Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

one, two, three, four!
Rev up your engines!
It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel
welcome to mechanic Monday, today I’m
going to give you the top five tips to make
your car last as long as it possibly can,
now the first tip is to change your
engine oil regularly, and if you do no
other maintenance on your car, do that,
that’s what makes them last the longest,
and be sure to use the oil that’s
specified, here on a cap this one says
10w30, and with late-model cars it’s even
more important, because a lot of them are
made only to use synthetic oil, they got
to use a 0w ten or 0w 20 oil, so they’re
so complicated inside, with variable
valve timing, they have to have very good
oil flow, you got to keep it clean, and
you have to use the correct viscosity,
now the next maintenance item and one
that’s often forgotten is power steering
fluid, check this out,
we’ll check it, it’s black, it’s supposed
to be red, you heard that whining that
means the pump is worn, if it’s really low on
fluid it can whine too, but this is
completely full of fluid, the dirty fluid
has worn it out and now it will need some expensive
work, now if you would have just changed
the power steering fluid, you don’t need
to do it that often, maybe once every
four or five years, it would keep it clean and
then it wouldn’t have those problems, now
the third tip has to do with your body,
if you want to keep your car shiny, you
want to wax the thing, it’s a good idea
to wax it four times a year, once a
season, as nutty as it sounds, the paint
on your car has to remain somewhat
flexible, waxing keeps it flexible, if
it’s not and it dries up, then your paint
all cracks and looks horrible, this lexus
might be sixteen years old, but it shall
shines like mad because it’s been waxed
regularly, and the fourth maintenance
item is coolant, now decades ago you had
to change the coolant every three years,
because that’s all it was good for, but
modern cars use extended life, so check
with your car what it uses, example this
peak is 150,000 miles or five years, so
that’s when you change the fluid, some
even go seven years or 200,000 miles,
just check on what yours is
change it at those intervals, just look at it this way, coolant is cheap, engines are super
expensive, and the fifth tip is change
your automatic transmission fluid, it
gets dirty over time, and again decades
ago when I was young, they told you to
change the automatic transmission filter
and fluid every 30,000 miles, now modern
cars have better metal and technology in
them, you can change them a lot less
frequently, but I still don’t believe in
this lifetime fluid nonsense, all fluids
get dirty and start to wear stuff
internally from friction, and you’d want
to use the correct fluid just like the
oil, you want to use the one that that
manufacturer uses, but you still want to
change it say every forty to seventy
thousand miles, if you’re like me and
want to drive your car a long time, my
work cars have the fluid changed
regularly and it’s got two hundred and
thirty-nine thousand miles and still
shifts like a dream, don’t expect that
with any lifetime fluids that you never
change, and since its mechanic Monday
today I’m giving away a signed copy of
my book about car maintenance and buying
a used car, to win it just put a clean
non offensive comment in the YouTube
comments below, and the winner will be
chosen randomly by a computer,
thanks for watching this video and good luck in the
contest, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Blow up your engines! When it's freezing cold outside, and you're driving a newer car, just hop right in, crank her up, and tear of down the road! No warm up required!

  3. I agree with waxing the car every few months or so. If I remember, I'll send you some pics of cars in my area which are about ten years old, & have really bad paint jobs.

  4. Ive learned alot from watching you on utube i have a 2009 kia rondo with 95000 plus miles on it bought at 7800 miles three years ago what do you think and how long does it normaly last have a great day

  5. Question, if I drive less than 5,000 miles a year and use synthetic oil, is it still recommend to change the oil once a year or can I go for two years without changing oil?

  6. Scotty,
    I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado and am looking to change the in cab filter. Problem is, I don’t know if I have one and if I do, how do I get to it to change it

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  8. Yo scotty. I watched like 10 of your videos this evening. You really seem like a man who knows what he's talking about. I'd like to buy that book fo yours, where can i get it? 🙂


  9. I guess I am too late for the contest. But I do have a question, while I am lucky to have a Toyota Camry, my wife has-a v6 Suzuki and it constantly makes noises even though I took it toamechanic and put new belts. Do you know what might be the issue with Suzuki?

  10. Hi Scotty.i own a Toyota Prius 2012 model.its been used as a taxi in England since it was 6months old.great car..235.000 miles now.change the oil every 20k.castrol magnatec oil.never changed the water or power steering fluid.will next service.great car best car I've owned.mercedes are not as good as they use to be..thanks for all your information on cars.very useful

  11. I really enjoy watching your teaching videos they are a great help in understanding the workings of cars keep em coming Scotty god bless

  12. Where can we buy that book Scotty? Is it available in all major bookstore? I'm from the Philippines and wishes to have one.

  13. Hi Scotty,your videos have been very helpful on my car.
    I would love to have a copy of your book,I believe it will be a life savings for me.

  14. No… Trust me old badass mechanics and plumbers tend to have this haircut , it's from whipping convertibles around for years lol the Top down speed whoosh cut

  15. Thanks for the informative videos very helpful! My car now has electronic power steering with no pump or fluid is this becoming more common?

  16. Fresh 0w-20 would be fabulous. Red PSF would be nice. Nu Finish would be appreciated. Coolant would help. CVT fluid would be really great.

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