This Volvo is Fast as Hell

This Volvo is Fast as Hell

it’s time for show-off Sunday where
everyone has a chance to show off their
own car and here’s this week’s winner
so here is my 2014 Volvo s60 r design
Polestar I know first not in your mind
that comes mobile couldn’t come up with
any easier name for the car it’s just
pretty much a replacement for the s60
ours the p2 body styles it’s just pretty
much same concept of all what took about
building their sports cars the
upholstery optimization part is where an
option you can get at a dealership where
they program your car and take a little
blue badge next to the t6 emblem right
on your trunk and it has 25 or 20
horsepower and 30 pound feet of torque
over the standard t6 and as for the
powertrain wise these cars come with a
3.0 liter inline six engines paired with
a six-speed automatic transmission
producing 325 horsepower and 350 for
pound feet of torque that’s with the
optimization if you choose to I
know it doesn’t come with the six-speed
or 5-speed manual like the p2 model R
this did but the good part is that the
Volvo actually did a great job with
these new t6 inline six engines and the
turbos along with their six-speed
automatic transmissions they are really
pretty reliable compared to the old ones
these ones do not have as much issues as
the old ones did I mean actually we
didn’t even have any we have about
80,000 miles on the blue one and 60,000
miles on this one we haven’t had a
single issue and I have plenty of
friends actually only start up in their
hundreds and they had not a single issue
as long as you keep up on the
maintenance these pretty much are under
struck table engines and transmissions
just gotta keep up on the maintenance
some great job well what about that
alright so a little bit of a history
about this car why I bought and how I
bought it I was in the market for one of
these because I watched some videos on
the YouTube I believe it’s on the
tour if I’m not mistaking that really
caught my attention so I started looking
for these cars and found out that they
had an s60 Polestar as well I really
like that body style so I started
looking for some my first one was a blue
one 2013 s60 our design t6 all-wheel
drive and then this is my second one
that I owned I saw that one to my
brother so I owned this one so I was in
the market for one that I actually
already had some upgrades
if anybody already you know own the
European car enjoyment car didn’t know
that the upgrades for them pretty much
anything is really really expensive so I
was looking at one you know to get one
that’s the head already upgrades on it
so make it a lot cheaper for me because
I’m one of those guys I like to modify
cars so this one already has the carbon
fiber spoiler that you can see right
here the duct spoiler it’s pre painted
to match the body color the BBS wheels
rear sway bar stiffer springs four
piston Brembo brakes in the front and a
k-pax exhaust so that’s the obvious that
I bought the car with as for the outfits
that we got after we bought the car I
got a kt4 down pipe with a high flow cat
and G of B they’re very well on the
turbo and also we got a elevate cold air
intake that we haven’t installed yet all
right now for some cool factory features
adaptive headlights that churn where
your turn adaptive cruise control the CT
collision safety alert that’s mounted in
here and just when you get too close too
fast to the vehicle in front of you you
break this for you so you don’t get a
lane departure warning and the heated
steering wheel in this platinum model
and also the Volvo are designed bucket
seats this is the one of the best and my
favorite features in the car so
comfortable and there’s a part that I
really like about this pedometer and you
can change the theme of your speedometer
eco elegance and performance which is
I usually just keep in performance just
to match the color of the car just makes
it look cooler sometimes the switching
when I get bored of it and another cool
feature in this car
is the twin-scroll turbo that literally
never fails to impress every time
and another thing I like about these
cars is how comfortable they feel inside
literally I mean the seats are the best
in the market I would say under 80
thousand month and eighty thousand
dollars sorry market this is probably
one of the most comfortable seats and
interior probably on the market in my
opinion I mean they did they Volvo did a
great job since the 2000s in the in
these cars on the seats and the
comfortability wise in the in these cars
they’re awesome this never fails to
impress like the second you touch the
throttle it just goes the twin-scroll
turbo in these cars definitely
definitely makes a difference
the 354 pound-feet of torque in these
cars it’s just instant just like that
the second you touch the throttle it
just goes no no lag at all and for those
people who want to follow this build and
our blue ball will build please
subscribe to my youtube channel which is
s60 Polestar space fan or follow me on
instagram which is s60 Polestar fan to
stay up-to-date on these builds enjoy
well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video
highlighted here on my channel check
this out
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
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100 Replies to “This Volvo is Fast as Hell”

  1. Too loud. The sensation of driving it down the road, is (was) exciting/fun. . .But now??!!. . . It's only evidence of a lack of concern for your carbon foot print (and noise pollution–no one else wants to hear that; just you!). Embrassing. Shame on you (what a waste).

  2. Nice job! I like the Volvo styling and performance. We don't have that many on the roads out here in California. But when I see one I smile.

  3. The old R's were pretty bulletproof for a conscientious owner, as were all the P2's (I have 2). Also there is really no car that is a direct comparison to the P2 XC70. With very few mods that's an incredibly capable and versatile rig.

  4. My first car was a 1978 Volvo 240 with moon roof and a 4 speed with overdrive. It would actually pull the hills in WV good. I had over 300k on it. Had a blast with it.

  5. Sell it as fast as you can and run as far as you can before you end up paying ten times more than what you've paid for the car.

  6. You know this guy know nothing when he says its bullet proof because it made it to 80k zero problems!
    My Girls 2015 Golf TSI just hit 80k with zero problems, now I'm gonna say its bullet proof lmao.

  7. My 2005 s60 is going strong and just needs a rack and pinion . The best seats !!!!!

    Thanks Scotty couldn’t have done it with out yah .

  8. The 6 speed automatic gearbox Volvo used in all their lineup was an Aisin transmission and since the 8 speed automatic gearbox is an Aisin gearbox as well. I have a 2017 D4 XC60 with Polestar motor trimning making 220hp and I love it, and I installed a Polestar suspension, springs and shocks, and the car handles curves smoothly…

  9. My father-in-law who is a car guy used to keep what he called the incestuous auto manufacturers list on his fridge. Some of those companies have changed hands so many times that you just can’t keep up. I don’t know where Volvos are produced at this point. Some in China😬

  10. My mom bought a new xc60 and gave me her old 06 xc90 to fix up for my first car, I can’t wait to get it finished my family has always owned Volvo’s and they never failed to impress

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  12. Thanks for the feature. The volvos are awesome. Fast, good looking, comfortable and reliable if maintained properly.

  13. I’ve got a ‘96 Volvo 940. The 2.3litre engine is a light pressure turbo that pushes out 135hp with 230Nm of torque. Very comfy, great pulling power but sure is one heck of a gas hog. Currently has over 300k miles on it

  14. Volvo parts are insanely expensive! Volvo parts counter guy would apologize by saying "Volvo must be really proud of these parts". I didn't feel any better and the price didn't get cheaper. Parts for my older BMWs are much less expensive. And the BMWs are better cars.

  15. Hey Scotty I’m looking for a fun little 4 door pickup I’m interested in the 2018 Chevy Colorado and the 2019 Ford Ranger what’s your advice?

  16. My 2015.5 T5 S60 hasn't had any major issues aside from warped brake rotors, and that was replaced under warranty. Ironically, my father's five-cylinder has had a major issue, but it was with the infotainment system. So far, his T5 AWD and my T5 FWD have been bulletproof. There was a recall with my spark plugs, but those were replaced without issue. I've also heard that Volvo's new Drive-E engines were tested as road rally engines for durability. I'm not saying newer Volvos are perfect, but I don't think they're poorly built.

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