This Really Pisses Me Off

This Really Pisses Me Off

rev your engines a8 asks Scotty I have
a Honda Civic 2007 1.8 the car starter is
out because I was having trouble
starting the battery was good I change
the starter but now the car won’t start
it was starting on and off as it was
going out so you replaced the starter
and now it won’t start at all, make sure
you have all the connections on tight
you don’t put the terminal tight on the
starter the big one or even a little one
that plugs in or it’s a negative or
positive battery cable
not on tight that could be the problem
also realize that almost every
starter people buy these days are
remanufactured lot of times they’re
bad out of the box
I’ve had it where I got a remanufactured
starter put it in the stupid thing
didn’t work and I’m like oh and then I
just take the starter off the car and I
help it up to my thousand amp Mercedes
battery these jumper cables do it on the
cement floor and then I find out nothing
happens I know the starters no good it
could just be got a bad start now if you
do have an anti theft system in that car
make sure that you’ve turned it off with
your fob because a lot of times taking a
better turn off changing the starter the
alarm system will activate it and I’ll
never start so make sure that the alarm
systems off to it’ll never start with
the alarm system off that’s just other
design sometimes it’ll do that if you
got a fob that you push do that
now if you don’t well then it’s not that
fancy they’re bad starter or you got bad
wiring it’s not on tight, Rafi Lang says
hey I checked the fluid to my rav4 and I
noticed the oil on my dipstick is way
above the max and there’s little bubbles
on the top of the stick I’m gonna suck
out that extra oil do you think it’s
damaged it I drove it for 224 miles that
way well probably not now if you do it
for a long period of time the bubbles
build up and of course the bubbles don’t
lubricate like pure oil and if you’ve
got air bubbles going through the engine
where the air bubble is there’s not well
there’s an air bubble it’s like a
lubricant as well but for my experience
with those 224 miles driving out
is gonna really hurt anything the other
thing you want to check too is it’s 2008
so it’s 12 years old you want to make
sure that you’re not losing any coolant
maybe I guess it’s leaking cuz that can
get bubble in the oil too but if it
isn’t and you suck it out and it runs
fine that small amount of mileage
driving that way probably didn’t hurt
anything at all,
King is good asks if my car runs
weirder when I turn the Eco mode on I
tried it a week ex is it better to
just turn it off it’s sluggish and
sometimes jerks yeah you’re better just
to turn it off then leave it off all
that stuff is computer control when you
push the Eco mode it sends a computer
into a mode where it’s going to shift
earlier to get better gas mileage and it
changes a lot of the parameters of how
the vehicle runs and if you put an in
and it runs we’re just don’t use that
mode who knows what the actual
problem behind it is pray that it’s only gonna
stay in the Eco mode because if it runs
perfectly find any other ones just drive
it and the other ones and don’t push
your lock because if a system like that
completely breaks down then you’re
looking at generally a ton of money with
computer modules even something like a
transmission needs an overhaul man it
could be that something’s starting to go
up just like you say you got a car
that’s got an overdrive button to turn
the overdrive and when you turn it on
the transmission shifts weird and you
turn it off and it doesn’t just turn it
off and drive it that way and see how
long it lasts cuz fixing that stuff
generally gets into really high dollar
stuff, run struck Ford f-150 says Scotty
I got a Ford f-150 XL 2004 it will crank
and start then it shuts off and all the dash
lights flash erratically do you have any
suggestion right there
you say the dash starts flashing
erratically the first thing I would do
would be have the battery load tested
and the alternator load
tested if either of those are weak
it’ll do that a known problem on those is
the battery terminals often will corrode
and the wires that come off of them can
get corrosion they don’t get enough
power it can do exactly that sometimes
it’s as simple as changing the battery
terminals out on it I fixed a bunch of
them that way and I found out that the
electricity just wasn’t going from the
battery to the car because the terminal
and the wires coming off all got
corroded or got loose and they didn’t
connect the electricity well enough
to actually run the vehicle it was good
enough to start it up but then when it
was running didn’t have enough power
and it stopped running check that first, armada
asked I have an 04 Nissan
Pathfinder Armada has a multiple cylinder
misfire I changed the spark plugs
ignition coils fuel pressure test
check the fuel pump all good but still
it misfires misfiring can be lots of
different things a lot of people think
oh it’s misfiring not firing right so
it’s in the ignition system not
necessarily if you have a head gasket
that’s starting to blow it’s gonna misfire
if you have fuel injectors that aren’t
working right you’re gonna have a
misfire so there’d be two things that
I’d say to do first the first thing
would be do a block leak test I got a
video how to tell if your head gasket is
blowing watch that you can buy the little
kit for 30 bucks from Amazon do it
yourself if you want it’s a simple test
if that’s blown then you gotta decide go
on and really work on an engine and then
you probably should get rid of the
vehicle the next thing is if it’s not
blown have the fuel injection system
pressure cleaned you can try cleaner in
a gas tank but yeah you know that’s not
all that strong we mechanics have a
pressurized machine we hook it up to the
fuel rail runs pure cleaner to the fuel
injectors and I’ve seen sometimes
that’ll fix it entirely but do those two
tests first cuz those are the most
common things that go wrong with those
other than the ignition clause and you
said you replace the ignition close so
it’s not gonna be the coils if you
replaced every single one of them don’t
just go to replace a few if you replace
them all then yeah you have to worry
about the coils anymore,
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty why does Usa sell the ford ranger, vw amarok and the Toyota hulix pick up trucks this are reliable pickups?

