Top 5 Scanner Automotriz Económicos

Top 5 Scanner Automotriz Económicos

Experts in mechanics my name is Nelson Ojeda from, your channel in automotive technology
Today we have a very interesting video, we are going to see the top 5 most economical automotive scanners on the market, so come with me to see it.
Top 5 Automotive Scanners OBDII Economical
If what you need to do is a basic and simple diagnosis you will be interested to see the Top 5 Automotive Scanner OBDII Economic.
Top #1 Kiwitata OBD2 Scan Tool
Although this computer does not have quick or visible access to the interface, is quite effective
for its data collection and code decryption using the OBDII connector.
Its simplicity makes it only applicable for the collection of basic data in the ignition and fuel system.
On some models, you can access the vehicle’s air conditioning system.
And while its use limits it, its processing power is remarkable.
Its real-time graphs as well as the storage capacity are quite complete.
This scanner is compatible with many Asian, European and American vehicles.
Top #2 Konnwei KW808
This equipment has more than enough reasons to be first in the Top 5 Automotive Scanner OBDII Economic.
Its value is practically very low, if you relate it with the benefits it offers.
Obviously it is OBDII compatible and can read and decrypt fault code.
It also eliminates the check engine light.
Another feature is its presentation in 4 languages, Spanish, French, English and German.
In addition, it can read codes in memory and keep records.
Some people define it as the perfect scanner for its universality
Top # 3 Autel Autolink AL319
This scanner must be listed in the Top 5 Automotive Scanner OBDII Economic.
Its menu and Spanish language make this equipment a valuable tool especially in Latin America.
It has the ability to delete code variants,
whether these are generic, or exclusive to the manufacturer or model and also, pending codes.
Top #4 Launch CRP129 X431
One of the features that elevate this scanner to the Top 5 Automotive Scanner OBDII Economic is, its low cost compared to all its features.
This tool allows you to restore the services of the vehicle, as it can restart the system.
The manufacturer offers it with 1 year warranty
In addition, it has great advantages that are virtually indefinite updates.
It is one of the equipment that offers greater coverage, approximately 40 brands.
And with the ability to indicate data such as VIN number, and CIN.
Top # 5 Aqv Vag007
This team is one of the favorites. Its presentation is quite simple but friendly.
Its size makes it easy to carry and its backlit LED screen is easy to read.
It can be easily operated via the interface.
And it only has 4 buttons in its frontal part that allow navigating in its functions with total facility.
In this list Top 5 Automotive Scanner OBDII Economic, we take as a review
only some of the most representative and valued features of these scanners.
And they’re still a good reference if your budget is tight when you purchase an automotive diagnostic tool.
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  1. Amigos les recomiendo el launch crp. 129 muy bueno al igual que el crp 123.dsn unos diagnóstico exactos..sin nada de envidiar a los más poderosos.. saludos cordiales desde itaugua Paraguay 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  2. Hola saludos desde nicaragua por q en mi carro exploto la caja del filtro de aire q puede ser es un kia sephia 97

  3. Espectacular información…
    Me gustaría saber ¿que scanner me recomiendas? Soy de Argentina. Buenos Aires. Mil gracias

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