Top 5 vacuum cleaning robots – The Best vacuum robots in Action

Top 5 vacuum cleaning robots – The Best vacuum robots in Action

AT NUMBER 5 Ecovacs Deebot DM81 Pro AT NUMBER 4 Ecovacs Deebot DM88 AT NUMBER 3 Blaupunkt Bluebot vacuum robot AT NUMBER 2 Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 vacuum robot DM88 in the Test and reviews arena This robotic vacuum cleaner has many advantages It cleans with a random cleaning system It uses thee side brushes to drag the dirt to the suction channel And to reach the edges as well as the corners Next Up is the Ecovacs Deebot DM81 Pro All ecovacs robots use sensors to stop them down The stairs or dropping off any edges Please do not forget Subscribe In 3rd place is the Blaupunkt Bluebot vacuum robot You will notice that it has a diffrent cleaning system Very effective vacuuming device Combined with a water tank for the mopping robot function Fantastic, strong Black design How to empty the dust container Look at that dust!!! FANTASTIC available at Ecovacs Deebot slim 2 vacuum robot This robotic vacuum also has a FREE APP With the App, you can set the timer functions It also has a mopping option through the use of a damp pad A very reliable robot Great for most flooring surfaces The blue crown is not standard, we added that for a personal touch. This is my favorite The Neato D3 Botvac Connected Vacuum Robot. If you have carpet or rugs in the apartment then this is the robot for you It scans the room first, builds a map and creates a cleaning system The shape allows it to get into the corners The D3 does not have a side brush but the D5 does We have hundreds of robots online visit our store Beautiful design

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  1. It took my job and done much better than me by using the regular vacuum.>>>   Love it so much.

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