This Trend is Stupid

This Trend is Stupid

rev up your engines
buying a car on the Internet is a very
iffy thing period I don’t care what
guarantees they say they’re gonna give
you you don’t really want to do it
there’s too much shadiness involved
especially when you’re talking about
buying used vehicles when I was young
biggest have the picture of Richard
Nixon had said would you buy a used car
from this man
everybody thinks used-car salesmen hey
not the most honest people in the world
start putting a bunch of them together
on a website it’s a formula for disaster
as far as I’m concerned if you’re ever
thinking about buying cars online take
Scotty’s advice think twice about it you
want to look at something you can see
and have a mechanic check out before you
buy not just looking at pictures I mean
they can take pictures of anything and I
hate to tell you about cameras aren’t
like human eyes I can take a picture of
my driveway of a really crappy car and
it’ll look great cuz I know how to take
pictures I film my own videos so I
know a little bit about cameras but down
in real life you see this like oh my god
this thing is a disaster
of course you don’t take the broken
parts that are underneath or on the side
so you really want to see a car when you
buy these website stuff me I’d stay far
away from them, beylin Wilson says I
really want to buy their a Jeep or Mini
Cooper what’s your Jeep is best about
used and which their Mini Cooper is best
about used one I’d never buy you use
many cooper those things are endless
money pits they fall apart now jeeps
since fiat bought chrysler the quality
that jeeps has been going down if you
really want a good Jeep get one from the
sixties or seventies that have been
reconditioned you’re better off with
that than buying a new one because the
old ones could last forever and you can
recondition them you can put in new
transmissions and motors whatever wears
out you can replace they had solid
frames they were good vehicles the new
ones unfortunately they’re pretty junky
especially something like that Jeep
renegade ran that commercial on TV renegade
yeah renegade it’s a Fiat 500
four-wheel drive vehicle has nothing to
do with Jeep buts called the Jeep
renegade don’t buy a new Jeep a few
value your money,
Thomas Darwin says Scotty should cars
and trucks with sunroofs be avoided well
if you’re not gonna use them yes they
got seals the seals go bad they all
a little bit in a corner there’s tiny
little drain holes and I’m the two back
parts there’s tiny little bit drain
holes in the corner those get dirt and
leaves then they fill up with water
water leaks into the vehicle
cuz the seal for the sunroof isn’t
perfect they all leak a little bit they
got these drain holes so you got to open
them up every once a while especially if
you park under trees and you got to
clean those little holes cuz if
not the water will leak in them, it’s a waste of money because eventually it’s probably
gonna leak now here in Houston don’t
complete waste of time and it’s too
freaking out here to have the sunroof
open even in the middle of the night
it’s 83 94 degrees now I mean if you
lived in Hawaii or someplace California
where it’s dry and nice weather go right
ahead but if you live where I live where
it’s hot and humid you don’t want the sun you want air conditioning, Mike
Laurel says what do you think about Fiat
killing off the 500 in the US they
finally made a good decision good
riddance to the Fiat 500 rolling piles
of junk those cars were I’ve had
customers with them and my customers
were all women they like him cuz they
were little and cute and she was going
from Houston to Dallas to go to school
and a stupid engine blew up and Fiat
wouldn’t pay for it they said it wasn’t
taken care of and it was out of warranty
there were piles of junk and good
riddance on the Fiat 500 there’s still
specialist some fancy ones all wheel
drives things 500 XL or something but
there were such miserable failures last
year they sold less than 300 of them a
month’s so was it worth their while to
sell the stupid things here Nevada says
Scotty my BMW smokes a lot when it idles
any vehicle that smokes a lot when you
idle as bad valve seals when the valve
seals where all that oil pools up in the
head and valve seals are supposed to
keep the in tech Valley from sucking oil
in when they suck fuel in and when it’s
just idling there’s a lot of oil up
there and it’ll suck the oil it’ll start
smoking it’s a classic sign of worn
valve seals cost so much money to fix
out to BMW my advice is just keep adding
oil oil is cheaper than doing a Val job
on that expensive BMW, Kuk Anwar says
what are your views on the 180k Porsche electric car well I imagine
it’ll be more reliable than a regular
cars cuz they’re endless money pits and
you get an electric car you’re talking
about a battery and motors it’s pretty
simple stuff they should be able to
build that so it doesn’t fall apart if
you really want to know like your car
can I try to do what the Europeans are
doing there’s companies in Europe now
that for five thousand euros will
convert your little car into an electric
car so say you got an old Volkswagen
Toyota Corolla Honda Civic they’ll turn
it into an electric car for five
thousand euros which is like I don’t
know less than six thousand dollars it
isn’t all that much money do that rather
than spend all that money hundred eighty
your hand on an electric car you know I
mean you got money a burn go ahead buy a
Porsche or tesla model s if you want real
speed you know but hey you know what
electric car why don’t you just get one
converted, TTP JFK says what are your
views on Toyota Suzuki partnership I’m
not a fan of that stuff I mean Toyota
makes great cars
I understand any of that stuff into me
if a company does something good why do they wanna get involved with a company
like Suzuki that doesn’t make such great
oddly enough suzuki makes killer
motorcycles they are absolute killers I
had a 750 Suzuki that thing was a
screaming motorcycle but their cars yeah
the kind of junky little things they
sell big in Asia and like an Australia
or gases commensal cuz they do get good gas mileaage
but they aren’t the greatest cars in the
world Toyota I guess they just want to
sell more cars so they’re gonna
partnership I think is a mistake myself
but hey I don’t own Toyota, so if
you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell

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  2. Yep, I tried it and DON'T DO IT! Flew out to pick it up and had to drive it 10 hours home. Worst vehicle buying experience I ever had.