  3. scotty i got a toyota vitz 2015 40000km is it good / toyota said to change all the oil, i did and did a engine tune up as well as they said. toyota said those are the only problems. is it good?

  4. I would never get an older Toyota, except the Avalon or the Solara coupe. I will not even get an older Honda as well, bottom line. I will just get an older Mitsubishi or an older Subaru instead. I would either get a 2008 Mitsubishi Galant sedan with the 3.8 L V6 engine or a 2008 Subaru Outback 2.5i wagon.

  5. If you're having a multi cylinder misfire on your 50cc single cylinder Honda scooter you know the end times are near. ^^

  6. I miss my push button start
    Waa so nice to just leave the keys in the pocket and go. Scotty's worst nightmare for some reason

  7. 4:35 it could also be clogged intake valves. We had a Tiguan that misfired, everything else was fine. It is somewhat common on those direct injection engines. Cheers!

  8. AAraham, make sure you’re not using those foam battery terminal covers, it can cause your connectors to not have a flush connection with the battery terminals.

  9. hey scotty i live up in Winnipeg Manitoba and im wounding should I turn off the traction control if it would be easier on the car especially the ABS system?I'm not having a problem with it but it sounds like the ABS is just more or less for ice and snow and this traction control ! on the other hand we're going to get <40 mm of snow this weekend and it'll warm up next week so driving the car on dry pavement shouldn't be a problem? ive been driving taxi going on 30 years and the owner of the taxi told me he wanted his car being a Prius to be on traction control all the time. but i want to know if its ok on my own car?

  10. Hey Scotty, I'm thinking about taking my father's Renault 11 and overhauling it. Is it a good idea and what could go wrong?

  11. I'da given anything to replace all my coils.. number 4 coil is dead so I have had to just replace that one for the time being. Easy way to check if it is the coils is to swap them round and pull the cables out of each one until the engine just sounds the same. did it on my mazda Pulled number 1, 2 and 3 cables out and it ran on 2 cylinders till i got to number 4 and it was still running on 3 .. then I swapped 4 around with 3 and repeated the process this timw, with number 3 unplugged there was no change so I know which coil it is and that it is the coil.

  12. Hey Scotty can I use drilled and slotted rotors in the front and use the cheaper oem rotors on the back? Thank for your help and this is on the 2012 Impala LS model without the police package. And ceramic brakes all around?

  13. Scotty love your channel big time. ? Should I buy a used Japanese Engine and transmission for my 99' Nissan Pathfinder. They are advertised here in L.A. for 750.00 each with a 2 year guarentee and they have have 100K on them. What you know or think? Thanks Mike

  14. I once had a customer spend a summer day in a ballfield parking lot replacing the starter in his Honda. After replacing the starter it still wouldn't start l. I get there to tow the car home and ask for the keys to which he replied they are in the ignition. I walk over to his open door and find the problem at first glance…. being in such a rush to see the game he left the transmission in drive. 🤦‍♂️ his wife and kids were there so I pulled him aside and said I can save you money or embarrassment. He dumped it in park and reconnected the battery and it started.👏 he paid the cancellation fee for my service and I told him to take his wife to dinner.

