Top 5 Most Iconic Aftermarket Wheels

Top 5 Most Iconic Aftermarket Wheels

– Hey guys, what’s goin on?
It’s Alex from Fitment
Industries and today we’re going
to be talking to you about
the top five most iconic
aftermarket wheels in the world.
So that was my really poor
Jeremy Clarkson interpretation
but we hope you guys
stay tuned for all five.
We try to do it a little bit
different ’cause everybody
out there knows about the Japanese wheels,
but nobody cares about the
domestic wheels that were also
in the game for a long time.
So if you drive a Camaro,
a Mustang, or a Challenger,
just please bare with me.
We’re gonna start off
with number five which is
the American Racing Torqu Thrust.
Now those wheels started
by American Racing
actually were founded 1950.
Those wheels have been a part of the scene
for about half a century,
and it’s been absolutely incredible
to see them continue to be made.
On top of that, American
Racing, the Torq Thrust,
they look good on just about anything.
When they were first made,
obviously they were smaller
wheels, 15, 16 inches.
As the market has gotten
larger in terms of diameter,
American Racing has made their Torq Thrust
in larger sizes as well.
You’d be hard-pressed to
not see a set of these
at any classic show, or you might even
see them in the new gen
and a lot of newer stuff,
just because they bring
back a lot of retro styling.
On top of this, we need
to talk about number four,
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But we’re gonna go into number four,
which is the one that you probably
already were expecting, the BBS RS.
So the BBS RS is a
basket-woven style design.
It’s been extremely popular, and a lot
of people that run these
wheels are probably younger
than when the wheel originally came out.
BBS is a name that’s synonymous
with the aftermarket wheel community,
and has been an absolute incredibly
game-changer in the Euro scene.
And if you don’t know what a BBS RS is,
or you haven’t seen them,
you’re gonna wanna jump onto YouTube
and look at any Euro show ever,
’cause it’s probably gonna be about 80%
of the Volkswagens there have
either an RS or an LM wheel.
It’s just the scene, I guess.
I don’t know, but the BBS RS is one
of the most iconic wheels,
especially consider that it came from BBS,
and they’ve been such a paramount figure
in the aftermarket community,
and on top of that, in the OEM community,
that every single person, it seems like,
regardless on whether you’re
car or wheel person or not,
can probably tell what
a BBS looks like from
about 10 feet away if they
knew nothing about the brand.
BBS RS continues to be a game-changer,
and there’s so many different ways
that people have taken this
wheel in a new direction,
but it continues to be probably one
of the most popular wheels
in the European community.
Number three goes out to
the Work Meister S1 3P.
You know, the Work Meister is probably
the most iconic wheel, but Work Wheels has
a bunch of iconic wheels in their lineup.
Work Wheels has been probably one
of the most popular wheel
names in the current scene,
and within the last five or six years.
A lot of people are taking a lot
of those old-school Work Wheels
and putting them on newer cars.
On top of that, it’s extremely popular
in the aftermarket wheel community,
car shows, StanceNation, that whole thing.
Work has just been on top of it
when it comes to wheels in that community.
Work Meister is just
continuously classic design
on something that people
tried to rip off and replicate
for probably a good couple decades now.
The Work Meister is a great wheel
that goes along with anything,
and on top of the fact
that it’s a three-piece,
you can pretty much get it
in any size, width, diameter,
offset, finish, and hardware
color of your choice.
Work Meister, on top of
that, is a tough wheel.
They don’t tend to break or
crack or anything like that,
because Work puts a lot of tech
behind the wheels that they produce,
and the Work Meister is no exception.
And who doesn’t like a classic
pulled-back five-spoke?
Number two goes off to the Enkei RPF1.
Now the RPF1 is a classic
twin six-spoke design,
and it’s just been around forever.
It’s literally been
around for a long time.
In fact, 90% of what people they know
the name Enkei for is because of the RPF1,
but what makes it so great,
what makes it so iconic,
is just everything about the wheel.
It was originally formulated
with an F1 formula racing team
that wanted to figure out how
they could get heat dispersion
and reduce rotational mass,
and the RPF1 was born.
Enkei decided, why not take that wheel
and sell it in larger sizes,
give it to the public,
and for the past 20 or so years,
Enkei’s done an amazing job with the RPF1,
coming available in
different sizes and widths.
It’s probably the best
bang for your buck wheel
you can possibly get on
the market right now,
especially considering the price.
On top of that, they’re
extremely light-weight,
they are just solid when
it comes to overall running
and gunning on the road,
and just daily driving.
The RPF1 is probably the most
solidified wheel you can buy,
without necessarily breaking the bank.
And having the Enkei
name on your car means
that you’re probably
gonna go to a track day,
because that’s what the
name means, I guess.
I don’t know, but the
RPF1 definitely takes
the number two spot in our top five.
The number one most iconic wheel
on our list is the Volk TE37,
named after the original 15
inch diameter of that wheel
weighing 3.7 kilograms,
the Volk TE37 has been
an iconic wheel since, well,
even though Mario hates
when I say it, the dawn of time.
The TE37 is just one of those wheels
that looks good on anything.
Has about 9,000 different variants,
has every single color option,
size option, and width option
you could possibly imagine,
and Volk still makes it.
They look good on anything
from GT-Rs to Laurels,
and they go pretty much well
with any wheel/tire
combination you can imagine,
whether you’re going for a stance fitment,
aggressive setup, media
setup, or a track setup,
on top of the fact that
they’re weight is so light.
They do an amazing job at just
what they’re supposed to be.
Probably the most
replicated wheel as well,
which we’ve talked in
our previous episodes
and videos about too,
the Volk TE37 continues
to just be a good wheel,
and anytime that you see it at a car show
or in the community, it’s
instantly recognizable
with that six-spoke design.
So, number one goes to the Volk TE37.
Let us know in the
comments if you guys agree,
but I’m Alex from Fitment Industries.
If you haven’t hit that subscribe button,
hit it.
I’m Alex, peace.

53 Replies to “Top 5 Most Iconic Aftermarket Wheels”

  1. Totally agree with the description of the RPF-1. Had a set for a number of years. Given its light weight, strength, and price the wheel is a genuine bargain.

  2. what no ATS Classic or ATS cup back in the late 90s early 2000s those where the wheels to have on any euro cars

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  5. My most favourite alloys of all time is the platinum colour, hollow spoke OZ Crono Evolutions that were strictly performance wheels that came standard on cars like the original McLaren F1 and Lotus Exige S1. Superlight, super strong, classic 5 spoke rims that just look incredible with the right tyre wrapped around them (in my opinion, Yoko Advans…. yes, I'm really, REALLY out of date)!

  6. Glad, I waited til number one, cuz I almost got mad that there was no te37/lmgt4. The LMgt4 deserves honorable mention tho – it's basically a 5-spoke te37.

  7. My favorite would be RPF1 mainly due to its look. Didn’t even know it’s full name or the fact it was used for F1. I just know it’s a nice Enkei wheel.

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  9. Hi Alex, you know your stuff, nice video, thx.
    Question: I have a red honda jazz rs 2019. I'd like your advice on an attractive rim. Mine is all black, hate it. Please advise ? Lloyd

  10. The most iconic wheel is the 37 lug universal ebay special wheel, because they cost like $200 and the idiots who buy them, didn't take 5 seconds to look up the bolt pattern for their car. And get a proper wheel. That's way more common than anything mentioned in this list.

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  14. Would go with the Works, Enkeis or Volks but its out of my price range. I think something that looks good on a blocky car might be something from the Works series for sure.

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