  3. Oh yes a shady business. Be careful when they tell you that you have to wire the money and they live in another state. You will never get your car.

  4. I wanted a Mini a few years ago. I'd driven a friend's Mini and it really was a fun car. Great handling. Awesome milage. Just couldn't do it, though. I can't afford a money pit.

  5. Scotty, the car with leaking valve seals, there's an additive to oil that swells up the seals. Have you tried it? Opinions?

  6. I understand your trepidation about online used car sales. He purchased a semi-classic car online from an actual dealership. The photos and description made the car look like a good deal and it was "inspected". What arrived required a couple of thousand dollars of work to the entire suspension and brakes to pass state inspection. He didn't have much recourse because of out of state business.

  7. Suzuki Samurai…reliable, will outclimb any Jeep. My Samurai is more reliable than Scottys Toyota. It gains in value too. 🔞🎭🐧

  8. The trend I think is strange is the big guppy mouth grills – ridiculous looking but somehow they are selling – I guess people just trust that manufacturers know what is trending so like lemmings they follow the crowd.

  9. 4:27 Scotty, electric cars have expensive batteries, motors, and (you forgot) electricity inverters. I read that Toyota Prius AC inverters go bad after a few years and cost $2-$3000 to replace. A friend's Toyota Camry hybrid had the battery go bad 1 month before the battery warranty ended and cost her $0 to replace. The out-of-warranty replacement cost would have been $5000.

  10. 3:20 " they claimed she didn't take care of it, rolling piles of junk" you failed to mention, did she really take care of it? if so she could have (and probably would have) taken them to court over it and won. Since you didn't mention that I am guessing she didn't, and she didn't I am guessing she really didn't take care of it.

    I mention all this because it goes back to my comment on one of your more recent videos where you rant and rave the new jeeps, and in particular the compass, are junk simply because fiat took over, but you never provided any actual proof that made them junk! You always rant rave and how great Toyotas are, yet I bet if you trace a decent amount of where the part were source from for both Toyota and fiat, I bet a lot of it is the same place!

    Come on man I thought you were better than that.

  11. Here's where you're wrong Scotty,
    there are reputable companies that will allow you to drive the car for up to 10 days or 500 miles, take it to a mechanic, etc.. Then decide if you want to keep it.
    I've bought a few cars online and its a heck of a lot better than going to shady dealerships.

  12. My parents have sunroofs but don’t use them because they don’t like the sun. Got an XSE Camry without the sunroof and I could care less 🙈

  13. Scotty, can you make a video on everything your fancy scanner can do and show examples, really thinking about buying it for my job

  14. In 2006, I bought a 2004 corolla on ebay for $8,000. Flew there and picked it up in person.
    I used that car with zero problems for the next 12 years. 100 worth buying online.

    My next car was a 2011 CT200h which I bought all online with a Ford dealer in MA. Did all the negotiating by email. I flew there to pick it up and drove it back to Texas.

    I prefer buying online.

  15. Hey. I found some seat covers for your Celica. They match your cat pillows. Do you want me to ship them to Houston? 😸

  16. Hi Scotty, I have a ford mondeo 2012 petrol ecoboost. Engine was misfiring so I changed the spark plugs, every time I open engine oil cap alot of smoke cames out, it's doesn't blow any smoke from exhaust. Spark plugs were also soaked in oil. What would be the reason behind it?. Please help. Thank you.

  17. Suzuki made reliable engine and it also use aisin transmission on most of it cars but yeah their cars is so cheap that the interior is easily falls apart and their design are ugly except the new and old jimny

  18. Most people don't actually buy cars online, I just FIND them online like on Car Gurus and then go look at it. You can just use a search radius for your area. Best way to find cars. There aren't many in newspapers and Craigslist isn't very good for quality cars.

  19. I agree about sunroofs being not very useful. I lve in Hawaii and had a maxima with a sunroof and used it may twice the 5 years I owned it. I even had a NX2000 with a t-top and removed the tops maybe 3 times I owned it (8 years). It was a pain in the a$$ to remove and put back (being very careful not to drop it of course). Its really hot and humid here in Hawaii especially this past summer so not having a sunroof is better. I actually want to put some extra insulation on my cars' ceiling so my a/c doesn't need to work so hard.

  20. Hey Scotty, e10 petrol or plain 91 ron (gasoline) isn't really that expensive in Australia. You're looking at about $1.25 per litre.
    That's probably $3.20 (us) per gallon. Dearer than the USA but not by too much.

