Tired of the Crud Auto Repair How to replace the intake manifold gasket on a Toyota.

Tired of the Crud Auto Repair How to replace the intake manifold gasket on a Toyota.

hello and welcome to this episode of tired of the cod auto repair today we are going to be replacing the gasket on your intake manifold and this is on a Toyota Corolla I’ve already actually done part of the job already but I’m going to tell you what you do need to do the first thing that you need to do is disconnect as many of the air lines as you can get your hands on to your air filter to air filter assembly to your tube that goes right into the other I’ll cover take this one off take your PCV valve hose off there’s a lot of bolts down in here the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to disconnect your fuel line rack and the reason why it’s important the reason why it’s important to disconnect all those air lines is because it depressurizes everything now when I did that I didn’t take off all the lines that run to the air into the fuel what I did was I disconnected some of them and when I did as I was disconnecting the gas line right here some of the gas spilled out it kind of sprayed out of there it’s not really that big of a deal but if you don’t want to have any mess go ahead and disconnect this line this line the air filter assembly the line that runs to the air filter assembly and I believe that was about it okay then once you get that done and use the 13 millimeter socket to get this one out and this one out these these two right in here were ten millimeter and these three right over here or a thirteen millimeter then I disconnected my main top radiator hose I took the pressure off that that removing the radiator cap I disconnected both posts in the battery because there’s a couple of electrical connections up in here that I disconnected in order to be able to separate this fuel line rack from getting out of the way of the intake manifold bars right here then I disconnected a bracket down here with a 13 millimeter to-to-to uh bolts down in here that disconnected two stabilizing brackets for the manifold housing which is right here and then once you get all that out of the way everything starts to move and then you just kind of carefully coax everything up and help and it moves real nice and here’s your gasket and inside of here inside of here is where your intake is wigger this is what they call your head so what you do is you just pull this off and this is the cause of a lot of some of the oles you’re going to have on your car that just pulls right off and this is the way that it went on and the great thing about these gaskets is is you really can’t screw this up there’s only one way that they can go on see that’s not going to line up like that and it’s not going to line up like that there’s only one way that these gaskets can go back on so without any further ado our next step is to clean both of these off oh yes and to make the job easier for yourself there’s two brackets that are attached this one right here and that one right there there’s two brackets that are attached there and they don’t look like they do anything but hold that bracket on there those bolts are pretty long and they go right down in and so you have to remove every single bolt in this area right here you have to remove every single bolt that you see that’s on in the face of that mountain singer every single one in order for it to be able to come off so don’t think any bolt they all have to come out very simple I could just brush brush this off I think some people have a concern they don’t know all I’m doing is taking on rag and wipe this off it’s really that simple and of course you leave me wipe off this side just to make sure the face and it’s really nothing more than just oil anyway no silicon involved no nothing just simply take it and put it right back on there it’s gone there just like that no worries or troubles discount it he’s each side on said nothing gets bunched up and there it is it’s right back on there yeah you know we have to do from this point on is just go ahead and put everything back together again and if you take your time I would say this job taking about an hour and a half to do 90 minutes should be sufficient and if you follow all the steps that I’ve done here you’ll be successful so all I’m gonna do now is just go ahead and reattach everything just the way I took it apart and you have a great thing you

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  1. I did something wrong cause I'm leaking air.I think I'm using the wrong bolts.what bolts you say were long?

  2. The video is name wrong it should be Tired of the crud auto Repair how to replace the exhaust manifold gaskets. Not intake manifold gasket.

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