  15. Unless someone come out with a free maintenance car I won't buy anyone soon. Haha. But if Toyota and Honda can cut their prices into half, I might rethink about these un crappy cars.

  16. Hey Scotty… Should I buy a 2000 Toyota Avalon with 250,000 kms or a 2014 Toyota Avalon with 120,000 kms on board?

  17. All these new fancy gadgets are just there to attract stupid hipsters who buy these cars. Its sad, alot of new cars dont last long at all.

  18. For any Honda spend the extra pennies and get the DENSO reman, much better quality than store brand outsourced rebuilds.

  19. Hey scotty. I just moved to calgary alberta. I drive a 1990 mazda protege. I am the second owner and it has less than 70k miles, no rust (super rare here in canada). the car costs nothing to run and turns heads because of there are none on the road. but with winter already coming i realize its not the right car for where i live. I'm tight on cash but i feel i need something safer to handle the snow. What would you recommend?

  20. I'll tell you what pissed me off! I went to Midas and they wanted to charge me $270 to replace both front rotors on my 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. So I went and bought new rotors for $48.95 a piece as well as new wheel bearings and went and replaced it all myself. Saved around $170 on the rotors alone!

  21. even if your fob is dead you can still turn off the anti theft system by locking and unlocking the drivers door cylinder.

  22. I just read that kaizen is continuously making many small improvements and it reminded of past videos where you mentioned why Toyota's are of such quality.

  23. How do you ask questions? I need a 3 row suv like a suburban or expedition max that has decent 3rd row leg room. The sequoias nice but the 3rd row is too small. Any suggestions?

  24. Hey Scotty I have a 2000 Buick Park avenue 253k no warning lights but going up a hill while the torque converter is locked up the rpms will surge and car will begin to shake any suggestions as to what to look for?

  25. Hey armada, check your coil packs first, then crankshaft position sensor, if not those, then camshaft position sensor. Just something I’ve dealt with

  26. Hi scotty! I need to buy an X6 for my wife… I tried to change her mind with no luck… So She drives less than 1 thousand miles per year, so… She wins the argument… Do you have advice on what to look for?

  27. How do questions get featured on q&a’s? Is it through YouTube comments or emails or something else? I’ve asked a couple questions but they were through the YouTube comment section

  28. Hey Scotty, will you make a bumper sticker in your merch that says “Scotty Aproved”? I need something to put on the back of my Toyota!

  29. So if an overdrive switch is bad,One shouldn't fix it? That has to be one of the most ludicrous and ignorant things ever said.

  30. Starter went out on the 1994 Ford F250 diesel pickup in back side of nowhere, Oregon desert. Starter $270! For a 460 gas, $35!
    Swapped starter out, drove to where there were green plants, starter quit! Bang on it with wrench, worked, so drove to nearest CarQuest, swapped out for another starter. In parts store parking lot.
    Many "remanufactured" starters aren't. They are "rebuilt." This means that 1,000 bad starters were inspected to see what is wrong with each, then bad part is replaced with a good part from another starter. Commutator refinished, new brushes, presto! "reman" starter.
    A truly remanufactured part has all wearing parts replaced, armature and field rewound, commutator resurfaced if within factory limits, new brushes.
    A truly remanufactured starter may be better than a brand new one.

  31. For the F150 question after doing what Scotty said check the wires going to the starter too and make sure it's connected and clean

  32. hey scotty i drive a 2012 jeep wrangler 2 door, its lifted and its a manual, there are times when im just driving and hit small bumps then the car shakes as if i have a flat tire but the tires are fine so i have to really slow down in order for it to stop shaking. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

  33. Every time I buy a starter at AdvancedO'eillyZone I make them bench test the starter right in front of me. Learned that the hard way on daughters car.

  34. Hey Dr.Scotty My 99 Ford F150 truck every time I start it up I smell antifreeze I can’t really find any leaks and I’m not really losing much coolant what do you think I could be hopefully not a head gasket blown

  35. Whenever you buy a starter from a parts store, ask them if they will test it while you watch, I've seen this happen a few times, and its a real pisser to have to remove a starter you just installed because it is bad. (Watch them so you know the test it properly, This happened to a buddy of mine when he was working on his jeep. they did test it but they connected the tester to the output of the solenoid , and the solenoid was bad.)

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