  21. Stupid or not, millennials and GenZ refuse to speak to an actual human being. So this is indeed the future. Just see how fast Carvana is expanding.

  22. Toyota sells heaps of cars in Australia. Suzuki Swifts are everywhere. Not sure what either side gets out of a partnership except having cars in each other's licensed lots?

  23. Even when you check them out you miss things , get an agent to see for you. Scotty you can start a company that can make a fortune. You can vet mechanics and have a car inspection team nation wide . Mechanics you can trust to give good information to prospective buyers.

    Too bad there aren't way to get a car checked and graded by trusted sources so a good baseline is attempted.

  24. Yea, buy an electric car, they're fast and cool. Meanwhile, while you're waiting 6-8 hours to recharge your car at a station (if you can find one) all the rest of us normal people will be in and out in 20 mins.

  25. Ain’t no company converting a gasoline vehicle to electric for 5000 Euros! If you want any kind of conversion that will give you good driving range it’s gonna cost a lot more than that. The labor cost alone would not be cheap. Then you need the electric motors and batteries.

  26. Scotty, what should i do I have a manual Honda city 2009 model and every time i hit the gas pedal it jerks or stutters, brought it to Honda center and they gave me a long list of repairs so to speak but i dont believe i have to pay for most of it. I

  27. "Oddly enough Suzuki makes killer motorcycles, they are absolute killers" That can probably be said about all Motorcycle MFR's

  28. What do u do? Have the mechanic go to the lot and look at the car there? What does the mechanic charge for that? Or do u mean a friend that is a mechanic. I have zero friends that r mechanics.

  29. We found our expedition online & met the seller in person & test drove the truck. It was a great deal. It had 126k mi& needed minimal maintenance for at least 50k mi. We did basic maintenance. Then we went from 105° to -30°f & started having issues. We fixed it up & its been running great. 👍

  30. There was this bmw wagon on for sale for around $4000. I was interested until it got sold and 2 months later I see a very familiar car and to my surprise it was the exact same bimmer from a few months ago now being sold by a different owner and the person had blurred the number plate. I read the description and it said recently changed “water pump, air conditions…” etc. I said thank god I didn’t buy that car. I ended up realising that buying a cheap euro car is a money pit unless you love to fed em yourself.

  31. In high school I had a Suzuki Katana, it was a bullet proof bike. Traded it for a Chevy Cavalier, ..a couple weeks later the Chevy broke down lol

  32. Had an 85 mustang years ago that had bad valve seals at 60K. Instead of fixing it since it was a junker I used 4 qts of 20w-50 oil and a quart of motor honey at my oil changes. Sold it with 120K! Still was running great.

  33. What? I'm European but i have never heard about companies swapping your old combustion engine for electric drive!! I don't think it is really working or it could be even legal through our endless byrocracy… I guess it is one of the US myth…

  34. I have a 2013 500 Abarth. Been very reliable. Only thing I've had to replace is one power window regulator. Anyone who has an Abarth, make sure you hang onto it since they wont be available anymore.

  35. I live in Houston….my first car I bought on Ebay….it was on gulfport ms I bought it in 2003 and it was 1999 Hyundai elantra… best purchase I ever made for 2000.00. Lasted me forever

  36. The internet is a great resource to find cars, especially if your after something specific, but dont buy a car online. Find it, go see it, test drive it, check it out and then decide if its worth your money.

  37. Some of the upcoming online dealers actually have a reliable money back guarantee. I have to disagree with this, that being said it is a little more expensive than a regular dealer, but it takes away the hassle, so it's a 50/50 for me..

  38. Why put indicators on the inside of headlights.
    ie; next to the grille.
    If I am at an intersection and you are 90 degrees from me I can't see them especially during the day.
    Half of them are shown through a clear lens as well, rather than an orange one.
    Its fashion over function and just plain stupid and flaming dangerous.

  39. Agree on sunroofs. I live in Southern Ontario. Too cold to open in the winter, too hot to open in the summer, to windy to leave open on the highway. Pass.

  40. you forgot the huge huge one–common and means virtually nothing. Valve guides. You pull in and park after rpm has been pretty good and the tops of the heads are pooled real good with oil. You come back out from the store or the next morning and start and it kicks out "quite scary" smoke each time for 3 seconds that scares everyone to death. The oil simply dripped down into the chambers while parked. means almost nothing sometimes it will do it even when the car is using less oil then designed

  41. I agree and disagree with Scotty on the Jeep thing. I have an 04 Wrangler with 165K miles… bought it in 2006.. daily driver most of the time.. I6 4.0L with NV3550 manual trans… still original clutch.. biggest repair was rear main seal I did myself. There was quality after those decades and working on them is very simple.. great vehicle for a shade tree mechanic.. especially up here in the frozen north. RIP I6 4.0L, damn fuel economy crap.

  42. I always wonder every time I see Mr.Scotty degrading those automobiles companies if he gets sued by those ones or not. It's america you know you can get sued for stupid stuff.. !! How about mocking other companies and affecting their sales

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