Thor Motor Coach – How to connect the Winegard 4G Connect

Thor Motor Coach – How to connect the Winegard 4G Connect

STEVE: When you set out for adventure in your
Thor Motor Coach… getting away from it all sounds nice. But some of you may still want to be connected…
to check emails, stream movies, download music… That is why some of our motor homes come equipped
with the Wineguard Connect 4G Hotspot and Wi-Fi extender… TOM: (comes running in)… sorry I’m late… Today’s video is brought to you by the letter
G. STEVE: What are you doing? TOM: Getting ready to surf the web… got
my tablet, got my phone… So you know G- good to go… STEVE: We’ll get you connected… which
is why this video is actually brought to you by the number 4. INTRO ROLLS:
Getting connected couldn’t be easier. First, find the router… Now, look at the back of it – write down
the SSID and password. From a laptop, table or phone… tap your
wifi icon. The SSID number will pop up as a connection. Type in the password you wrote down and connect. From your browser type in The set up will initialize and when you see
this screen… type in your username and password… admin is the default for both… we’ll show
you how to change these later Click on continue… This screen shows you your internet status……
this will change when you’re connected. You can see your Antenna is connected. You’re Wi-Fi___33 signal strength will show
up here when you’re connected…. Same goes for your 4g Signal. This is where you choose how to connect…
if you have a Wineguard Data plan… click on the dot and hit select… it takes you
to this screen where you can check all the stats of your data plan. If you choose Wi-Fi only… tap on scan for
Wi-Fi___33…all the signals in range will pull up… choose the one you want … type
in your password and connect. When you’ve made the connection… the internet
status will change. Back on the main screen… you can see the
internet status now shows you are connected… the wifi signal bar now shows the strength
of your connection. Now that you’re up and running… let’s
personalize your networks. From this bar… choose local network settings… Notice you have two bands… 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. 2.4 give you good a good range of coverage…
like when you’re outside your coach… but is a bit slower. 5GHz is faster but doesn’t have the range…
of 2.4. To make these your own… in the Local Network
SSID tab… You can name your internet anything you want…
and give it your own password. You can choose the security type… the default
is a good, secure option. If you’d like to set up a guest network
for friends… you can do that here under the guest network settings. Click continue when you’re done… now all
your devices can be connect to your own network… devices like… (SILLOUETTE SKIT)
STEVE: LAP – TOM: Sorry, im late… I love this game… TOP
BOTH: Laptop. Steve: Tab… TOM: give me a second let… BOTH: Tablet
There are a few more choice in the Navigate to page menu… Advanced settings allows you to change the
network address… (It’s not advisable to do this) and you
can see your connected devices. Data plan – gives you stats on your plan,
how much data you’re using and you can click here to change your subscription. Update software – updates your software
to the latest version… and you can do a factory reset from here. Clicking on Support and about shows you the
model number, software version, phone number and email for support… And there is a handy frequently asked questions
section too that goes over some basic information that easy to forget along with some simple
troubleshooting if you’re not getting connected.

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  1. When setting up your system, if the Winegard setup screen says "ANTENNA STATUS" not connected, check what port the ethernet cable coming from the roof portion of the Winegard system is plugged into. As delivered, mine was plugged into the port marked "Ethernet" and the software indicated that the antenna was not connected. That ethernet cable needs to be plugged into the port labelled "POE" and then the Antenna Status should report "connected."

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