against a decent digital one or even an old school stick gauge. I have had more of those little compressors that plug into the lighter socket, give me pressure readings over what they claim on the gauge when checked against a stand-alone gauge than I could shake a stick at. And you don't want to overinflate your tires, right Scotty?

  40. Not only can you fry your computer by disconnecting the battery while the engine is running, but I've seen alternator internals get toasted that way too. Most new cars don't produce enough amperage at idle to keep the car running without the battery inline anyway…the coils, computer…all that stuff takes a lot of power, so disconnecting the alternator won't tell you anything about the charging system. And the power that the alternator IS making has to go somewhere. If the battery isn't in the loop, then where?
    I cringe every time a customer tells me they know the alternator is bad because they disconnected the cable and the car died. I always wonder just how bad dead it is.

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