Top 10 Badass Robots From Robot Wars

Top 10 Badass Robots From Robot Wars

Three, two, one, activate! Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll
be counting down our picks for the top 10 Robots from Robot Wars. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most
powerful, effective and downright iconic robots from the long-running UK series of “Robot
Wars” – with today’s entries judged on the damage they can inflict, their style,
control and aggression. A relative newcomer to the Wars, Apollo quickly
made a name for itself with an incredibly powerful flipper, very low ground clearance
and enthusiastic team members. Capable of flipping more than a tonne, this
monochrome machine has launched many rivals out of the arena completely, and it has overturned
the House Robots Matilda, Shunt and Dead Metal. Debuting in the series eight reboot, Apollo
defeated the deadly Carbide in that year’s final to become the 2016 champion. To one of the most successful robots in the
show’s history, and a seemingly simple design. Tornado defeated its adversaries by sheer
brute force. Capable of pulling a Land Rover and able to
function either side up, it proved to be a formidable foe for even the most battle-hardened
robots, defeating other fan favourites including Chaos 2, Hypno-Disc and Pussycat – to eventually
be crowned champion in series six. Boasting interchangeable weapon options, Tornado
also went on to win international tournaments – including the European Championship. To one of the most destructive robots in the
show’s history. Despite an unassuming appearance, Carbide
utilises a 25Kg bar spinner that rotates at 23,000RPM. According to the Robot Wars website, when
this weapon hits maximum speed, it’s impact generates ‘60 times more energy than a sniper
bullet’. Able to operate when upside down, Carbide
proved to be an extremely deadly opponent, reaching the Grand Final in series 8, 9 and
10, winning the ninth series against future champion Eruption. She’s one of two house robots to feature
today, and a series regular since the show’s inception. Robot Wars commentator Jonathan Pearce describes
Matilda as the “Matriarch of Mayhem” – and that name definitely fits. Starting the show with pneumatic tusks and
rear chainsaw, Matilda’s weaponry was substantially upgraded in series five, with a more powerful
lifting mechanism and a formidable 27kg flywheel. The flywheel has since proven extremely dangerous,
seriously damaging any robot foolish enough to enter her Corner Patrol Zone. An upgrade to this team’s previous robot,
Big Brother, Bigger Brother was a fan favourite thanks largely to the team behind it – Ian
and his kids, Joe and Ellie. Although they never won a tournament, they
did end Chaos 2’s championship streak in the series five semi-final, and they defeated
the dominant Hypno-Disc in the Grand Final, before eventually losing to Razer. With a wide, powerful, pneumatic flipper,
Bigger Brother frequently flipped opponents out of the arena, with four of its battles
ranked in the top 30 quickest in the show’s history. Debuting in series two, Panic Attack was always
dangerous, mainly thanks to the exceptional driving from team captain Kim Davies. Using tactics over strength, the robot’s
signature move was to use low ground clearance and lifting spikes to get underneath an opponent,
lift them up, hit the pit release button and lower them to their doom. And this menacing machine’s record speaks
for itself. It won the second series and reached the semi-finals
in series three, four and five. It was a ruthless regular during the show’s
original run. As arguably the most recognisable House Robot,
Sir Killalot made his debut in the Second Wars and has been antagonising plucky combatants
ever since. Almost impossible to damage, today’s Killalot
model weighs in at a whopping 750kg, and is able to easily lift other machines with his
hydraulic crushing claws to either roast them over the fire, or cast them into the pit of
oblivion. Killalot currently holds the record for most
robots sent out of the arena, and is the only House Robot never to have been flipped by
a contender. A pioneering robot as it was the first to
use a spinner, Hypno-Disc immediately stood out from the crowd when it debuted in series
three. It annihilated unprepared opponents with a
unique design causing massive devastation and, while it did have some flaws, the complete
carnage Hypno-Disc caused made it an instant fan favourite. A consistent runner-up, Hypno-Disc never actually
won a championship, but it was the very best of all
the rest. The only robot to win back-to-back championships,
Chaos 2 had 18 consecutive wins before finally suffering defeat in series five. A pioneer of CO2 powered pneumatics, it proved
to be a tenacious trendsetter which inspired future robots (including the likes of Bigger
Brother) with its high-grade weaponry. Chaos 2 was also the very first robot to flip
an opponent out of the arena, as well as the first to defeat Hypno-Disc. All in all, it broke records, raised the bar,
and became one of the most difficult machines to beat. Before we unveil our top pick, here are a
few honorable mentions. Topping today’s list is the most successful
robot in “Robot Wars” history, with 41 victories. Instantly recognisable thanks to its huge
hydraulic crushing claw and sleek, silver design, nothing was safe from its 9 tonnes
of crushing power, not even the House Robots. Razer was eventually crowned champion in series
five and, following success in the main series, it won a host of international tournaments,
too – confirming this brutal creation as the greatest all-round robot competitor of all

100 Replies to “Top 10 Badass Robots From Robot Wars”

  1. Lol Hypno disc was nowhere near the first competitor to use a spinner. To get such a basic fact wrong is ridiculous

  2. In some respects, I prefer Robot Wars over Battlebots, especially the new series. Most of the commentary is really unneeded, not to mention it was Robot Wars that allowed flamethrowers first. And some of the designs were just really interesting.

  3. Really? Razer #1? look i know its a fan favorite but when you look at a lot of its wins its not really a that impressive. oh its a good bot but the best or most badass in robot wars? In its first few seasons it was unreliable as hell and later it would mostly be put in heats full of cannon fodder. Not to mention in the Southern annihilator it was up against 3 shit bots, Spawn of Scutter ( who was kinda ok) and Behemoth, who is a good bot but it has the worst luck in the universe (like worse luck then the Lamenters from Warhammer 40K). Razer took more of an advantage on the meta of RW at the time which was mostly flippers and boxes with a weapon and a lot of ground clearance but struggled against an actual damaging weapons like Pussycat (also side note: why wasn't Pussycat on this list?). Also its not really all that fun to watch. It just got under its opponent closed the beak and if necessary put it in the pit.

  4. I loved this show as a kid, and I actually remembered the names of many of the robots featured in this video [all these years later], that is how much I followed it and loved it. So much fun, it never got boring! Thanks for the nostalgia!

  5. So glad Razer was number one, was such a fantastic robot to watch when I was a kid! Razer may have had 41 victories but I wanted more lol

  6. Razer was never anything special, it looks cool but the first few seasons it sucked, just a boring slow claw, until team Razer had a cry (on tv)about the house robots attacking Razer when it was immobilised.
    Then after that the show gave them easy fights, clearly a biased matching system towards team Razer.

    I always thought it was laughable a grown man crying about his (thousands of pounds) robot taking damage, when his robot does exactly that, destroying peoples hopes and dreams, yet not to my Razer…. Not my robot boo hoo…

  7. I remember going to see Robot Wars live when I was a kid. Chaos 2 was there and flipped a full size barrel into where Craig Charles normally stands from the arena floor. That was a very good day.

  8. Thankfully they brought robotwars back on the science channel.
    Watch it on Wednesdays at 10:00pm after battle bots

  9. A lot of bots on Robot Wars went for the flipper style of attack and pretty boring to watch but on the other hand most bots on Battlebots went for the spinning blade or drum attack way better to watch with parts of bots flying all over the place and the only decent bot on robot wars was carbide

  10. Never going to stop thinking about how the BattleBots competitors are just Robot Wars bots but far more dangerous. Apollo would be sent towards a moon landing if we saw it face off against Bronco.

    Even Robot Wars-sized ICEWave would be able to destroy most of the House Robots.

  11. How well do you think the house robots from robot wars would do in BattleBots it would be interesting to see but my money still on Tombstone from BattleBots

  12. There should be two separate lits, one for classic one for new. Cos although we all know carbide would win a fight against hypnodisc. Hypnosisc would be higher up on the list because it is the first proper spinner, not like chainsaw- that’s not a spinner

  13. I miss this amazing show both the original and reboot but I think we will see it again and hopefully Challenge can buy the rights to continue Robot Wars

  14. Right before the end i was like; "what about Matilda… pretty sure she can resist Razer's beak."

    Guess i was wrong.. LOL

  15. I REMEMBER ROBOT WARS! awesome british programe. I loved Hypnodisc destructive, powerful and a great motto SPIN TO WIN!!!

  16. do you remember MR PSYCO?
    and his little* pet pooch Growler

    *He wasn't little. He weighed at about 400kg!

  17. Loved this show! Sir Killatlot was such a beast but at 5:20 you said he had never been flipped, but firestorm flipped him. Most legendary moment in this show.

  18. Was a little disappointed to see Sgt. Bash not even make the list.
    I mean, it's got a goddamn flamethrower, and had one of the longest-running rivalries in Robot Wars against the hilariously flammable Diotoir.


  20. I needed to see one of the best in the world, and the one at the end of the video

    Seems to be of that kind of caliber

  21. I agree with the top 3:

    1. Razer: Devastating, feared and down-right amazing
    2. Chaos 2: Simple flip Design, almost unbeatable
    3. Hypno Disc: Unique Design

  22. I would love to have seen a Razer/Hypnodisc fight, but I think the owner of Razer would never have allowed it to happen – he threw a fit when Pussycat tore into it…

  23. If any of them are still active, I would love to see them come to the states for BattleBots since they have basically become an international tournament. Also, Cassius and Cassius II has been my favorite since I was a little kid and will always have a special place in my heart

  24. Robot Combat shows had already gained recognition within the USA with their revival of Battlebots and China with King of Bots and This is Fighting Robots. I felt that the BBC really missed an opportunity to take Robot Wars even further.

    At least some of the British bots had been competing overseas from Team Carbide's Tungsten which won This is Fighting Robots to Tom Brewster's Monsoon (competed with Tauron in Series 9 & 10) which reached the top eight during the 2018 campaign of Battlebots.

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